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Entering Complex Numbers; Polar Representation Of A Complex Number - HP 49g+ User Manual

Graphing calculator.
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Entering complex numbers

Complex numbers in the calculator can be entered in either of the two
Cartesian representations, namely, x+iy, or (x,y). The results in the calculator
will be shown in the ordered-pair format, i.e., (x,y). For example, with the
calculator in ALG mode, the complex number (3.5,-1.2), is entered as:
„ Ü 3 . 5 ‚ í \ 1 . 2 `
A complex number can also be entered in the form x+iy. For example, in
ALG mode, 3.5-1.2i is entered as:
3 . 5 - 1 . 2 * ‚ ¥ `
In RPN mode, these numbers will be entered using the following keystrokes:
„ Ü 3 . 5 ‚ í 1 . \ `
(Notice that the change-sign keystroke is entered after the number 1.2 has
been entered, in the opposite order as the ALG mode exercise), and
³ 3 . 5 - 1 . 2 * ‚ ¥ `
(Notice the need to enter an apostrophe before typing the number 3.5-1.2i in
RPN mode).
To enter the unit imaginary number type :
( the I key).
„ ¥

Polar representation of a complex number

The polar representation of the complex number 3.5-1.2i, entered above, is
obtained by changing the coordinate system to cylindrical or polar (using
function CYLIN). You can find this function in the catalog (
) . Press
‚ N
before or after using CYLIN. Changing to polar shows, and changing
the angular measure to radians, produces the result:
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