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Acer FP558 User Manual page 35

Lcd color monitor 15.1" (38.3cm) lcd panel size


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D. Picture Optimization
The easiest way to obtain an optimal picture is by using the ikey function. This only works reliably,
if you use the supplied adjustment software (auto.exe) and if the device is being used in one of the
factory modes.
Start the auto.exe program from the CD, supplied with the monitor. A test pattern appears.
Now press the ikey. The device carries out an automatic adjustment. In most cases optimal
results will be obtained. You can quit the auto.exe with a single mouse click and clicking on
If you are still not satisfied with the result, you can still attempt to enhance the image by means of
manual adjust.
To do this restart the auto.exe test pattern, which is the best way of observing possible changes.
You also can use any other image, such as the desktop of an operating system.
You can access the OSD menu by pressing the Enter button on the monitor.
Using the fly-wheel on the monitor, navigate to the submenu for the Geometry values and then
press Enter.
On the top of OSD, shows five patens
fly-wheel, press Enter Select
the current setting and using fly-wheel to tune number of Clock until the optimum picture
appears on your monitor.
To Exit Clock submenu by pressing Exit twice (Geometry submenu).
If you need further adjustment, back to Geometry submenu and select "Phase" by rolling fly-wheel
to reach the best status.Press "Exit" three times the OSD menu will ask you to save your previous
change of setting, then select "Yes" by using Fly-wheel when "Yes" turning gray. Press "Enter".If
you are still not satisfied with the result, repeat the procedure using a different refresh rate.
You must use one of the factory modes. If the i-key is not working, or the "Not supported mode
"message is on the OSD you are not using one of the supported modes. If you are having difficulties
generating a supported mode, ask the manufacturer of your graphics card for assistance.
Acer LCD Color Monitor User's Guide
and chose Clock by fly-wheel then press Enter, checking
. By using
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents