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Power Up The Camera - Nokia OBSERVATION CAMERA Quick Start Manual

Taking the camera in use capturing an image using motion detection using timed imaging checking the temperature
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Note: Check how large MMS messages your mobile phone is
capable of receiving. Your network operator may also restrict the
size of MMS messages. Ask your network operator for details.
2. Insert the SIM card to the camera
Insert the SIM card of the Nokia Observation Camera into the camera.
Ensure that the bevelled corner of the SIM card is on the left and that
the card is pushed all the way into the slot.
Note: Keep all miniature SIM cards out of the reach of small

3. Power up the camera

Attach the power source to the power connector of the camera and plug
it into a mains outlet.
Wait for the LEDs to light up. When the LEDs 1 and 3 are green, the
camera is ready for use.
Note: If LED 2 blinks red, the PIN code query is on. Enter the PIN
code with PC Suite or power off the camera, remove the SIM card
from the camera, insert it into your mobile phone and disable the
PIN code query.
4. Configure the mandatory settings
To use the camera, you need to configure the master user of the camera,
the MMS settings, and the language used. See below.
You can configure the settings either with text messages or the PC Suite
software found on the CD-ROM in the sales package. For more
information on PC Suite, refer to the user’s guide.
Define the master user
Define the master user on the Users page of the PC Suite software, or
send the following text message to the camera:
Note: The spaces between the items in the text message are marked
with an underline character (_).
8_security code_your name_your mobile number_your e-mail
The default security code is 1234.