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DeLonghi EC 510 Instruction Manual

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Thank you for choosing this coffee machine. To get
the very best out of your new coffee machine it is
advisable to read these instructions before using the
appliance. This is the only way to ensure optimum
results and maximum safety.
The following terms are used throughout the instruction
1 Filter for coffee with frother
2 Filter holder for coffee
3 Filter holder for pods (if fitted)
4 Frother for pods (if fitted)
5 Filter for pods (if fitted)
6 Lid of milk tank
7 Steam boiler cap
8 Serbatoio acqua per espresso
9 Coperchio serbatoio acqua per espresso
10 Caldaia vapore
11 Manopola vapore
12 Frother
13 Mixer
14 Milk tank
15 Coffee measuring spoon
16 Anti-spray cover
17 Drip-tray (milk)
18 Espresso on/off switch
19 Espresso delivery switch
20 'OK' pilot light for espresso coffee
21 Pilot light - espresso boiler on
22 Steam boiler on/off switch
23 'OK' pilot light for cappuccino coffee
24 Steam boiler 'ON' pilot light
25 Tube-brush
26 Pressing pad
27 Espresso boiler outlet
28 Indicator of water level in water tank for espresso
29 Drip-tray (espresso)
30 Shelf for cups
31 Water measuring container for steam boiler


• This machine has been built to "make coffee" and to
"reheat beverages"; please be careful to avoid burns
from the sprays of hot water or steam and avoid any
improper use.
• When the appliance is in use, do not touch any of the
machine's hot surfaces.
• After unpacking, make sure that the machine is
complete and undamaged. In case of doubt, do not
use the appliance and seek the advice of a qualified
service professional.
• Packaging materials (plastic bags, foam polystyrene,
etc.) should not be left within the reach of children as
this could be a potential source of danger.
• This appliance is to be utilised for domestic use only.
Any other use is to be considered improper and
therefore, dangerous.
• The manufacturer takes no responsibility for damage
derived from improper use.
• Never touch the appliance with wet or damp hands.
The appliance is not intended for use by young
children or infirm persons without supervision.
Young children should be supervised to ensure that
they do not play with the appliance.
• In case of breakdown or malfunctioning, turn off the
appliance immediately and do not touch it. For
repairs, please contact a Service Centre authorized
by the manufacturer and request the use of original
replacement parts only. The lack of respect for this
point may compromise the safe use of the appliance.
• The power supply cable of this appliance must never be
replaced by the user, because its replacement requires
the use of special tools. If the cable should become
damaged, or in case it needs to be replaced, please go
to a Service Centre authorized by the manufacturer.
• When the appliance is not in use, turn off and
disconnect the plug from the socket.
• Place the coffee maker on flat work surface at a safe
distance from taps and sinks.
• Check that the voltage corresponds to that indicated on
the appliance rating plate. The appliance must always
be connected to a well-earthed socket rated at 10 A
minimum. The manufacturer is not liable for damage
caused by inadeguate earthing of the appliance.
• n the event of incompatibility between the plug on the
appliance and the socket, have the plug replaced
with another of the right type by a qualified
If the cable is damaged or requires replacing,
contact a service centre authorised by the
manufacturer only.
• Never install the machine in an environment that can
reach a temperature less than or equal to 0°C (if the
water in it freezes, the coffee maker may be damaged).



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  Summary of Contents for DeLonghi EC 510

  • Page 1: Safety Warnings

    complete and undamaged. In case of doubt, do not use the appliance and seek the advice of a qualified Thank you for choosing this coffee machine. To get the very best out of your new coffee machine it is service professional. advisable to read these instructions before using the •...
  • Page 2: How To Prepare Espresso Coffee

    HOW TO PREPARE ESPRESSO COFFEE HOW TO PREPARE ESPRESSO COFFEE USING THE FILTER HOLDER FOR GROUND COFFEE FILLING THE WATER TANK: 1.After preheating the appliance as described in the To remove the water tank simply pull upwards (fig 1) above paragraph, insert the ground coffee filter with and fill the tank at the sink (fig 2).
  • Page 3: How To Make Cappuccino

    HOW TO PREPARE COFFEE USING THE FILTER NOTE: for safety reasons, when the boiler is hot, it is not possible to remove the cap because the threads do HOLDER FOR PODS (if fitted) 1.Preheat the machine as described in the ‘Preheating not grip.
  • Page 4: Cleaning And Maintenance

    clockwise direction. In order to ensure that the milk If this cleaning is not carried out after every use, the froths correctly, always wait (between making one milk foamer may not work properly, the milk may not cappuccino and the next) until the CAPPUCCINO be aspirated or the milk may drip from the milk tank OK pilot light comes on.
  • Page 5: Other Cleaning Operations

    • Clean the outlet thoroughly in hot water using a DESCALING brush. Make sure the holes are not blocked. If It is advisable to clean the calcium from the machine necessary, clean with a pin. every 300 cups of coffee. It is recommended that •...
  • Page 6 PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSES SOLUTION Espresso coffee no longer • Lack of water in the tank. • Fill the water tank. comes out. • The holes in the filter holder are • Clean the holes in the spouts. blocked. • The outlet of the espresso boiler is •...

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