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Connect Your Speaker Manually; Indicator Lights; Make And Receive Calls - Nokia MD-12 User Manual

Portable wireless speaker
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Connect your speaker manually

If your device doesn't support Bluetooth, you can use a standard audio cable (3.5 mm) to connect
your speaker.
Make sure your speaker is switched on.
Connect a standard audio cable (3.5 mm) to the audio connector on your speaker and on your device.
When you connect your speaker using a cable, Bluetooth is switched off automatically, and the
Bluetooth indicator light stays on.
When you disconnect the cable, Bluetooth is switched on, and the speaker connects automatically to
the last connected Bluetooth device.

Indicator lights

Wonder what the different lights on your speaker mean?
Battery indicator lights:
One long flash
Bluetooth indicator light:
Flashing quickly
Flashing slowly
Flashing twice repeatedly

Make and receive calls

Need to pick up a call on the go? You can use your speaker for handling voice calls.
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Switching on or off
The battery is fully charged
Connection is lost
Bluetooth is switched off

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