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Nokia OBSERVATION CAMERA Quick Start Manual page 4

Taking the camera in use capturing an image using motion detection using timed imaging checking the temperature
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For example:
8 1234 Jane
Note: It is not mandatory to add the e-mail address to the
message. If you add it, you can send captured images to your e-
mail address.
Wait for a confirmation message from the camera. The delay
between sending the text message and receiving the confirmation
depends on the amount of traffic on the GSM network.
Get the MMS settings
The easiest ways to obtain the needed MMS connection settings are:
• Go to and send the MMS settings
to your mobile phone over the air, or
• Contact Club Nokia, Nokia Careline, or your service provider to
send the MMS settings to your mobile phone over the air.
Tip: The MMS settings of the Nokia Observation Camera are the
same as in the Nokia 7650 phone.
If you want to configure the MMS connection settings manually, refer
to the user's guide.
Set the language of the camera
The default language of the Nokia Observation Camera is English. If
you want to change the language, go to the Settings page of the PC
Suite software, or send the following text message to the camera:
Note: The spaces between the items in the text message are
marked with an underline character (_).
21_security code_number of language
Select the number of your language from this list: Danish 1, Dutch
2, English 3, Finnish 4, French 5, German 6, Italian 7, Norwegian 8,
Polish 9, Portuguese 10, Spanish 11, Swedish 12, Simplified
Chinese 13, Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) 14, Traditional
Chinese (Taiwan) 15, Czech 16, Canadian French 17, Greek 18,
Hungarian 19, Brazilian Portuguese 20, Russian 21, Latin Spanish
22, Thai 23.
For example:
Note: If you change the language, the camera accepts text
messages in that language only.
Your Nokia Observation Camera is now ready for use!
Other text message commands can be found in the wallet card on the
cover of the user's guide. Cut off the card and insert it into the plastic
holder found in the camera's sales package, and carry the card with
Tip: If you want to enable the PIN code query after having
configured the camera, send the text message 22_PIN code_on
to the camera. Replace the underline character (_) with a space
and PIN code with your PIN code.
To capture an image
To capture an image and have it sent to your mobile phone, send the
following text message to the camera:
2003 Nokia. All rights reserved.
21 1234 7




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