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Philips 60PFL8708 User Manual Page 32

8000 series smart led tv.
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The TV makes a list of the last 10 Text pages you opened.
You can easily reopen them again in the Favourite Text pages
1 - In Text, select the star in the top left corner of the screen
to show the column of favourite pages.
2 - Press v or u to select a page number and press OK to
open the page.
You can clear the list with the option Clear favourite pages.
Search Text
You can select a word and scan Text for all occurrences of this
Open a Text page and press OK.
Select a word or number with the arrow keys.
Now press OK again to jump immediately to the next
occurrence of this word or number.
Press OK again to jump to the subsequent occurrence.
To stop the search, press u until nothing is selected.
Text from a connected device
Some connected devices that receive TV channels can also
offer Text.
To open Text from a connected device, press h, select the
device and press OK.
While watching a channel on the device, press o OPTIONS,
select Show device keys and select the T key and press OK.
Press b to hide the device keys.
To close Text, press b again.
Digital Text (UK only)
Some digital TV broadcasters offer dedicated Digital Text or
interactive TV on their digital TV channels. This includes
normal Text using the number, colour and arrow keys to select
and navigate.
To close Digital Text, press b.
Text options
In Text, press o OPTIONS to select the following:
• Freeze page
• Dual screen
• T.O.P. overview
• Enlarge
• Reveal
• Cycle subpages
• Hide favourite pages
• Clear favourite pages
• Language
Freeze page
To stop the automatic rotation of subpages, press o
OPTIONS and select Freeze page.
Dual screen / Full screen
To show the TV channel and Text alongside each other, press
o OPTIONS and select Dual screen.
Select Full screen to switch back to full screen view.
T.O.P. overview
To open T.O.P. Text, press o OPTIONS and select T.O.P.
To enlarge the Text page for more comfortable reading, press
o OPTIONS and select Enlarge. To scroll down the page,
press v or u.
To unhide hidden information on a page, press o OPTIONS
and select Reveal.
Cycle subpages
To cycle subpages when these are available, press o
OPTIONS and select Cycle subpages.
To switch the group of characters that Text uses to display
text correctly, press o OPTIONS and select Language.
Text setup
Text language
Some digital TV broadcasters have several Text languages
To set your primary and secondary Text language, press h,
select S Setup and press OK.
Select Channel settings and select Primary or Secondary Text
and select your preferred Text languages.
Text 2.5
If available, Text 2.5 offers more colours and better graphics.
Text 2.5 is activated as a standard factory setting.
To switch it off, press h, select S Setup and press OK.
Select TV settings > Preferences > Text 2.5.
Interactive TV
What is iTV?
With interactive TV, some digital broadcasters combine their
normal TV programme with information or entertainment
pages. On some pages, you can respond to a programme or
vote, do online shopping or pay for a video-on-demand
HbbTV, MHEG, . . .
Broadcasters use various interactive TV systems : HbbTV
(Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) or iTV (Interactive TV -
MHEG). Interactive TV is sometimes referred to as Digital
Text or Red button. But each system is distinct.
Visit the broadcasters Internet website for more information.
What you need
Interactive TV is only available on digital TV channels. To enjoy
the full benefits of Interactive TV, you need a high-speed
(broadband) Internet connection to the TV.
If a TV channel offers HbbTV pages, you must first switch on
HbbTV in the TV settings to view the pages.
1 - Press h again, select S Setup and press OK.
TV / TV channels


Table of Contents

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