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Honda 2010 Ridgeline Owner's Manual

Honda 2010 ridgeline truck navigation manual.
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Current Street ....................................
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Map Scrolling ..................................
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Entering a Destination ..............
Selecting the City .............................
Selecting the Street ..........................
Selecting the City .............................
Selecting the Street ..........................
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Showing the Map of City..................
Showing the Map of State ................
2010 Ridgeline
Table of Contents
Address Book................................
Driving to Your Destination
Viewing the Routes...........................
Route Line ........................................
Guidance Prompts ...........................
Map Screen Legend .........................
Guidance Screen Legend .................
Navigation System


   Summary of Contents for Honda 2010 Ridgeline

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Showing the Map of Continental USA... By Previous Destinations...42 By Today’s Destinations ...43 Editing Today’s Destinations List ... Adding Destinations to the List... 2010 Ridgeline Table of Contents By Address Book...45 Adding Addresses to the Personal Address Book... By Go Home ...46 Driving to Your Destination ...

  • Page 2

    Setup Screen (second) ...80 Personal Information ...80 Address Book ... Home Address... PIN Number ... User Name ... Previous Destinations... 2010 Ridgeline Routing & Guidance ...86 Rerouting ... Unverified Area Routing... Edit Avoid Area... Edit Waypoint Search Area... Guidance Mode... Vehicle...94 Off-road Tracking ...

  • Page 3

    Commands...139 Find Place Commands ...140 Climate Control Commands Temperature Voice Commands...142 Radio Voice Commands...142 CD Voice Commands...143 Information Screen Voice Commands...143 Setup Screen (first) Commands...143 On-Screen Commands...144 On-Screen Commands Assist... Index ... 2010 Ridgeline Table of Contents ...141 Navigation System...

  • Page 4: Introduction

    • Glossary of Terms (page 135) • Voice Command List (page 138) • Operation Specific to Alaska and Hawaii (page 124) 2010 Ridgeline System Overview Your navigation system is a highly sophisticated location system with voice control that uses satellites and a map...

  • Page 5: Accessories Precautions

    GPS antenna under the dashboard. Signal noise emanating from these devices can cause intermittent disruption of the navigation system. 2010 Ridgeline Introduction Important Safety Information The navigation system can distract your attention from the road if you focus on the screen or operate the system’s...

  • Page 6: Map Overview

    If you are unsure, proceed with caution. Always use your own good judgment, and obey traffic laws while driving. 2010 Ridgeline Map Overview Current Street The current street on which your vehicle is located appears at the bottom of the map screen (see page 19).

  • Page 7: 2010 Ridgeline

    For example: “In a half-mile, make a right turn, if possible.” Because the average speed of these roads is not known, the time and distance “to go” is based on a fixed average speed of 25 mph for these roads. 2010 Ridgeline Introduction Navigation System...

  • Page 8: User Agreement

    (or internal use where the end-user is a business) by the consumer. The DVD is not to be used for commercial purposes. 2010 Ridgeline • The Licensors do not guarantee to the customer that the functions included in the DVD meet the specific objectives of the user.

  • Page 9

    (including injuries resulting in death) arising out of the use or possession of the DVD or software. 2010 Ridgeline User Agreement Use, duplication, or disclosure of this DVD by or on behalf of the United States government is subject to “Restricted Rights”...

  • Page 10: Getting Started

    Navigation System MENU button INFO button AUDIO button Screen (IN)/ (OUT)buttons 2010 Ridgeline MENU button Displays the Enter destination by screen. When en route, displays the Change route by screen See page 22. INFO button Displays the screen for selecting Setup,...

  • Page 11

    You may use a mild cleaner intended for use on liquid crystal displays (LCDs). Harsher chemicals may damage the screen. 2010 Ridgeline Getting Started NOTE: Whenever you shift to R (Reverse), the rear view behind the vehicle is shown on the navigation system screen.

  • Page 12: Voice Control Basics

    Press and release it when you want to give a voice command. See Voice Command Index on page a list of voice commands. 2010 Ridgeline NAVI BACK button This button has the same function as the CANCEL button. When you press and release it, the display returns to the previous screen.

  • Page 13: Using The Voice Control System

    See the Voice Recognition Feedback setting in Setup. 2010 Ridgeline Getting Started If you hear a prompt such as “Please use the touch screen to...” or “Please choose an area with the joystick,”...

  • Page 14: Selecting An Item (button) On The Screen

    Tip: If items are grayed out, this means that they cannot be selected. 2010 Ridgeline Selecting an Item in a List To scroll through a list, do one of the following: • Use the joystick to scroll through the list item by item.

  • Page 15: Using The On-screen Keyboard

    Apple Edward Kilo Lima Mike November Oscar King Larry Mary Nancy Uniform Whiskey Yankee Victor X-ray Uncle William Yellow 2010 Ridgeline Getting Started Foxtrot Golf Hotel India Juliet Apostrophe Frank George Henry Igloo John Papa Quebec Romeo Sierra Tango Ampersand...

  • Page 16: System Start-up

    Or in a regular keyboard (QWERTY) format as shown below: See Keyboard Layout in the Setup screen (second) on page 96. 2010 Ridgeline System Start-up When you turn the ignition to ON (II), it takes several seconds for the navigation system to boot up.

  • Page 17

    For details of the clock type, see page 79. Tip: For information on clock adjustment, see page 97. 2010 Ridgeline Getting Started To return to the Disclaimer screen, press the MENU or MAP/GUIDE button. If you have entered any Calendar reminders, they are displayed after you select OK.

  • Page 18: Bluetooth® Handsfreelink

    HFL is not in use; press the HFL BACK button. For more information on Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®, see your Owner’s Manual and the official website ( 2010 Ridgeline ®...

  • Page 19: Map Screen Legend

    See Map Legend on the Information screen for further explanation. (see Off-road Tracking on page 62) No Entry Icon Current Street (see page 6) 2010 Ridgeline Getting Started Landmark Icon - Generic (see page 58) Honda Dealer Acura Dealer Hospital...

  • Page 20: Map Screen Description

    100 feet or more. 2010 Ridgeline You can say “Save current location” or select Save on the screen to save the current location in your Address Book.

  • Page 21: System Function Diagram

    (orange). You are provided with map/voice guidance, routing cautions, and a direction list. While driving to your destination, use the voice control system as much as possible to interact with the navigation, audio, and climate control systems (green). Navigation System 2010 Ridgeline...

  • Page 22: Entering A Destination

    NOTE: If Previous Destinations is grayed out, there are no Previous Destinations entered. 2010 Ridgeline Today’s Destinations (see page 43) You can enter and sort up to five destinations and store them in the Today’s Destinations list. You can then use the Today’s Destination selection.

  • Page 23: By Address

    Use the voice control system and say the name of the state or use the on-screen keyboard to enter the name of the state. 2010 Ridgeline Entering a Destination Selecting the City This is helpful if the street runs through several cities, and you know what city includes the street.

  • Page 24

    “Edward” instead of “E.” See page for a list of available words for each letter. 2010 Ridgeline By Touch Control: Select City, and the display then changes to the Enter city name screen. Use the on-screen keyboard to enter the name of the city.

  • Page 25: Selecting The Street

    CHANGE TO Spell Mode on the Say street name screen, and the display will change to the Enter street name screen. 2010 Ridgeline Entering a Destination Say the street name by saying individual letters or numbers, or words that represent the letters, one at a time.

  • Page 26

    (St, Ave, etc.). The system will automatically determine that for you, based on your entered city and street number. 2010 Ridgeline The system will display a list of street names, with the closest match to the name you entered at the top of the list.

  • Page 27: Entering The Street Number

    (POI) or road in an unverified area, you may or may not have routing in these areas. See Map Overview on page 6. 2010 Ridgeline Entering a Destination By Intersection After you select Intersection from the...

  • Page 28: Selecting The State Or Province

    Say city name screen. Say the city name and the searching will begin. 2010 Ridgeline To enter the city name by voice spelling, say or select CHANGE TO Spell Mode on the Say city name screen, and the display will change to the Enter city name screen.

  • Page 29

    Select the number (1-6) of the desired city from the list. 2010 Ridgeline Entering a Destination If the system does not find an exact match, select List when you finish entering the name of the city.

  • Page 30: Selecting The Street

    Say intersecting street screen. Say the name of the other intersecting street. 2010 Ridgeline The system has a talk back function. If your spoken letter is not recognized, the system will talk back to you. For example, if you say “E”...

  • Page 31

    Enter intersecting street screen. Enter the name of the other intersecting street using the on-screen keyboard. 2010 Ridgeline Entering a Destination If you did not select a city in the beginning, and the intersection appears in more than one city, you will see the Select a city screen.

  • Page 32: By Places

    • You can try to enter “Bucks” using Name, but you may have to search through a list that might include Bucks Welding, Bucks Surplus, etc. 2010 Ridgeline NOTE: • Prior to departure, you can set areas to avoid. The system then includes them in its calculations for the destination you have entered.

  • Page 33: Finding The Place By Category

    After selecting a category and subcategory, the system will give you the options of Place Name by Keyword, Sort by Distance to Travel, City Vicinity, or Place Name with the following screen: 2010 Ridgeline Entering a Destination Navigation System...

  • Page 34: Navigation System

    Californian Mexican Chinese Pizza Continental Seafood Fast Food Thai French Vegetarian German Vietnamese Greek Other 2010 Ridgeline Shopping All Shopping*2 Office Supplies/Electronics Accessories/Jewelry Pharmacy/Drug Store Auto Parts & Electronics Pet Food/Supplies Books/Music/Video Sewing/Linen Clothing Shoes/Bags Groceries Sporting Goods Home Improvement...

  • Page 35

    Zagat Review, you can also select Key to Zagat Ratings on the Information screen. See Key to Zagat Ratings on page 76. 2010 Ridgeline Entering a Destination Place Name by Keyword If you do not know the exact name of the destination, you can find the place with a keyword.

  • Page 36

    Once you select a place, the system then displays the Calculate route to screen (see Driving to Your Destination on page 47). 2010 Ridgeline Sort by Distance to Travel When you select this option, the system gives you a list of all the places in the subcategory.

  • Page 37: Finding The Place By Name

    Use the name option only if you know the exact spelling of the place. If unsure, use the Category option. 2010 Ridgeline Entering a Destination Finding the Place by Phone Number The Phone Number option allows you to select a destination by its telephone number.

  • Page 38: Finding The Place By Zagat 2009

    • See Key to Zagat Ratings on page for details on the key to ratings. 2010 Ridgeline By Map Input After you select Map Input from the Enter destination by screen, the...

  • Page 39: Showing The Map Of Current Position

    If not, use the joystick to reposition the crosshairs, then push in on the joystick again to display the new address. 2010 Ridgeline Entering a Destination If you selected a single icon or road segment within the target mark, the following screen appears.

  • Page 40: Showing The Map Of City

    See Showing the Map of Current Position on page for instructions on finding and entering your desired destination. 2010 Ridgeline Showing the Map of State With the State selection, the display changes to the Enter state name screen. After you select the desired state, the...

  • Page 41: Showing The Map Of Continental Usa

    Once you select an address, the system then displays the Calculate route to screen (see Driving to Your Destination on page 47). 2010 Ridgeline Entering a Destination Showing the Map of Continental With the Continental USA selection, the display changes to:...

  • Page 42: By Previous Destinations

    After you select Previous Destinations, the display lists the last 50 destinations entered, with the most recent appearing first. 2010 Ridgeline NOTE: • If Previous Destinations is grayed out, there are no Previous Destinations entered.

  • Page 43: By Today's Destinations

    Enter destination by screen and the display changes to: NOTE: If Today’s Destinations is grayed out, there are no Today’s Destinations entered. 2010 Ridgeline Entering a Destination Editing Today’s Destinations List If you change your plans, you can modify the Today’s Destinations list order by distance or order of entry.

  • Page 44: Adding Destinations To The List

    When you reach the destination, it will be automatically removed from the list. 2010 Ridgeline NOTE: When finishing a “Today’s Destinations” trip, the Today’s Destinations list entries are stored to the Previous Destinations list, beginning with the date (e.g., item 1...

  • Page 45: By Address Book

    After you select it, the system then displays the Calculate route to screen (see Driving to Your Destination on page 47). 2010 Ridgeline Entering a Destination Adding Addresses to the Personal Address Book There are two ways to enter addresses to the personal Address Book: •...

  • Page 46: By Go Home

    If you forget your PIN, your dealer will have to reset it for you. • If a PIN is desired, enter it using the Personal preference PIN number feature in Setup. See page for information on entering your Go Home PIN. 2010 Ridgeline...

  • Page 47: Driving To Your Destination

    Edit Avoid Area on page 91. • For information on the available voice commands, see Voice Command Index on page 138. 2010 Ridgeline Driving to Your Destination Further selections from the Calculate route to screen include: ADD TO Address Book Allows you to add the destination to your Address Book.

  • Page 48: Changing The Routing Method

    If the trip is greater than 100 miles, then “Minimize Freeways” and “Minimize Toll Roads” may be grayed out. This is normal. 2010 Ridgeline The generated route may not be the route you would choose. For safety reasons, the system generally applies the following rules to your route: •...

  • Page 49: Viewing The Routes

    NOTE: Distances and times shown for each method in the Summary are approximate. 2010 Ridgeline Driving to Your Destination After calculating the route with the new method, the system displays a map of your current location. The calculated route will be highlighted as a blue line, and a voice prompt will tell you how to proceed along the highlighted route.

  • Page 50: Viewing The Destination Map

    NOTE: You can always view the entire route by simply saying, “Display entire route.” 2010 Ridgeline “Vector line” (unverified routing off) Blue-pink unverified route line (unverified routing on)

  • Page 51: Guidance Prompts

    When given guidance in unverified areas, the words “if possible” are inserted before each guidance prompt. See Unverified Area Routing on page for more details about unverified routing. 2010 Ridgeline Driving to Your Destination Navigation System...

  • Page 52: Map Screen Legend

    Calculated route (see page 6) (see page 50) Vehicle Position(see page 63) (Use voice command, “Display current location,” or touch the icon to show the current location.) 2010 Ridgeline Map Features : Park : Water Area : Hospital : Cemetery...

  • Page 53: Guidance Screen

    Distance to Next Driving Maneuver Current Street (see page 6) Voice Button (announces next driving instruction) (see page 51) Milestone to Destination (see page 53) 2010 Ridgeline Driving to Your Destination Street Name of Next Driving Maneuver Distance to Destination (see page 54)

  • Page 54: Distance And Time To Destination

    Direction list. If no exit info icon is shown on the list, the Exit Info. is grayed out. 2010 Ridgeline You can see the Direction list and the distance to each maneuver. Touch the Return button or press the CANCEL button to return to the previous screen.

  • Page 55: Exit Info

    Guidance mode can be changed in either Setup (see Guidance Mode on page 94), or by accessing the icon bar (see Guidance Mode on page 60) . 2010 Ridgeline Driving to Your Destination When you get near the maneuver, the map screen changes to:...

  • Page 56: Map Scale

    80 m 200 m 400 m 800 m 1.6 km 3 km page page page page page page page page page page page 2010 Ridgeline 1 mi. 2 mi. 5 mi. 15 mi. 50 mi. 150 mi. 350 mi. 8 km 24 km 80 km 240 km 560 km...

  • Page 57: Map Orientation

    NOTE: For information on the available voice commands, see Voice Command Index on page 138. 2010 Ridgeline Driving to Your Destination Destination Icon The destination icon only shows the approximate location of the destination. This occurs because a city block can...

  • Page 58: Landmark Icons

    ICON button on the lower left corner (see page 52) or using voice commands (see page 138). 2010 Ridgeline You can select most landmark icons with the joystick to display the icon’s information. See the table on the following page for exceptions.

  • Page 59

    No icon No icon Yes (choose POI) 2010 Ridgeline Driving to Your Destination POI can be found on the map screen using voice command “Find...” for the “Display,” “Hide,” and Navigation System...

  • Page 60: Showing Icons On The Map

    Setup. Exit Screen Select Return to return to the map screen. 2010 Ridgeline Icon Options Selecting Icon Options displays the following screen: This feature allows you to “fine tune” some of the icons on the Icon bar. The three icon choices, “Parking”...

  • Page 61

    Exit, and save your settings by selecting Done. 2010 Ridgeline Driving to Your Destination NOTE: • When viewing the map screen, you can turn some icons on using voice control.

  • Page 62: Going Off The Route

    (breadcrumbs) to show the path you have taken if Off-road Tracking on the Setup screen (second) is set to On (see page 94). 2010 Ridgeline By following the dots, you can backtrack to the mapped road you originally left. “Breadcrumbs” may...

  • Page 63: Viewing/saving The Current Location

    You can save the location to select as a destination at a later date. 2010 Ridgeline Driving to Your Destination To save the location, say “Save current location” or select Save on the screen.

  • Page 64: Pop-ups And Disclaimers

    (see Unverified Area Routing on page 87). • Your route includes unverified areas (see Unverified Area Routing on page 87). 2010 Ridgeline • You are about to enter an unverified area (see Unverified Area Routing on page 87). • You actually entered an unverified area (see Unverified Area Routing on page 87).

  • Page 65: Changing The Route

    Enter destination by screen (page 70). Change Route By Screen Pressing the MENU button displays the Change route by screen: 2010 Ridgeline Driving to Your Destination Waypoints Waypoints allow you to add an interim “pit stop” while traveling to a destination.

  • Page 66

    Places Along the Route, it displays matches that lie within a corridor on either side and in front of you along your route. 2010 Ridgeline From Places Around the Destination, the system displays matches in a spiral pattern outward from the destination.

  • Page 67: Reroute: Avoid Streets

    (system beeps if selected). NOTE: Although you can choose streets to avoid, you cannot choose specific streets you want to use. 2010 Ridgeline Driving to Your Destination Reroute: Detour Calculates a detour route for you if you encounter an unexpected obstacle such as a closed road or extremely heavy traffic congestion.

  • Page 68: Cancel Current Route

    From the map screen, say “Go home.” If you have entered a “Go home” address, then the system will display a confirmation screen. 2010 Ridgeline Using Joystick to Change Destination While following a calculated route, you can select a new destination with the map screen and the joystick.

  • Page 69

    After you select OK, you can select either Set as New Destination or Set as Waypoint for your specified position. 2010 Ridgeline Driving to Your Destination The system will return to the map screen and recalculate the route to your new destination or waypoint.

  • Page 70: Entering A Destination From The Menu Screen (while En Route)

    “Cancel” or “Back.” • If you wish to change the route method, say or select CHANGE METHOD. • For additional information on changing the routing method, see Changing the Routing Method on page 48. 2010 Ridgeline...

  • Page 71: Information Features

    When you select Setup, you will see the following screen: For details of the Setup screen, see System Setup on page 77. 2010 Ridgeline Information Features Cellular Phonebook The Cellular Phonebook option allows you to store up to 1,000 names and 10,000 phone numbers in the phonebook of Bluetooth®...

  • Page 72: Calendar

    If you say or select List, your entries are listed. Press the CANCEL button to return to the Calendar screen. 2010 Ridgeline Entering Your Schedule Set your schedule by selecting the day on the calendar, and the display changes Reminder The default for Reminder is On.

  • Page 73: Calculator

    • The system displays active calendar entries only after you answer OK on the Disclaimer screen. • For more information, refer to System Start-up on page 16. 2010 Ridgeline Information Features Calculator When you say or select Calculator, the display changes to:...

  • Page 74: Unit Conversion

    • If you do not enter a value to be converted, only “Temperature” units are selectable. • Conversions using negative value may produce meaningless or physically impossible values. 2010 Ridgeline Voice Command Help When you say or select Voice Command Help, you will see the following screen: NOTE: You can select an item by saying either the line number or the item name.

  • Page 75: Map Legend

    Read List, and the system will read the list to you. For a listing of all voice commands, see Voice Command Index on page 138. 2010 Ridgeline Information Features Map Legend You can use the Map legend screens to learn the meaning of map features, icons, colors, etc.

  • Page 76: Key To Zagat Ratings

    Sunday open on Monday closed on Monday open for lunch lunch not served serving after 11 PM no credit card accepted Use the joystick or touch the scroll bar to scroll through the Key to Zagat Ratings screens. 2010 Ridgeline...

  • Page 77: System Setup

    Tip: If you are having trouble viewing the screen in bright lighting conditions, try increasing the brightness. 2010 Ridgeline System Setup NOTE: You can have a separate daytime and nighttime setting for brightness. Adjust each setting when the display is in either daytime or nighttime mode.

  • Page 78: Display

    (switches to Day mode). Clock Displays the clock on To return to the previous the screen. screen, press the NAVI BACK button. 2010 Ridgeline But remember: Adjust the dash brightness (with headlights on) back to normal to allow auto switching by sensing headlights.

  • Page 79: Guidance Prompts

    Normal (factory default) Yes* Yes* *Uses street name in guidance phrase. 2010 Ridgeline System Setup NOTE: To temporarily turn off voice guidance prompts, select Off for the “Volume” setting in Setup. Contrast You can adjust the contrast and black level.

  • Page 80: Setup Screen (second)

    User 2 can only have 50. You can add, modify, and delete information in the personal Address Book list. 2010 Ridgeline You may choose to use a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to protect your privacy. However, PINs are optional, and if you decide to use one, record it in case you forget the number (see page 84).

  • Page 81

    Address Book list appears: Select New Address in the upper right corner on the screen when beginning to build your Address Book list. 2010 Ridgeline System Setup Edit Name You may use the “Name” field to give the entry a name or title that you will recognize later, such as “Doctor Smith”...

  • Page 82

    Places, the phone number corresponding to the address also appears in the “Phone Number” field. 2010 Ridgeline Edit Phone Number You can enter the telephone number of the address. If the address was chosen with Places, and it has a telephone number, that number is entered automatically.

  • Page 83

    New Address in the upper right corner on the screen, then repeat the procedures above. If not, press the CANCEL button. 2010 Ridgeline System Setup Edit/Delete an Address This feature allows you to select an address to edit or delete. Once an address is selected, choose the appropriate function.

  • Page 84: Home Address

    PIN, the dealer will have to reset it for you. When you select PIN Number, the display changes to: 2010 Ridgeline Address Book PIN If you choose to enter a PIN for the personal Address Book, you will have to...

  • Page 85: User Name

    Choose either User 1 or User 2 on the Select the user name to edit screen. Enter the name, and say or select Done to leave the screen. 2010 Ridgeline System Setup Previous Destinations Allows you to delete some or all of your previous destinations.

  • Page 86: Routing & Guidance

    This is followed by new routing instructions. 2010 Ridgeline If Rerouting is set to Manual, you will hear a tone when the “Off route” message is displayed. Say “Recalculate”...

  • Page 87: Unverified Area Routing

    Voice guidance commands end with the words “if possible.” This is to remind the driver to verify all traffic restrictions before making a maneuver. A direction list is provided showing street names and turn symbols in pink. 2010 Ridgeline System Setup Navigation System...

  • Page 88

    Disclaimer screen is provided. It is recommended that you stop and review the map. Unverified Area Routing “Off” 2010 Ridgeline Unverified Area Routing “On” NOTE: Unverified roads are shown only when viewing the map in the 1/20, 1/8, and 1/4 mile map scales, or the 80, 200, and 400 meter map scales.

  • Page 89

    You cannot assume that all guidance is appropriate. In both cases, when you actually enter the unverified street, a short caution will remind you. You will see and hear this short caution message whenever you enter unverified areas. Navigation System 2010 Ridgeline...

  • Page 90

    Navigation System Unverified Area Routing “Off” NOTE: There are no Voice or Directions buttons shown on the screen. With Unverified Area Routing “Off,” no Direction List is provided. 2010 Ridgeline Unverified Area Routing “On”...

  • Page 91: Edit Avoid Area

    Say or select Done to return to the previous screen. Say or select Edit Area to create the area to be avoided. The following screen appears: 2010 Ridgeline System Setup Either select Address or Map Input on the Enter avoid area by screen.

  • Page 92

    Your new avoided area will now appear on the “Avoid area” list and be viewable on the map screen. 2010 Ridgeline NOTE: • You can select areas to avoid, however you cannot select roads or areas that you want the system to use for routing.

  • Page 93: Edit Waypoint Search Area

    “Places Along the Route” or “Places Around the Destination” (see Waypoints on page 65). 2010 Ridgeline System Setup For “Places Along the Route,” the system looks in front of you within a corridor width specified by your values for “On Freeways”...

  • Page 94: Guidance Mode

    See Map Screen Legend on page 19. 2010 Ridgeline After you have traveled approximately 1/2 mile away from a mapped road, the system will display a series of white dots on the map screen to show the path you have traveled.

  • Page 95: Correct Vehicle Position

    Touch the arrow buttons on the bottom of the screen to rotate the direction arrows so the vehicle position is pointing in the correct direction. 2010 Ridgeline System Setup NOTE: If you continually have to do this, there are either problems in the database or GPS reception problems.

  • Page 96: System Information

    QWERTY. Units (mile or km) Allows you to select the units for the entire system (mile or km). 2010 Ridgeline Voice Recognition Feedback Allows you to turn voice control system prompts On or Off. When Off, you will not hear the voice control system...

  • Page 97: Clock Adjustment

    April to October. The new schedule is subject to review and possible cancellation in 2009-2010. 2010 Ridgeline System Setup The schedules for the time changes are stored in the software and can be selected in the DST schedule selection screen.

  • Page 98: Auto Time Zone By Gps

    “April-October” schedule. If so, simply change the schedule in this setting back to the “April-October” schedule. 2010 Ridgeline Time Adjustment Adjusts the current time in hours and minutes. You can reset the adjustment by selecting Reset. Selecting Done returns you to the previous screen.

  • Page 99: Color

    • Choose Black (factory default) as the Night color to obtain the best nighttime display contrast. 2010 Ridgeline System Setup Menu Color Allows you to choose the menu color from one of five colors for each Base and Window.

  • Page 100: Rearview Camera

    Make sure to check the surrounding area carefully. 2010 Ridgeline Rearview Camera Brightness Adjustment When the vehicle is in reverse, the touch screen and navigation “hard” buttons are locked out, except the ZOOM buttons.

  • Page 101: System Initialization

    Keep these cards in a safe place in case you need the codes. If you lose the cards, you must obtain the security codes from your dealer. 2010 Ridgeline System Initialization Enter the four-digit security code, then select Done. If you make a mistake, the system will display “incorrect PIN.”...

  • Page 102: Gps Initialization

    NOTE: The average acquiring time is less than 10 minutes, but it can take as long as 45 minutes. 2010 Ridgeline Map Matching This part of the initialization matches the GPS coordinates found above with a road on the map screen. To perform this...

  • Page 103: System Limitations

    • Radar detectors mounted on the dashboard • Remote starters, or “hidden” vehicle tracking systems mounted near the navigation unit 2010 Ridgeline System Limitations • Other aftermarket audio electronic devices mounted near the navigation unit • Trees, tall buildings, freeway...

  • Page 104

    A reboot can be caused by a number of things, such as extreme temperatures or shock from bumpy roads. It does not necessarily indicate a problem that requires service. If this happens frequently, please see your dealer. 104 Navigation System 2010 Ridgeline...

  • Page 105: Database Limitations

    There is no free program to retrofit early production vehicles with the latest disc. For DVD ordering information, see page 108. 2010 Ridgeline Database Limitations In addition, this database does not include, analyze, process, consider, or reflect any of the following categories of information: •...

  • Page 106

    • infoUSA-Data: Certain business data provided by infoUSA, Inc., Omaha, Nebraska, Copyright © 2008, All Rights Reserved. • EXIT-Data: © ZENRIN CO., LTD. 2008. All Rights Reserved. • ZAGAT SURVEY: Copyright © [2008] Zagat Survey, LLC. All rights reserved. 2010 Ridgeline...

  • Page 107: Customer Assistance

    GPS-related errors, see Frequently Asked Questions on page 126, System Limitations on page 103, or Troubleshooting on page 133. 2010 Ridgeline Customer Assistance Honda Automobile Customer Service Telephone: (800) 999-1009 Fax: (310) 783-3273...

  • Page 108: Visiting Your Dealer

    This information is very useful to the service advisor. Be patient, the service advisor may be unfamiliar with your specific issue. 2010 Ridgeline Obtaining a Navigation Update DVD Honda is continually expanding the scope of the navigation system.

  • Page 109: Changing The Dvd

    Slide the DVD into the slot. The DVD is automatically pulled into the control unit. Make sure you close the door. 2010 Ridgeline Customer Assistance NOTE: • The system will not play movies or other video/audio discs.

  • Page 110: Coverage Areas

    Pine Bluff California Central Valley - including Fresno, Merced, Modesto, and Stockton Humboldt Los Angeles/San Diego Metro 2010 Ridgeline Mammoth Lakes Sacramento Metro San Francisco Bay (approximately Monterey to Sonoma) – including Monterey County and Hollister Southern California Area - including...

  • Page 111

    – including Lake County, IN and Dekalb County, IL East St. Louis Metro Galesburg Moline Peoria Quincy Rock Island Rockford Springfield Urbana-Danville 2010 Ridgeline Coverage Areas Indiana Bloomington Evansville Fort Wayne Gary/Hammond Metro Indianapolis Metro Kokomo Metro Lafayette Muncie Northwest Indiana...

  • Page 112

    Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro – including cities in Anoka Scott and Carver Counties Moorhead Rochester Mississippi Biloxi/Gulfport Jackson Memphis Tupelo 2010 Ridgeline Missouri Branson Columbia Jefferson City Joplin Kansas City (KS-MO) Metro – including Platte County Lake of the Ozarks Springfield St.

  • Page 113

    Akron Columbus/Marysville Metro Cincinnati Metro – including Butler County Cleveland Metro – including Geauga County Dayton Lima Mansfield Springfield Toledo (Lucas County) Youngstown 2010 Ridgeline Coverage Areas Oklahoma Oklahoma City Tulsa Oregon Bend Corvalis Eugene Medford Portland/Salem Metro Seaside/Astoria/Cannon Beach...

  • Page 114

    Park City Salt Lake City Metro St. George Vermont Rutland State of (partial) - including Burlington, Montpelier 2010 Ridgeline Virginia Washington D.C. detailed area – including Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Falls Church, Fauquier County, Fredericksburg City, Manassas, and additional cities in...

  • Page 115: Canada Detailed Coverage Areas

    Canmore Chestermere Cochrane Crossfield Devon Edmonton Fort Saskatchewan Leduc Lethbridge Medicine Hat Spruce Grove St. Albert Stony Plain 2010 Ridgeline Coverage Areas Strathcona County BRITISH COLUMBIA Greater Vancouver Anmore Belcarra Bowen Island Burnaby Coquitlam Delta Langley Langley Twp Lions Bay...

  • Page 116

    Halifax (partial) ONTARIO Brant Brant Brantford Chatham-Kent Chatham-Kent Dufferin Amaranth East Garafraxa East Luther Grand Valley Melancthon Mono Mulmur Orangeville Shelburne 2010 Ridgeline Durham Ajax Brock Clarington Oshawa Pickering Scugog Uxbridge Whitby Elgin Aylmer Bayham Central Elgin Dutton/Dunwich Malahide Southwold St.

  • Page 117

    Augusta Brockville Edwardsburgh/Cardinal Elizabethtown-Kitley Front of Yonge Gananoque Leeds and the Thousand Islands Merrickville-Wolford North Grenville Prescott Rideau Lakes Westport 2010 Ridgeline Coverage Areas Muskoka Bracebridge Georgian Bay Gravenhurst Huntsville Lake of Bays Muskoka Lakes Middlesex Adelaide Metcalfe London Lucan Biddulph...

  • Page 118

    Simcoe Adjala-Tosorontio Barrie Bradford West Gwillimbury Clearview Collingwood Essa Innisfil Midland New Tecumseth Orillia Oro-Medonte Penetanguishene 2010 Ridgeline Ramara Severn Springwater Tiny Wasaga Beach Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry Cornwall North Dundas North Glengarry North Stormont South Dundas South Glengarry South Stormont...

  • Page 119

    Chatham-Kent Dufferin Elgin Essex Frontenac Gray Haldimand-Norfolk Haliburton Hastings Huron Kawartha Lakes Lambton Lanark 2010 Ridgeline Coverage Areas Leeds and Granville Lennox and Addington Middlesex Muskoka Northumberland Oxford Perth Peterborough Prescott and Russell Prince Edward Simcoe Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry...

  • Page 120

    McMasterville Mont-St-Hilaire Otterburn Park St-Antoine-sur-Richelieu St-Basile-le-Grand St-Charles-sur-Richelieu St-Denis-sur-Richelieu St-Jean-Baptiste St-Marc-sur-Richelieu St-Mathieu-de-Beloeil LaJemmerais Calixa-Lavallée Contrecoeur St-Amable Ste-Julie Varennes Verchères Laval Laval 2010 Ridgeline Le-Haut-Richelieu Henryville Lacolle é Mont-St-Gr goire Noyan St-Alexandre St-Blaise-sur-Richelieu St-Georges-de-Clarenceville St-Jean-sur-Richelieu Î St-Paul-de-L’ le-aux-Noix é St-S bastien St-Valentin Ste-Anne-de-Sabreviois Ste-Brigide-D’Iberville...

  • Page 121

    Wentworth-Nord Longueuil Boucherville Brossard Longueuil St-Bruno-de-Montarville St-Lambert Mirabel Mirabel Montcalm St-Alexis St-Alexis Paroisse St-Calixte Ste-Julienne é Ste-Marie-Salom St-Esprit 2010 Ridgeline Coverage Areas St-Jacques St-Liguori St-Lin -- Laurentides St-Roche-de-l’Achigan St-Roch-Ouest Montreal Baie-D’Urfé Beaconsfield Côte-St-Luc Dollard-des-Ormeaux Dorval Hampstead Kirkland L’Ïle -Dorval Montréal Montréal-Est...

  • Page 122

    Quebec La Cote-de-Beaupré Beaupré Boischatel Château-Richer L’Ange-Gardien St-Ferréol-les-Neiges St-Joachim St-Louis-de-Gonzague-du-Cap- Tourmente Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré La Jacques-Cartier Fossambault-sur-le-Lac Lac-Beauport Lac-Delage Lac-St-Joseph Ste-Brigitte-de-Laval Ste-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier Shannon 2010 Ridgeline L’Île-d’Orléans St-François- L’Île-d’Orléans St-Jean St-Laurent-de- L’Île-d’Orléans St-Pierre-de- L’Île-d’Orléans Ste-Famille Ste-Pétronille Lévis Lévis Québec L’Ancienne-Lorette Notre-Dame-des-Anges Québec St-Augustin-de-Desmaures...

  • Page 123

    Hwy-2 (in Fort Macleod) to Hwy-1/ Trans Canada Hwy (in Calgary) Roads in the province of Saskatchewan Hwy-1/Trans Canada Hwy across whole province 2010 Ridgeline Coverage Areas Roads in the province of Manitoba Hwy-1/Trans Canada Hwy across whole province Hwy-100/Trans Canada Hwy in...

  • Page 124: Operation In Alaska And Hawaii

    87). • Cautions and pop-up windows related to unverified roads (see page 64). 2010 Ridgeline • Setup entries that relate to turning on or off unverified routing (see page 88). • When zooming in and out, there is no 350-mile scale for Hawaii.

  • Page 125: Shipping A Vehicle To Or From Hawaii

    When pairing a cell phone to use the Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® feature, you may see a “Phone-Data Connection” screen. If so, do not complete this portion of the process. 2010 Ridgeline Coverage Areas Shipping a Vehicle To or From Hawaii Although the DVD in the vehicle contains maps for both U.S.

  • Page 126: Frequently Asked Questions

    The basic guidance phrase uses a studio-recorded voice, but the street name is pronounced by the system using a machine-generated voice. Consequently, the name may be mispronounced or sound strange at times. 2010 Ridgeline...

  • Page 127

    PINs are optional. See information regarding PINs on page 84. Your dealer can reset the PIN for you. Your phone is not paired to HFL, or if your phone is paired, it is in use or does not have good coverage; press the HFL BACK button. 2010 Ridgeline Navigation System 127...

  • Page 128

    No. When at an intersection, the system is unaware of the width of the intersecting road. Large differences in vehicle position can indicate a temporary loss of the GPS signal. See GPS Reception Issues on page 103. 2010 Ridgeline...

  • Page 129

    If the GPS antenna cannot receive at least four satellites, the elevation is not displayed. Try moving the vehicle into an open area. If the elevation is zero or below sea level, the elevation is also not displayed. 2010 Ridgeline for an Navigation System 129...

  • Page 130

    Map discs for other vehicle manufacturers or PC map programs will not work. Minor errors are bound to occur in a large database. If you encounter major errors, you can report them following the instructions on page 107. 2010 Ridgeline...

  • Page 131

    See page 98. The time zone borders are only approximated in the system. Depending on the geography of the time zone boundary, the switch to a different zone can be erratic. See page 98. 2010 Ridgeline Navigation System 131...

  • Page 132

    There should be a card in the glove box with the anti-theft code for the navigation/audio system. This card contains the 4-digit security code and serial number. If you cannot find it, your dealer can help you out. This is being considered as a future enhancement. 2010 Ridgeline...

  • Page 133: Troubleshooting

    HFL TALK button is not on when you press the NAVI TALK button, or the message will appear. Simply press the HFL BACK button to resume control of the navigation voice buttons. 2010 Ridgeline Troubleshooting Navigation System 133...

  • Page 134

    The destination was not found in the database. Try another destination nearby, or select the destination with the joystick.* The vehicle is located outside of the mapped area provided by your navigation DVD. See page for map coverage. 2010 Ridgeline...

  • Page 135: Glossary

    108. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions. See page for a list of customer FAQs and troubleshooting information. 2010 Ridgeline Glossary GPS - Global Positioning System. A network of 24 satellites in orbit around the earth. The navigation system can simultaneously receive...

  • Page 136

    POI - Point of Interest. These are the businesses, schools, etc. found under the Places option on the Enter destination by screen. See page 32. 2010 Ridgeline Polygon - Colored areas on the map screen denoting parks, schools, etc. See Map Screen Legend “Map Features”...

  • Page 137

    VP change direction on the map as you turn. Zagat Ratings - Restaurant ratings information provided by Zagat Survey. See the Information screen on page for an explanation of the ratings. 2010 Ridgeline Glossary Navigation System 137...

  • Page 138: Voice Command Index

    Voice command help How long to the destination? (when en route, tells the time to destination)* 2010 Ridgeline How far to the destination? (when en route, tells the distance to destination)* Display destination map (when en route, shows the map of the...

  • Page 139: Navigation Display Commands

    * These icons will not be displayed unless the “Parking” or “Other icon” is selected on the Icon Bar (see page 60). 2010 Ridgeline Voice Command Index Hide: (hide the selected icon from the screen) gas station...

  • Page 140: Find Place Commands

    French restaurant German restaurant Greek restaurant Indian restaurant pizza Thai restaurant vegetarian restaurant Vietnamese restaurant other restaurant business civic center 2010 Ridgeline convention center library school city hall court house higher education amusement park golf course historical monument marina movie theater...

  • Page 141: Climate Control Commands

    Fan speed up Fan speed down Fan speed # (#: 1-7) (for best voice control, lower the fan speed) 2010 Ridgeline Voice Command Index Repeating these commands switches (toggles) the function between On and Off, so the action that occurs may not match the command you speak.

  • Page 142: Temperature Voice Commands

    Radio FM2 preset # (#: 1-6) Radio AM preset # (#: 1-6) Radio auto select* Radio scan* Radio select XM1 Radio select XM2 2010 Ridgeline XM channel # (#: 1-255) XM channel up XM channel down XM category up XM category down...

  • Page 143: Cd Voice Commands

    Navigation General Commands) Map legend Key to Zagat ratings 2010 Ridgeline Voice Command Index Setup Screen (first) Commands The system accepts these commands on the Setup screen (first). (For the Setup...

  • Page 144: On-screen Commands

    Apple Edward Kilo Lima Mike November Oscar King Larry Mary Nancy Uniform Whiskey Yankee Victor X-ray Uncle William Yellow 2010 Ridgeline Foxtrot Golf Hotel India Juliet Apostrophe Frank George Henry Igloo John Papa Quebec Romeo Sierra Tango Ampersand Paul Queen...

  • Page 145

    Voice Command Index Symbol Assist Definitions NOTE: The term “grave” used for these keys (À, È, Ì, and Ù) is pronounced like “save.” Navigation System 145 2010 Ridgeline...

  • Page 146: Index

    Climate Control Commands Clock Adjustment ... 17, Clock Screen ... 17, Clock Settings ... 17, Clock Type Color Community 2010 Ridgeline Continental USA Contrast Convert (Unit) Correct Vehicle Position Coverage Areas ... 20, Current Location ... 39, Current Position Current Street...

  • Page 147

    Information Information Screen Voice Commands ... 22, Intersection Joystick Key to Zagat Ratings Keyboard Layout Landmark Icons Leisure 2010 Ridgeline Lodging (Hotel/Motel) Map Color Map Coverage ... 22, Map Input ... 19, 52, Map Legend Map Matching Map Orientation Map Scale ...

  • Page 148

    State ... 25, Street System Controls System Function Diagram System Information System Initialization System Limitations System Setup System Start-up 2010 Ridgeline Temperature Voice Commands Time Adjustment Title ... 22, Today’s Destinations Today’s Destinations List Travel Troubleshooting 23, 28 25, 30...

  • Page 149

    Index ...13 Voice Recognition, Improving ...77 Volume ...35, Zagat 2009 ...11 ZOOM buttons Navigation System 149 2010 Ridgeline...

  • Page 150


  • Page 151

    U.S. and other governments. For additional information on exporting the SOFTWARE, see http:// 2010 Ridgeline As required by the FCC: This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device...

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