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Switch Your Speaker On - Nokia MD-12 User Manual

Portable wireless speaker
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Charge the battery before using the speaker.
1. Connect a compatible USB cable to your computer or a compatible charger to a wall outlet.
2. Connect the micro-USB end of the cable to the charger connector on your speaker. When the
battery is fully charged, the red battery indicator light turns green.
3. Disconnect the cable from the speaker, then from the computer, or disconnect the charger from
the wall outlet.

Switch your speaker on

Switch your speaker on to check the battery.
Press and hold the multifunction key for 3 seconds. If the battery is full, the battery indicator light
flashes green once. If the battery indicator light is orange, you may need to charge the battery soon.
If the light flashes red fast, charge the battery. When the battery is critically low, the speaker beeps
The speaker automatically connects to the last connected device. If you have never paired your
speaker with a device, or you have cleared the pairings, the speaker goes into pairing mode.
If the speaker is not connected within 30 minutes, it switches off.
Switch the speaker off
Press and hold the multifunction key for 4 seconds. The speaker closes all connections and switches
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