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Motorola RS507 Specification Sheet

Hands-free imager, hands-free cordless (or corded) 1d/2d scanning
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Hands-free scanning
Allows operators to use
both hands to move packages,
products or materials for
maximum efficiency and
Bluetooth Cordless
Adds wearable functionality
to most Motorola Mobile
Optional corded
WT4000 adaptor
Provides an easy upgrade
path for cost-effective
migration from Motorola's
RS409 1D Ring Scanner to
1D and 2D scanning
without compromising
scanning performance
Reads 1D and 2D bar codes
Comprehensive bar code
Symbology support allows
you to capture all the bar
codes you need today —
and tomorrow
RS507 Hands-Free Imager
Hands-free cordless (or corded) 1D/2D scanning
Increase productivity in scan intensive
applications with maximum flexibility,
comfort, functionality and performance
Whether your workers are handling and sorting
packages, picking or loading shipments in the
warehouse or scanning bar codes to meet
government regulations for tracking and tracing
of product, the RS507 Hands-Free Imager from
Motorola delivers the superior blend of technology,
form and function your workers need to achieve a
new level of scanning efficiency in your operations.
The advanced design offers more features and
functionality than any other ring scanner available
today. Truly superior ergonomics, including Bluetooth®
cordless freedom, provide unparalleled user comfort.
The unmatched rugged design ensures reliable
operation in the most demanding environments.
Best-in-class scanning, including support for 1D and
2D bar codes, ensures first time every time fast and
accurate capture of virtually any bar code. The RS507
pairs easily with most Motorola Mobile Computers,
allowing you to extend hands-free cordless scanning
to your workers wherever it will improve productivity.
Optional corded adapter for Motorola's WT4000
provides an easy and cost-effective upgrade path
to 1D and 2D bar code scanning — without any
compromise in scanning performance. The RS507
will complement any voice picking application with
hands-free bar code scanning.
Best in class scanning performance
Built on the revolutionary Symbol SE4500 imaging
engine from Motorola, the RS507 delivers stunning
laser-like performance on both 1D and 2D bar
codes, regardless of lighting. The powerful 624 MHz
microprocessor decodes any bar code in milliseconds.
The patent pending fast-pulse illumination and fast
sensor shutter speed enable bar code decoding at
a full 60 frames per second, delivering outstanding
motion tolerance. Omni-directional scanning
eliminates the need to align bar code and scanner.
Advanced power management ensures more-than-
ample battery power for a full shift. The result is the
extraordinary scanning speed required to achieve
new levels of worker productivity — and operational
efficiency. Additionally, an extended scanning range
of up to 24 inches provides the flexibility to meet the
needs of many applications.
State of the art ergonomics
The advanced ergonomic design of the RS507
provides unrivaled freedom of movement and user
comfort — regardless of hand size, right- or left-
handed operation or whether gloves are worn.
The Bluetooth wireless connection to the Motorola
mobile computer allows users to wear the RS507 on
either hand — and the trigger swivel allows users
to switch from right to left hand use in seconds.


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