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Programmed Cooking; Sensor Cooking; Preheating; Doneness - KitchenAid BUILT-IN OVEN & MICROWAVE Use & Care Manual

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Sensor Cooking

Some automatic cycles are sensor cycles. See "Cook Method
Chart." No amounts need to be entered. A sensor in the oven
detects humidity released from the food as it heats, and adjusts
the cook time accordingly. The progress bar appears during
sensing (see "Progress Bar" section).
Many sensor cycles require the covering of foods. Microwavable
containers or steamers with loose-fitting lids are recommended.
The loose-fitting lid allows enough steam to escape to be
detected by the sensor. When covering foods with plastic wrap,
be sure to leave a large enough vent opening to allow the steam
to escape.
The oven should be plugged in for at least 2 minutes.
The oven cavity and the exterior of the cooking container
should be dry.
The room temperature should not exceed 95°F (35°C).
If the door is opened during a sensor cycle, sensing will stop
and the program will be canceled.


Preheating of the browning pan is programmed in many
automatic cooking cycles. This preheating phase may also be
skipped by touching "Skip Preheat."
For optimal results, we recommend completing the preheating
phase of each cycle in which preheating is programmed.


Doneness for food items may be adjusted for most automatic
cycles. Before starting a cycle, touch "Doneness" on the touch
screen, and adjust the doneness with "+" (more done) or "-" (less
done) controls. The "+" control adds to, and the "-" control
subtracts from the recommended default cook time.
The more done and less done settings in most foods for which
doneness may be adjusted are equal. That is, the same amount
of time may be added to or subtracted from the cycle. Some of
the Meat and Poultry cycles have only the more done settings.


Popcorn is a sensor function. The sensor determines the
appropriate popping time of commercially packaged
microwavable popcorn.
The sensor will determine accurate popping times for bag sizes:
3.5 oz (99 g), 3.0 oz (85 g) or 1.75 oz (50 g). For bag sizes not
listed in this section, follow package directions.
Do not place bag on cooking rack.
Do not use regular paper bags or glassware.
Pop only 1 package of popcorn at a time.
Follow manufacturer's instructions when using a microwave
popcorn popper.
Listen for popping to slow to 1 pop every 1 to 2 seconds,
then stop the cycle. Do not try to pop unpopped kernels.
Use fresh bags of popcorn for optimal results.
Cooking results may vary by brand and fat content.


To Use Popcorn:
1. Place popcorn bag on the turntable and close the door.
2. Touch POPCORN control.
The oven will start automatically. The display will show when
the oven is sensing, and will start counting down the time
when sensing has finished.
When the cycle ends, the end-of-cycle tones will sound,
followed by reminder tones.
3. Touch OFF control or open the door to stop reminder tones.
The display will return to the Main Menu after OFF control is

Using Food Type

The Food Type menu has 12 methods from which to choose.
Breakfast Food
Casserole Leftover
Grains (Pasta/Rice)
This menu allows you to choose what specific food item you
want to cook, and then choose how you would like to cook it, if
there is more than 1 cook method available. All cook methods
and foods are available through this menu.
See "Food Type Chart" in this manual, or review your Quick
Reference Guide for all of the food items and programmed
See "Main Menu" section for an example of how using the Food
Type menu works.
To Use: Touch "Food Type" on Main Menu, select your food
category, and then follow the screen prompts to select your
specific food item and cook method, and to start the cycle.

Using Cook Method

The Cook Method menu has 8 methods from which to choose.
Boil & Simmer
Browning Pan
Steam Cook
This menu allows you to start with the type of cooking you want,
and then choose your specific food item. All food items are
available through this menu.
See each method's respective section in this manual for method
See "Cook Method Chart" for all of the programmed cycles.
See "Main Menu" section for an example of how using the Cook
Method menu works.
To Use: Touch "Cook Method" on Main Menu, select your
desired method, and then follow the screen prompts to select
your food item and to start the cycle.
Frozen Food

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Table of Contents

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