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Haier Aqua Fontana WDBF01 User Manual

Bottom mount.
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User Manual
Manual d' Utilisateur
Manual de Usuario
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   Summary of Contents for Haier Aqua Fontana WDBF01

  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    English SAFETY PRECAUTIONS When using this appliance, always exercise basic safety precautions, including the following: 1. R ead all of the instructions before using this appliance. 2. U se this appliance only for its intended purpose as described in this use and care guide. 3. T his water dispenser must be properly installed in accordance with the installation instructions before it is used. See the grounding instructions in the installation section on page 5. 4. N ever unplug your water dispenser by pulling on the power cord. Always grasp the plug firmly and pull straight out from the outlet. 5. R epair or replace immediately, all electric service cords that have become frayed or otherwise damaged. Do not use a cord that shows cracks or abrasion damage along its length, on the plug or at the connector end. 6. U nplug your water dispenser before cleaning and making any repairs. Note: I f for any reason this product requires service, we strongly recommend that a certified technician perform the service.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    English TABLE OF CONTENTS PAgE SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ..............1 PARTS AND FEATURES ..............3 UNPACKING ..................4 Proper location ..................4 ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS............... 5 grounding Instructions ................5 Wiring Requirements ................5 Extension Cords ..................5 ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS ..............6 Installing your Water Dispenser ............... 6 Power Interruptions .
  • Page 4: Parts And Features

    English PArTS ANd FEATurES FRONT VIEW 1. Display lED 2. Hot Tap (Red) 3. Cold Tap (Blue) 4. Removable Drip Try 5. front Door 6. B ottle guide (on wheels not shown) 7. Suction Pipe (Bottle not included) REAR VIEW DISPLAY LED EMPTy ColD yElloW gREEN fuse Hot Switch Thermostat Cold Switch (Service only) * not available on all models...
  • Page 5: Unpacking

    English uNPACKING 1. R emove all packing materials. This includes the foam and all adhesive tape holding the accessories inside and outside. 2. I nspect and remove any remaining packaging, tape and printed material before turning on the water dispenser. Note: A llow the water dispenser to stand in an upright position for at least 10 hours before turning on the power. PROPER LOCATION • T o ensure that your water dispenser works at the maximum efficiency it was designed for, you should install it in a location where there is proper air circulation and electrical connections. • M aintain a sufficient distance (about 6-7 inches, 15cm) between the wall and the back of the unit. Avoid locating the water dispenser in direct contact with sunlight, water and heating units. Room temperature should not exceed 90˚f (32˚C) or drop below 32˚f (0˚C) for optimal functioning. • S elect a suitable location for the unit on a hard even surface away from direct sunlight and heat sources (e.g., radiators, baseboard heaters, cooking appliances, etc.). Note: H ot and cold water will not be instantly available as the unit will need time to heat up and cool down the water.
  • Page 6: Electrical Connections

    English ELECTrICAL CONNECTIONS GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS This appliance must be grounded. In the event of an electrical short circuit, grounding reduces the risk of electric shock by providing an escape wire for the electric current. This appliance is equipped with a cord containing a grounding wire and a grounded plug. The plug must be inserted into an outlet that is properly installed and grounded. • I mproper use of the plug may result in the risk of electric shock. • C onsult a qualified electrician or service technician if the grounding instructions are not completely understood or if in doubt as to whether the appliance has been properly grounded. WIRING REQUIREMENTS This appliance must be plugged into a 15A 115V~60Hz gRoUNDED oUTlET. Note: W here a standard two-prong outlet is encountered, it is the personal responsibility and obligation of the consumer to have it replaced with a properly grounded three-prong outlet. ExTENSION CORDS We do not recommend the use of an extension cord with this unit.
  • Page 7: Assembly Instructions

    English ASSEMBLY INSTruCTIONS Read carefully and understand all installation instructions before installing the water dispenser. Installing Your Water Dispenser 1. open the front door. 2. Untie the wire that holds the suctions pipe. 3. Remove the protective vinyl bag from the suction pipe. 4. Remove the plastic seal from a 5 gallon water bottle. - P lace the water bottle on the middle of the Bottle guide. 5. T hen insert the suction pipe in the water bottle and make sure the cap is secure on the bottle. 6. Roll back into the Cabinet. (Please install bottles that are at least half full.) 7. Close the front Door. 8. A fter inserting the power plug into a dedicated – 115V~60Hz power source you should hear a pumping sound. for the first 5 seconds, the pump sound is quite noticeable. This is normal so do not be alarmed. After 5 seconds, the sound will fade. Pump will start to supply water to tank. 9. A fter approximately 7 minutes, or when the water can dispense water from the hot water tap, turn on the hot water switch in the back of the unit. The cooling system will begin to operate as soon as the power cord is plugged in. on some models, you need to turn on the cold water switch in the back of the unit as well. 10. I f the water level has not reached full level over a 10-minute period while the pump is operating, the pump will stop, the “Empty” indicator light will flash, and the unit will begin beeping. 11. W hen you open the door, the “Empty” indicator light will turn off and the beeping will stop.
  • Page 8: Operating Your Water Dispenser

    English OPErATING YOur WATEr dISPENSEr This water dispenser maintains instant hot and cold water for your drinking and cooking needs. It accepts 5 gallon water bottles. Note: T he hot (red) water button is equipped with a child safety lock to prevent accidental spilling of hot water. To release the hot water flow, the lever must be pushed along with the child safety button, which is located right over the water release tap. Caution! B e careful when carrying hot water in your cup or container to avoid any injury or harm from spills. Display Indicator lights: HoT - Red ColD - green EMPTy - yellow CHECKING POINTS 1. Check if the correct voltage is supplied to the cooler. (115V~60Hz) 2. C heck if the cold indicator light turns “oN” when plugging the electric cord into the wall outlet. 3. C heck if the door is closed or not. Note: If door is not closed, the pump will not operate. 4. C heck if the pump works properly by installing a water bottle and closing the door. 5. C heck if display lED lights up correctly. Note: When first plugged in (Power on), the Cold indicator light will be oN.
  • Page 9: Temperature Control

    English TEMPErATurE CONTrOL HOT WATER The water in the hot tank is heated by a band type heater. A temperature sensor (Bi-metal) is attached to the hot water tank, which controls the water temperature. A secondary over-heating prevention sensor (Bi-metal) is attached to the hot water tank, which will prevent the heater from overheating. Please turn off the hot water switch on the back panel when not using hot water. COLD WATER The water in the cold water tank is cooled by a Compressor Cooling System. The temperature of cold water is sensed and controlled by a thermostat. The cooling time depends on the environmental conditions where water dispenser is used. PrOPEr CArE ANd CLEANING Caution! B efore using any cleaning product, always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings to avoid personal injury and/or product damage. Note: I t is best to clean the unit and its surrounding area in between replacing the empty bottle with a new one. This way you can move the unit easily without the weight of the bottle. GENERAL • P repare a cleaning solution of 3-4 tablespoons of baking soda mixed with warm water. Use a sponge or a soft cloth dampened with the cleaning solution to wipe down the unit. WARNING! Always unplug the unit before cleaning to avoid electric shock.
  • Page 10: Cleaning The Condenser Coils

    English CLEANING THE CONDENSER COILS • W e recommend that you move the dispenser away from the wall and vacuum or brush the coils on the rear of the unit at least 4 times a year. Some operat- ing environments may require more frequent cleaning. MOVING AND STORAGE • T urn off the hot switch on the back of the unit and unplug your Water Dispenser before moving it to another location. • Remove water bottle from the cabinet prior to relocating the dispenser. • I f you will be storing your Water Dispenser, completely drain all the water from the tanks via the Hot and Cold Water tap and hot drain valve to prevent the remaining water from stagnating. • With a soft cloth, dry the moisture left on each part of the dispenser. • P ack the dispenser into the corrugated box with the Styrofoam used for shipping to prevent the dispenser from being damaged and contaminated by foreign substances.
  • Page 11: Troubleshooting Guide

    English TrOuBLESHOOTING GuIdE Problems are sometimes caused by simple “faults” that can be easily corrected with or without the help of a service technician by first checking a few basic remedies. The following can be helpful for diagnosis of the problem and solution: Appliance does not operate • I s the power supply cut off? Check another electrical appliance at the electrical outlet, or check fuse on the back of the unit. If needed, replace the fuse with a 250V 8AMP. Note: Remove power cord from outlet before replacing fuse. Cooling efficiency is poor • C heck if the unit is placed close to stove or heater. Place the unit away from these heat sources. • C heck if the unit is placed close to wall. leave some space between the back of the unit and the wall. • A re there any unnecessary objects around the unit? Remove all the objects. • C heck if the ambient temperature is too high. Regulate the ambient temperature properly.
  • Page 12: Frequently Asked Questions

    English FrEQuENTLY ASKEd QuESTIONS About Bottle Replacement Do I have to open the Front Door to see if the Bottle is empty? No. “Empty Indicator” and “Beep” sound will let you know when it is empty. When do I replace the bottles? When there is a beep and the empty lED display starts blinking. Why do I sometimes hear the Beeping Alarm even though the Bottle is not empty ? This happens when you dispense water for more than 5 minutes at a time. The “Beep” is designed to work when tank is not full after the pump has been...
  • Page 13: Warranty

    AND fITNESS foR A PARTICUlAR PURPoSE. consequential damages. The remedy provided in this warranty is 3. T he components of the sealed system e.g. exclusive and is granted in lieu of all other hermetic compressor, condenser, and remedies. This warranty does not cover evaporator from manufacturing defects for incidental or consequential damages, so the a period of 5 years from date of purchase. above limitations may not apply to you. Some Any damages to such components caused states do not allow limitations on how long an by mechanical abuse or improper handling implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations or shipping will not be covered. may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other What will be done: rights, which vary from state to state. 1. A ny mechanical or electrical part that Distributed by Haier America, proves to be defective in normal usage New york, Ny 10018 during the specified warranty period will be repaired or replaced at our discretion. To have your product serviced, please call 1-866-955-AQUA (2782). All WARRANTy SERVICE MUST BE PRoVIDED By oNly oUR fACToRy SERVICE CENTERS, oR By AN AUTHoRIZED CUSToMER TECHNICIAN.
  • Page 14: Mesures De Securite

    français CONSIGNES DE SÉCURITÉ Lorsque vous utilisez cet appareil, veillez à toujours respecter les consignes de sécurité les plus élémentaires, les suivantes: 1. l isez toutes les instructions avant d’utiliser cet appareil. 2. U tilisez cet appareil uniquement pour l’usage auquel il est destiné comme indiqué dans ce manuel. 3. C ette fontaine d’eau réfrigérée doit être montée conformément aux instructions d’installation avant de l’utiliser. Voir les instructions de la section d’installation. 4. N e débranchez jamais votre fontaine d’eau réfrigérée en tirant sur le câble d’alimentation. Saisissez fermement la fiche et tout droit sur cette dernière.
  • Page 15 français TABLE dES MATIErES PAgE MESURES DE SECURITE ..............13 PARTIES ET CARACTERISTIQUES ............15 DEBALLAGE ..................16 location Appropriee ................16 CONNECTIONS ELECTRIQUES ............17 Instructions de Mise a terre ..............17 Conditions des cables ................17 les Rallonges ..................17 INSTRUCTIONS D’ASSEMBLEE ............18 Insallez votre distributeur d’eau .............18 Interruptions de Puissance ..............18 OPEREZ VOTRE DISTRIBUTEUR D’EAU ..........19 Points a Vérifier ...................19 Remplacer les Bouteilles ................19 Reglage de la temperature ..............20 ENTRETIENS ET NETTOYAGE .
  • Page 16: Parties Et Caracteristiques

    Français Parties et CaraCteristiques VUE AVANT 1. Voyant lumineux 2. Robinet d’eau chaude (Rouge) 3. Robinet d’eau froide (Bleu) 4. Bac de récupération amovible 5. Porte 6. Guide bouteille (Sur roues, non montré) 7. Conduite d’aspiration (Bouteille non incluse) VUE ARRIÈRE VOYANT LUMINEUX CHAUD VIDE...
  • Page 17: Deballage

    Français DeBaLLaGe 1. Retirez tout le materiel d’emballage. Ceci inclus le socle en mousse et tout le ruban adhesif retenant les accessoires a l’interieur et l’exterieur . 2. Inspectez et retirez le reste d’emballage, le ruban adhesif et les documents avant de mettre en marche le distributeur d’eau.
  • Page 18: Connections Electriques

    Français CONNeXiONs eLeCtriques INsTRUcTIONs dE MIsE-A TERRE Cet unite doit etre mis a terre. En cas d’un court circuit electrique, la mise en terre reduira le risque d’un choc electrique en fournissant un fil d’evasion pour le courant electrique . Cet appareil est equipe avec une corde contenant un fil de masse et une prise fondee.
  • Page 19: Instructions D'assemblee

    Français iNstruCtiONs D’asseMBLee Lisez attentivement et comprenez toutes les instructions avant d’assembler votre distributeur d’eau. Insallez votre distributeur d’eau 1. Ouvrez la porte. 2. Déserrez le fil qui retient la conduite d’aspiration. 3. Retirez le vinyle de protection de la conduite d’aspiration. 4.
  • Page 20: Operez Votre Distributeur D'eau

    Français OPereZ VOtre DistriButeur D’eau Ce distribiteur d’eau contient une eau chaude et froide instantanee pour vos besoins a cuire et potable. Il accepte des bouteilles d’eau de 5 galons. Note: Le bouton (rouge) d’eau chaude est equippe d’une securite d’enfants pour empecher le renversement accidentel de l’eau chaude.
  • Page 21: Reglage De La Temperature

    Français rÉGLaGe De La teMPÉrature EAU cHAUdE L’eau dans le réservoir d’eau chaude est chauffée par une bande chauffante. Un senseur de température (bi-métal) est attaché au réservoir d’eau chaude et contrôle la température de l’eau. EAU FROIdE L’eau dans le réservoir d’eau froide est refroidie par un compresseur. La température de l’eau chaude est détectée et contrôlée par un thermostat.
  • Page 22: Nettoyez Les Enroulements De Condensateur

    Français NETTOYEz LEs ENROULEMENTs dE cONdENsATEUR. • On recommande que vous eloignez le distributeur d’eau loin du mur et d’aspirer ou balayer les enroulements sur l’arriere de l’unite au moins 4 fois par an. Quelques environnements peuvent exiger un nettoyage plus frequent. dÉMÉNAgEMENT ET ENTREpOsAgE •...
  • Page 23: ProblÉms Et Solutions

    Français PrOBLÈMes et sOLutiONs Les problèmes sont parfois causés par de simples « erreurs » qui peuvent être facilement corrigées, avec ou sans l’aide d’un technicien, en vérifiant quelques solutions de base. La liste suivante peut vous aider à diagnostiquer le problème et trouver la solution: L’appareil ne fonctionne pas •...
  • Page 24: Questions Frequemment Posees

    Français questiONs FrÉqueMMeNt POsÉes Remplacement des bouteilles Est-ce que je dois ouvrir la porte pour voir si la bouteille est vide? No. The “ Beep When Empty Indicator” will let you know when it is empty. Quand dois-je remplacer les bouteilles? Quand vous entendez le bip et que le voyant lumineux commence à...
  • Page 25: Garantie LimitÉe

    TOUTE SORTE DE SERVICE DOIT ETRE Distribue par Haier America FOURNI PAR NOS CENTRES COMMERCIAUX New York, NY 10018 D’USINE OU PAR UN TECHNICIEN Pour le service de votre produit, veuillez AUTORISE.
  • Page 26: Medidas De Seguridad

    Español pREcAUcIONEs dE sEgURIdAd siempre que opere esta unidad tenga en cuentas las normas básicas de seguridad incluyendo las siguientes: Lea todas las instrucciones antes de utilizar esta unidad. Utilice esta unidad sólo para su uso entendido, como se describe en este manual y guía de cuidados.
  • Page 27 Español Gracias por utilizar producto. Este manual de fácil uso lo guiará para Número de modelo obtener los mejores resultados de este producto. Número de serie Recuerde de tomar nota del modelo y número de serie. Estos se encuen- Fecha de compra tran en la etiqueta en la parte trasera de la unidad.
  • Page 28 Español iNDiCe De Materias PAGE MEdIdAs dE sEgURIdAd ..............25 pARTEs Y cARAcTERÍsTIcAs ............28 dEsEMpAQUE ..................29 Ubicacion Adecuada ................29 cONEXION ELEcTRIcA ..............30 Instrucciones de conexión a tierra ............30 Requerimientos de cableado ..............30 Cables alargues ...................30 INsTRUccIONEs dE ENsAMbLE ............31 Instalando el Dispenser de aguar ............31 Interrupciones de energía ..............31 OpERANdO EL dIspENsER ..............32 Puntos de Control .................32...
  • Page 29: Partes Y CaracterÍsticas

    Español Partes Y CaraCterÍstiCas VIsTA FRONTAL 1. Indicador luminoso 2. Grifo de agua caliente (rojo) 3. Grifo de agua fría (azul) 4. Bandeja para goteo extraíble 5. Puerta frontal 6. Guía para la botella (no se muestran las ruedas) 7. Tubo de succión (no se incluye la botella) VIsTA pOsTERIOR INdIcAdOR LUMINOsO...
  • Page 30: Desempaque

    Español DeseMPaque 1. Retire todos los elementos del embalaje. Esto incluye plásticos y cintas adhesivas que sujetan los accesorios. 2. Inspeccione que no haya quedad ningún elemento del embalaje, materiales impresos o accesorios antes de descartar. Nota: permita que el dispenser de agua esté en posición vertical por al menos 10 horas antes del encendido.
  • Page 31: Conexion Electrica

    Español CONeXiÓN eLeCtriCa INsTRUccIONEs dE cAbLEAdO A TIERRA Este artefacto debe ser conectado a tierra. En el caso de un corte en los circuitos la conexión a tierra reduce en riesgo de un shock eléctrico a través de un cable de escape de corriente.
  • Page 32: Instrucciones De Ensamble

    Español INSTRUCCIONES DE ENSAMBLE Lea cuidadosamente y entienda las siguientes instrucciones de la instalación: Instalando el dispenser de aguar 1. Abra la puerta frontal. 2. Desate el cable que sostiene el tubo de succión. 3. Quite la bolsa protectora de vinilo del tubo de succión. 4.
  • Page 33: Operando El Dispenser

    Español OPERANDO EL DISPENSER Este dispenser le proporciona agua caliente y fría para beber y para cocinar. Se puede utilizar con botellones de 5 galones. Nota: La canilla de agua caliente está equipada con una traba para preve- nir accidentes a causa del derrame de agua caliente. Para expender agua caliente la llave de seguridad debe presionarse junto con el botón expendedor.
  • Page 34: Cuidado Y Limpieza Adecuada

    Español CUIDADO Y LIMPIEZA ADECUADA precaución! Antes de utilizar cualquier producto de limpieza siempre lea las instrucciones y las advertencias dadas por el fabricante para evitar cualquier daño. Nota: Es conveniente limpiar el dispenser y las áreas alrededor cada vez que se realiza el cambio de un botellón.
  • Page 35: Limpiando El Condensador

    Español LIMpIANdO eL cONdeNsAdOr • Recomendamos que corra el dispenser de la pared y con un cepillo o aspiradora limpie el condensador y la parte trasera de la unidad por lo menos 4 veces al año. Algunos ambientes pueden requerir una limpieza más frecuente.
  • Page 36: Guia De Soluciones De Problemase

    Español GUÍA PARA LA DETECCIÓN Y SOLUCIÓN DE PROBLEMAS Algunas veces, la causa de los problemas son simples “fallas” que pueden corregirse fácilmente con o sin la ayuda de un técnico de reparaciones si primero se verifican algunas soluciones básicas. A continuación se describen ítems útiles para el diagnóstico y la solución de problemas: el artefacto no funciona •...
  • Page 37 Español produce ruidos anormales • ¿El artefacto está ubicado sobre un piso desparejo? Ubique el artefacto sobre una superficie firme y pareja. • ¿Hay algún obstáculo en la parte posterior del artefacto? Quite el obstáculo. La bomba no funciona • Si la puerta frontal no está cerrada, la bomba no funcionará. Asegúrese de que la puerta esté...
  • Page 38: Frequently Asked Questions

    Español PREGUNTAS FRECUENTES en relación con el reemplazo del botellón ¿debo abrir la puerta frontal para ver si el botellón está vacío? No. El pitido indicador de que el botellón está vacío le avisará cuando está vacío. ¿cuándo debo reemplazar los botellones? Cuando se oye un pitido y el indicador luminoso comienza a destellar.
  • Page 39: Warranty

    TODOS LOS SERVICIOS DE GARANTÍA chos, que varían de un estado a otro. DEBEN SER PROPORCIONADOS ÚNICAMENTE POR NUESTROS CENTROS Distribuido por Haier America, DE REPARACIÓN DE FÁBRICA, O POR Nueva York, NY 10018 UN TÉCNICO DE ATENCIÓN A CLIENTES Para obtener servicio de reparaciones, por AUTORIZADO.
  • Page 40 Fabriqué en chine Hecho en china a q ua F O N T A N A distributed by Haier America New York, NY 10018 Part # RF-9999-294 Issued: May - 07 ©2007 Haier America Trading, LLC. All Rights Reserved. 100074 0507...

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