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Chapter 18 - Using Sd Cards; Storing Objects In The Sd Card - HP 49g+ User Manual

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Chapter 18
Using SD cards
The calculator provides a memory card port where you can insert an SD flash
card for backing up calculator objects, or for downloading objects from other
sources. The SD card in the calculator will appear as port number 3.
Accessing an object from the SD card is performed similarly as if the object
were located in ports 0, 1, or 2. However, Port 3 will not appear in the menu
when using the LIB function (‚á). The SD files can only be managed
using the Filer, or File Manager („¡). When starting the Filer, the Tree
view will show:
3: SD
When you enter in the SD tree, all objects will appear as backup objects.
Therefore, it is not possible to tell what type a given objects by just looking at
its name in the Filer. Long names are supported, however all names longer
than 62 characters will be ignored. THIS IS IMPORTANT, names longer than
62 characters can't be used with the Filer and will simply be ignored.
As an alternative to using the File Manager operations, you can use functions
STO and RCL to store and recall objects from the SD card, as shown below.

Storing objects in the SD card

You can only store an object at the root of the SD, i.e., no sub-directory tree
can be build into Port 3 (This feature may be enhanced in a future flash ROM
upgrade). To store an object, use function STO as follows:
In algebraic mode:
Enter object, press K, type the name of the stored object using port 3
(e.g., :3:VAR1), press `.
In RPN mode:
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