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Intended Application; Approvals; Specifications; Installation - Honeywell DH90 Installation Manual

Whole house dehumidifier with fresh air ventilation
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1. Intended Application for DH90
The DH90 is intended for use in residential
applications to reduce the indoor humidity levels
and increase comfort. With the optional ventilation
ducting and ventilation control hookup, the device
also provides precise amounts of ventilation air.

2. Approvals

The DH90 is certified by ETL to meet UL 474 and
CSA 22.2 No. 92.

3. Specifications

Model: DH90
Electrical: 110-120 VAC, 6.2 Amps,
Capacity: 90 pints/day @ 80°F, 60%
Inlet air temperature range: 55°F min., 100°F max.
Air Flow: 200 CFM without external
Refrigerant Charge: 1 lb., 12 oz. R22
Duct Connections: Round 10" inlet, 10"
Filter Size: Pleated MERV 11:
Unit Size (w/o Duct Collars): 34.5"L x 15.75"W
Unit Weight: 92 lbs
Shipping Weight: 99 lbs

4. Installation

4.1 Installation Checklist

ImPORTANT: Prior to installation of the
DH90, the following checklist should be
The DH90 can be installed in a variety of locations
to meet the owner's needs, and integrate with
existing forced air systems or existing ductwork
if desired. Choose a location with consideration
to accessibility for service, drain availability, and
power outlet location.
60 Hz, grounded
outlet, 6" ventilation
14" x 14" x 1"
x 20.875"H
For HVAC Installer Only • Installation Guide

4.1A Power Accessibility

Unit should be located in an area where the cord's
length (10') should easily reach a 115 VAC electrical
outlet with a minimum of a 15 A circuit capacity.

4.1B Accessibility

The installed DH90 should have at least 14 inches
of clearance in the front of the device to service
the filter.

4.1C Support Structure and Suspension

Place the DH90 on supports to raise the base of the
unit. Do not place the DH90 directly on structural
building members without vibration absorbers or
unwanted noise may result.
The DH90 may be suspended from structural
members by supporting the entire base of the unit
via cross members, rigid frame, or the like. Do not
hang the a DH90 from the cabinet. Remember to
place a drain pan under the unit if it is suspended
above a finished area or above an area where
water leakage could cause damage.

4.1D Sizing Chart

*This sizing chart is based on extreme climates where Rh levels
are between 70 and 90% outdoor Rh. For less extreme climates
then larger homes can be adequetely served. Actual requirements
may vary.
Dehumidifier Capacity Required to
Maintain Desired Indoor Rh*
60% Indoor
Home Size

4.2 Electrical Requirements

WARNINg: Installation must be performed
by a qualified service technician and must
comply with local codes. Remove power to
the device before installing or servicing the
device. Failure to connect the device
according to these instructions may result in
damage to the device or the controls.
55% Indoor
50% Indoor

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Table of Contents

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