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Numerical Solver Menu - HP 49g+ User Manual

Graphing calculator.
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To use function ZEROS in RPN mode, enter first the polynomial expression,
then the variable to solve for, and then function ZEROS. The following screen
shots show the RPN stack before and after the application of ZEROS to the
two examples above:
The Symbolic Solver functions presented above produce solutions to rational
equations (mainly, polynomial equations). If the equation to be solved for has
all numerical coefficients, a numerical solution is possible through the use of
the Numerical Solver features of the calculator.

Numerical solver menu

The calculator provides a very powerful environment for the solution of single
algebraic or transcendental equations. To access this environment we start
‚ Ï
the numerical solver (NUM.SLV) by using
This produces a drop-
down menu that includes the following options:
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