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Acer FP855 User Manual

Lcd color monitor 18.1” (45.9cm) lcd panel size


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Acer FP855

LCD Color Monitor

18.1" (45.9cm) LCD Panel Size


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  • Page 1: Lcd Color Monitor

    Acer FP855 LCD Color Monitor 18.1” (45.9cm) LCD Panel Size English...
  • Page 2: Installing The Monitor

    Installing the Monitor This monitor is equipped with an auto-sensing power supply for voltage ranges 100~240V AC, 50~60Hz. Make sure that the system power is turned off. Plug the signal cable to the signal connector at the rear of PC. Plug the end of power cord to the monitor.
  • Page 3: Connecting The Microphone

    Connecting the Microphone After connecting the microphone, you can use recording programs to record or edit audio files. Turn the system power off. Plug one end of audio cable to LINE IN port at the rear of computer and the other end to the microphone connector.
  • Page 4: Connecting The Earphone

    To adjust the audio volume, use the volume control at the right side of your monitor. Connecting the Earphone Just plug your earphone to the earphone connector at the rear of monitor, you don't worry to disturb others while enjoying the audio entertainment.
  • Page 5 Connecting your USB Devices With its USB compliance, you can connect any USB compliant device on one universal connector. Up to four devices can be connected to the USB connectors. Turn the system power off. Connect the USB cable to the computer and the USB up port at the rear of monitor.
  • Page 6: A Look At The Control Panel

    CD Installation When you place this CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive, the system will execute "monitor.htm" automatically. If you can't read it by Windows autorun, please open "acerlcd.htm" by your Internet browser or double click "monitor.htm" file. If you don't have any Internet browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, this CD-ROM provides you Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 for English Version.(Microsoft Internet Explorer is the product of Microsoft Corp., all rights reserved.)
  • Page 7: Supported Timings

    Supported Timings Input display data Multi-scan operation Resolution Horizontal Vertical Dot Clock Remark Actual Frequency Frequency Frequency display (Khz) (Hz) (MHz) resolution 640 x 350 31.47 70.08 25.17 640 x 350 37.86 85.10 31.50 VESA 720 x 400 31.47 70.08 28.32 720 x 400 37.93...
  • Page 8: Troubleshooting And Useful Hints

    Can't find Acer FP855 on the Windows 95 or Windows 98 monitor lists. You need to update the Windows 95 or Windows 98 setup information for your Acer FP855. You can download the updated file from the web site (
  • Page 9: Need More Help

    The microphone doesn’t work. Check: Audio cable. See if the audio cable is connected to PC’s “LINE-IN” port and monitor’s microphone port. There is noise from speakers when using the microphone. Set microphone item of volume control function in Windows 95 or Windows 98...

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