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Honda 3755790 Operator's Manual

Honda power equipment moldboard plow for light duty tractor wit category 0 3-point hitch
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  • Page 2: Warranty

    WARRANTY SERVICE Your satisfaction and goodwill are important to your dealer and to us. All Honda warranty details explained in the Distributor's Limited this booklet. Normally, any problems concerning the product your dealer's' service dpeartment. If you have a been handled to your satisfaction, we suggest you take the following action: Discuss your problem with a member of dealership management.
  • Page 3 ASSEMBLY 1. Secure the landside to the frog with two 1" plow bolts and square nuts; finger tighten. Next, mount the brace between the moldboard and the landside with plow bolts and square nuts. Tighten all bolts securely. Assemble the standard to the landside assembly after inserting the land adjusting bolt 2%"...
  • Page 4 7. Insert the standard into the hub on the .fork and secure it with the pin. equal amount of the pin extending on each side of the hub. 8. Assemble the coulter blade hub to the blade using three carriage bolts, flat washers, hex lock nuts.
  • Page 5 PRE-OPERA’MONADJusTlyIENTs the plow on the tractor: Secure the I n s t a l l link pins to the lower links pins. Install the hitch upper link at the top hole in the mast and secure with the hitch Pin. Working on flat ground, raise of the tractor...
  • Page 6 OPERATION PLOWADJUSTMENTS Width C u t Following proper assembly and initial adjustments, the plow cut width when the right wheel is 1" -12" reat against running the furrow wall. change the width, loosen the U-Bolts and mast an move the beam along the best...
  • Page 7 L=diwi! The plow correctly landed when the running clearance between the lower links and the tires approximately equal, and the upper link extends straight behind the tractor. The plow bottom reacts like ground engaged. If the plow point far from the left of the b e a m , w e d overcut and leave!
  • Page 8: Maintenance

    PLOWING Lay out the plowed field to be and, if times as long as it wide. Be sure easier to plow a few long furrows than many short ones. NOTE: It is Make the ground in proper condition: Never plow when s o i l sure it will be dimcult for the plow to penetrate the soil.
  • Page 9 PLOWING PROBLEMS or Condition Possible Cause SLOW GROUND ENTRY Improper upper link adjustment Badly worn plowshare PLOW CROWDING Improper landing DEPTH UNEVEN PLOWING Extreme variation s o i l texture and/or moisture: plow rides up in hard Plow won't stay runs shallow down: Plow runs too deep...
  • Page 12 EOlpDA CODE 3755790...

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