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Lcd color monitor 15.1" (38.3cm) lcd panel size


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C. Refresh Rate Selection
There is no need to choose the highest possible refresh rate on a LC display. It is not technically pos-
sible for an LC display to flicker. Even at a refresh rate of 60 Hz you will get an absolutely flicker-
free image. More important is that you make sure that you use one of the factory modes. In contrast
to a modern CRT monitor, which is a multiscan monitor, the display is a multi-frequency monitor.
This means, the best results are only obtained by using the factory modes. You will find a table with
the factory modes in this user's guide. For the native resolution of 1024x768, these, for example, are
60, 70 and 75 Hertz, not 72 Hz, however. In Windows 95/98/2000 you can change the refresh rate as
Double click the "Display" icon in the control panel.
From the "Display Properties" window, select the "Settings" tab. Click the "Advanced prop-
erties" button in the bottom right corner.
Acer LCD Color Monitor User's Guide
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents