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Honeywell Prestige THX9321 Operating Manual

Touch-screen thermostat.
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Touch-screen Thermostat


   Summary of Contents for Honeywell Prestige THX9321

  • Page 1: Operating Manual

    Operating Manual Prestige THX9321/9421 ® Touch-screen Thermostat 69-2493EFS-01...
  • Page 2: About Your New Thermostat

    5. Set humidification & dehumidification controls ....See pages 17-19 ONE-TOUCH TEMP CONTROL: You can override the program schedule at any time, and manually adjust the temperature (see pages 9-10). Need Help? For assistance please visit, or call toll-free: 1-800-468-1502 (if product is used in a home) 1-888-245-1051 (if product is used in a workplace) Read and save these instructions.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Prestige THX9321/THX9421 Thermostat ® Table of contents Preferences menu......21 Programming & Operation Temporary schedule changes ..22 Quick reference ........2 Screen cleaning ........23 Date/time settings ......4 Security settings .......24 Fan settings ........5 Installer contact information ....25 System settings ........6 Advanced features ......26 Energy Saver settings ......7 Using program schedules ....8 Appendices...
  • Page 4: Quick Reference

    Operating Manual Quick reference: residential use Display Control fan operation Select system Display menu home screen (see page 5) type (see page 6) options (see pages 11-26) Change date or time (see page 4) Outdoor temperature Adjust and humidity temperature settings (see pages 9-10) Current system...
  • Page 5 Prestige THX9321/THX9421 Thermostat ® Quick reference: commercial use Select system Display Display menu Control fan operation type (see page 6) home screen options (see (see page 5) pages 11-26) Change date or time (see page 4) Outdoor temperature Adjust and humidity temperature settings (see pages 9-10)
  • Page 6: Date/time Settings

    Operating Manual Date/time settings To set the date or time, press the Press date/time display date/time display, then select SET TIME or SET DATE. Press the buttons until the proper time/date is displayed, then press DONE to save and exit (or press Press to select date or time CANCEL to exit without changing the time).
  • Page 7: Fan Settings

    Prestige THX9321/THX9421 Thermostat ® Fan settings • On: Fan is always on. Press • Automatic: Fan runs only when heating or cooling system is on. MCR32961 • Circulate: Fan runs randomly, about 35% of the time (residential Press any displayed option models only).
  • Page 8: System Settings

    Operating Manual System settings Press SYSTEM, then select any option Press SYSTEM (press to scroll menu): SYSTEM • Heat: Thermostat controls only the MCR32963 heating system. Press any displayed option • Cool: Thermostat controls only the cooling system. • Automatic: Thermostat selects heating or cooling as needed.
  • Page 9: Energy Saver Settings

    Prestige THX9321/THX9421 Thermostat ® Energy Saver settings for maximum cost savings These default Energy Saver settings can reduce expenses by as much as 33%. (See next page to customize each time period.) Heat Cool Heat Cool Period Start time (Mon-Fri) (Mon-Fri) (Sat-Sun) (Sat-Sun)
  • Page 10: Using Program Schedules

    Operating Manual To adjust program schedules Press MENU, then CREATE/EDIT Press MENU SCHEDULE to display options: MENU • Guide me: This option creates a MCR32965 schedule for you, by asking simple Press CREATE/EDIT SCHEDULE questions. Create/Edit Schedule • I’ll do it myself: This is a faster way to create a schedule manually.
  • Page 11: Schedule Overrides

    Prestige THX9321/THX9421 Thermostat ® Program schedule override: residential use Press to change the tempera- Press to change temperature ture. It will be maintained until the “hold” time you set. Press the PERMANENT HOLD button to keep the same temperature until you manually change it or resume the program schedule.
  • Page 12 Operating Manual Program schedule override: commercial use Press to change the Press to activate “occupied” mode temperature. It will be maintained until the “hold” time you set. OVERRIDE Press OVERRIDE to use a pre-set MCR32969 “occupied” temperature if a person is Press to change temperature present during an unoccupied period.
  • Page 13: System Status

    Prestige THX9321/THX9421 Thermostat ® System status information Press MENU, then select EQUIPMENT Press MENU STATUS. MENU Depending on how your thermostat MCR32965 was installed, the Equipment Status screen can report data about the fol- EQUIPMENT STATUS Scroll to select lowing systems: Equipment Status • Heating and cooling MCR32971...
  • Page 14: Vacation/event Scheduler

    Operating Manual Menu: Vacation scheduling (residential use) This feature lets you conserve energy Press MENU while away, and restores a comfortable MENU temperature just before you return to your home. MCR32965 Scroll to select VACATION Press at each screen to enter temperatures, dates and times as Vacation Mode prompted, then press DONE.
  • Page 15 Prestige THX9321/THX9421 Thermostat ® Menu: Holiday/event scheduling (commercial use) This feature lets you conserve energy Press MENU when the workplace is unoccupied for MENU special events or on holidays. MCR32965 The US (United States) and CANADIAN Scroll to select HOLIDAY / EVENT SCHEDULER options allow you to select from a list of holidays commonly observed in Holiday / Event Scheduler...
  • Page 16 Operating Manual Menu: Holiday override (commercial use) Press HOLIDAY MODE to set Scroll to select HOLIDAY MODE temperatures that will be maintained from now until the date you expect to return. The thermostat will resume the normal schedule on the date you set. You can press CANCEL at any time to resume Holiday Mode the normal schedule.
  • Page 17 Prestige THX9321/THX9421 Thermostat ® Initiate Occupancy mode (commercial use) This feature keeps temperature at an energy-saving level until the PRESS TO START OCCUPANCY button is pressed. When you arrive, press the button to maintain a comfortable temperature while the room is occupied. Press the buttons to set the Press to start...
  • Page 18 Operating Manual Remote setback (commercial use) Programmable During “occupied” periods: If a remote setback switch or sensor is installed, temperature will be maintained at the level set for the Standby mode when the switch or sensor is off. When it is on, temperature will be maintained at the level set for the occupied period.
  • Page 19: Humidity Controls

    Prestige THX9321/THX9421 Thermostat ® Menu: Humidification Move the slider bar to the humidity Press MENU level you prefer, then press DONE. MENU Press MORE SETTINGS if frost or con- MCR32965 densation appears on windows. A Scroll to select HUMIDIFICATION lower number adjusts humidity to help prevent these problems.
  • Page 20 Operating Manual Menu: Dehumidification (residential use) This feature can control a dehumidifier Press MENU or use your air conditioner to reduce MENU humidity. Move the slider bar to the humidity level you prefer, then press MCR32965 Scroll to select DEHUMIDIFICATION DONE.
  • Page 21 Prestige THX9321/THX9421 Thermostat ® Menu: Dehumidification (commercial use) Move the slider bar to the humidity Press MENU level you prefer, then press DONE. If MENU your air conditioner is used to control humidity, the thermostat may use the MCR32965 Scroll to select DEHUMIDIFICATION following methods to maintain your desired humidity:...
  • Page 22: Ventilation Controls

    Operating Manual Menu: Ventilation Press SETTING to set operating mode: Press MENU Auto: Ventilation runs as programmed MENU by the installer. MCR32965 Scroll to select VENTILATION Off: Ventilation remains off unless turned on using the timer. Ventilation On: Ventilation is always on. MCR32979 Press to run ventilation...
  • Page 23: Preferences Menu

    Prestige THX9321/THX9421 Thermostat ® Menu: Preferences At this screen you can view or change Press MENU the following options: MENU • Reminders to change filters MCR32965 • Display heat/cool diagnostic alerts Scroll to select PREFERENCES • Utility Schedule options Preferences • Fahrenheit/Celsius display MCR32981 • 12/24-hour clock display...
  • Page 24: Temporary Schedule Changes

    Operating Manual Menu: Temporary schedule changes This feature is useful if your daily Press MENU schedule sometimes changes. MENU Select an option, then follow screen MCR32965 prompts to conserve energy while Scroll to select TEMPORARY SCHEDULE CHANGES you’re away and maintain a comfort- able climate after you return.
  • Page 25: Screen Cleaning

    Prestige THX9321/THX9421 Thermostat ® Menu: Clean screen Use this feature to lock the screen so Press MENU you can clean it without changing any settings. A countdown timer will show MENU elapsed time until the screen is MCR32965 reactivated. Scroll to select CLEAN SCREEN Clean Screen MCR32983...
  • Page 26: Security Settings

    Operating Manual Menu: Security settings Security options can be used to pre- Press MENU vent unauthorized changes to system settings. MENU MCR32965 Lock options: Scroll to select SECURITY SETTINGS • Unlocked: Full access allowed. • Partially locked: Only temperature Security Settings can be changed.
  • Page 27: Installer Contact Information

    Prestige THX9321/THX9421 Thermostat ® Menu: Dealer Information Check this screen if you need to Press MENU contact the person who installed your MENU system, for maintenance, repairs or MCR32965 upgrades. Scroll to select DEALER INFORMATION Dealer Information MCR32985 69-2493EFS—01...
  • Page 28: Advanced Features

    Operating Manual Advanced features Adaptive Intelligent Recovery (residential use only) Over time, the Prestige thermostat “learns” how long it takes your system to pro- ® vide the temperature you want. It turns on the heating or cooling system earlier to make sure you’re comfortable at the time you expect.
  • Page 29: Installer Options

    Prestige THX9321/THX9421 Thermostat ® Menu: Installer options These options should be changed only by professionally qualified technicians. MENU To avoid disabling or damaging your MCR32965 equipment, do not change these options yourself. The USB port on the bottom of the thermostat is for use by professional Installer Options installers only.
  • Page 30: Battery Replacement

    Operating Manual Battery replacement: Wireless outdoor sensor Replace batteries in your outdoor sensor M32988 MCR32937 MCR32987 lithium Remove sensor from bracket, detach cover and install 2 fresh AA batteries Replace batteries in your outdoor sensor when a warning appears on the thermostat screen, about two months before batteries are depleted.
  • Page 31 Prestige THX9321/THX9421 Thermostat ® Battery replacement: Wireless indoor sensor Replace batteries in your indoor sensor M32990 MCR32933 MCR32989 Install 2 fresh AAA alkaline batteries. Status light will briefly flash green. If it flashes red, batteries are not good. Replace batteries in your indoor sensor when a warning appears on the thermostat screen, about two months before batteries are depleted.
  • Page 32: Humidity Display

    Operating Manual Humidity display In some circumstances, the humidity displayed on the Home screen may not match humidity near the thermostat. Some systems are set up to use two sensors, one to control humidification, the other for dehumidification. These sensors are often installed in different locations.
  • Page 33: Optional Accessories

    Prestige THX9321/THX9421 Thermostat ® Optional accessories Portable Comfort Control If you have only one thermostat, you move this remote control from room to room (like a portable thermostat), to make sure the temper- ature is comfortable in the room you’re using. If you have multiple thermostats, you can view and adjust the temperature in each room from your armchair.
  • Page 34 Operating Manual Optional accessories RedLINK™ Internet Gateway The Honeywell RedLINK Internet Gateway gives you remote access to your Prestige thermostat ® via the Internet or from your smart phone. You can use a Web browser to review or adjust indoor temperature, system mode and other settings.
  • Page 35 Prestige THX9321/THX9421 Thermostat ® Optional accessories Vent Boost (coming soon) This handy device mounts anywhere in your home (typically bathroom or kitchen) for convenient on demand ventilation. Select 20, 40 or 60 minutes as desired for increased ventilation. 69-2493EFS—01...
  • Page 36: In Case Of Difficulty

    Operating Manual In case of difficulty If you have difficulty with your thermostat, please try the suggestions below. Most problems can be corrected quickly and easily. Screen is • Check circuit breaker and reset if necessary. blank • Make sure power switch at heating & cooling system is on. •...
  • Page 37: Limited Warranty

    EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, OR ANY OTHER FAILURE OF THIS tive or malfunctions, Honeywell shall repair or replace it (at PRODUCT. Some states do not allow the exclusion or Honeywell’s option).
  • Page 38: Regulatory Information

    Operating Manual Regulatory information FCC Compliance Statement (Part 15.19) (USA only) This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: This device may not cause harmful interference, and This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. FCC Warning (Part 15.21) (USA only) Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.
  • Page 39 Prestige THX9321/THX9421 Thermostat ® Regulatory information Portable Comfort Control This portable transmitter with its antenna complies with FCC and Industry Canada RF exposure limits for general population/ uncontrolled exposure. This device must not be co-located or operating in conjunction with any other antenna or transmitter. Section 7.1.2 of RSS-GEN Under Industry Canada regulations, this radio transmitter may only operate using an antenna of type and maximum (or lesser) gain approved for the transmitter by Industry Canada.
  • Page 40 Need Help? For assistance please visit, or call toll-free: 1-800-468-1502 (home use) • 1-888-245-1051 (commercial use) Automation and Control Solutions Honeywell International Inc. 1985 Douglas Drive North Golden Valley, MN 55422 ® U.S. Registered Trademark. © 2011 Honeywell International Inc. 69-2493EFS—01 M.S. 07-11...

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