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Gallien-Krueger Fusion 550 Owner's Manual

Gallien-Krueger Fusion 550 Owner's Manual

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Fusion 550
Owner's Manual

Summary of Contents for Gallien-Krueger Fusion 550

  • Page 1 Fusion 550 Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 2 Fusion 550 Bass Amplifi er Congratulations Your purchase of a new Gallien-Krueger amplifi er is surely the result of much careful consideration on your part. For our part, we at Gallien-Krueger are pleased that you chose us, and are determined that you will be a satisfi...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Fusion 550 Bass Amplifi er Table Of Contents S a f e t y I n f o r m a t i o n ........4 Q u i c k S t a r t .
  • Page 4: Safety Information

    Fusion 550 Bass Amplifi er Safety Information Please read all enclosed safety precautions before Do Not Open the Amplifi er Enclosure: There are no user-serviceable parts inside this product. connecting or operating this product. Opening the amplifi er enclosure may present a shock...
  • Page 5: Quick Start

    Fusion 550 Bass Amplifi er Quick Start Plug It In: Set the power switch to Off and con- nect the supplied power cord to the amplifi er’s AC receptacle and an AC power outlet of proper voltage (see safety information on page 4 for details).
  • Page 6: Front Panel Features

    Fusion 550 Bass Amplifi er I N P U T S H A P I N G A C T I V E E Q U A L I Z E R O U T P U T A C T I V E...
  • Page 7: Rear Panel Features

    Fusion 550 Bass Amplifi er TESTED TESTED TO: O: TESTED TESTED TO: O: E60065 E60065 CANAD CANADA UL6500 UL6500 IEC60065 IEC60065 EUROPE Fusion 550 FOR 120V 60Hz ONL FOR 120V 60Hz ONLY POST DIRECT OUT LEVEL 800 Hz P AT C H B AY...
  • Page 8: H O R N B I - A M P S Y S T E M

    Fusion 550 Bass Amplifi er Horn Bi-Amp System (HBS): Your amplifi er incorporates GK’s unique HBS. This feature is automatically engaged when you con- nect to a GK HBS compatible enclosure, giving you independent control of the tweeter and woofer signals.
  • Page 9: Sample Settings

    Fusion 550 Bass Amplifi er Sample Settings: Your GK amplifi er is versatile in its sound and tone. Below are a few suggested amp settings that can be used as starting points to defi ne your own sound. Note: At higher playing levels the contour should be set lower for mid-range clarity. To get 800RB voicing, the contour should be set to 0 or 10 only.
  • Page 10: Te C H Ta L

    Fusion 550 Bass Amplifi er Shaping: The three-stage shaping fi lter simplifi es Tech Talk the process of shaping and coloring your tone, enabling the amplifier to accommodate a wide GK amplifiers are designed to be flexible and variety of playing styles with minimal fuss.
  • Page 11 Post EQ: With the Pre/Post EQ button in (Post), any changes you make in the Gain, Shaping fil- Effi ciency: The power supply of the Fusion 550 ters, EQ section and Effects Loop (if used) will uses a unique design which switches between a...
  • Page 12: Block Diagram

    Japan 100 Volt/50Hz Hi-Mid +5dB/-8dB @ 1kHz Korea 220 Volt/50Hz Treble +10/-19dB @ 7kHz Standard IEC Receptacle Mains Connect: Voicing Filters: Contour -16dB@500Hz or -15dB@800Hz Deep +4dB@30Hz Bright +4dB@10kHz Fusion 550 Hybrid Valve Bass Amplifi er Owner’s Manual Part # 160-0420-A...