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Lenovo ThinkVision LT2452pwC User Manual

Flat panel monitor
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LT2452pwCFlat Panel Monitor
User's Guide



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  Summary of Contents for Lenovo ThinkVision LT2452pwC

  • Page 1 LT2452pwCFlat Panel Monitor User's Guide...
  • Page 2: Product Numbers

    © Copyright Lenovo 2012. All rights reserved. LENOVO products, data, computer software, and services have been developed exclusively at private expense and are sold to governmental entities as commercial items as defined by 48 C.F.R. 2.101 with limited and restricted rights to use, reproduction and disclosure.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Manually installing the monitor driver ........................3-5 Getting further help .............................. 3-8 Service information ..............................3-8 Product numbers ..............................3-8 Customer responsibilities ............................3-8 Service parts ................................. 3-9 Appendix A. Service and Support ................A-1 Appendix B. Notices ....................B-1 © Copyright Lenovo 2012.
  • Page 4: Safety Information

    Safety information General Safety guidelines For tips to help you use your computer safety, go to: Before installing this product, read the Safety Information. í í í © Copyright Lenovo 2012.
  • Page 5: Chapter 1. Getting Started

    Panel Monitor. For a quick overview, please see the Setup Poster that was shipped with your monitor. Shipping contents The product package should include the following items: · Information flyer · ThinkVision LT2452pwC Flat Panel Monitor · Power Cord · Digital Cable · Analog Signal Cable · USB Cable ·...
  • Page 6: Product Overview

    Product overview This section will provide information on adjusting monitor positions, setting user controls, and using the cable lock slot. Types of adjustments Tilt Please see the illustration below for an example of the tilt range. Swivel With the built-in pedestal, you can tilt and swivel the monitor for the most comfortable viewing angle.
  • Page 7: Height Adjustment

    Height Adjustment After pressing the top of the monitor, remove the fixed pin and adjust the height of the monitor. 110mm Monitor Pivot - Adjust height to the top position before rotation the monitor. - Rotate clockwise until the monitor stops at 90° User controls Your monitor has controls on the front which are used to adjust the display.
  • Page 8: Cable Lock Slot

    Cable lock slot Your monitor is equipped with a cable lock slot located on the rear of your monitor (in the lower left corner). Please follow the instructions that came with the cable lock to attach it. Setting up your monitor This section provides information to help you set up your monitor.
  • Page 9 DP connector on the monitor. DisplayPort* * This port does not support being connected to any AV equipment. Lenovo recommends that customers who require to use the Display Port input on their monitor purchase the "Lenovo Display Port to Display Port cable 0A36537".For more information, go to one of the following:
  • Page 10 Connect one end of the USB hub cable to the USB connector on the back of the computer, and the other end to the upstream USB connector on the monitor. Plug the monitor power cord and the computer cord into grounded electrical outlets. Note: A certified power supply cord has to be used with this equipment.
  • Page 11 Rotate the head of the monitor into portrait view. Chapter 1. Getting started...
  • Page 12 Place the cables through the Main Clip. Then fasten the clip. Wrap the Cable Wrapper around the cables. LT2452pwC Flat Panel Monitor User’s Guide...
  • Page 13 Remove the Rubber Cover from the back of the stand. Replace the Cable Cover. Chapter 1. Getting started...
  • Page 14 Power on the monitor and the computer. Install the monitor driver, download the driver of the corresponding monitor model from the Lenovo Website:, and then click on the driver and install it following the on-screen instructions. To optimize your monitor image, if using the analog cable, press the Automatic Image Setup key.
  • Page 15: Registering Your Option

    Please take a few moments to register ® your product and provide us with information that will help Lenovo to better serve you in the future. Your feedback is valuable to us in developing products and services that are important to you, as well as in developing better ways to communicate with you.
  • Page 16: Chapter 2. Adjusting And Using Your Monitor

    For more detailed information on any of these topics, visit the Healthy Computing Web site at: Arranging your work area Use a work surface of appropriate height and available working area to allow you to work in comfort.
  • Page 17: Quick Tips For Healthy Work Habits

    · Tilt: Adjust the tilt of your monitor to optimize the appearance of the screen content and to accommodate your preferred head and neck posture. · General location: Position your monitor to avoid glare or reflections on the screen from overhead lighting or nearby windows. The following are some other tips for comfortable viewing of your monitor: ·...
  • Page 18: Accessibility Information

    Accessibility information Lenovo is committed to providing greater access to information and technology to people with disabilities. With assistive technologies, users can access information in the way most appropriate to their disability. Some of these technologies are already provided in your operating system; others can be purchased through vendors or accessed at:
  • Page 19 To use the controls: 1. Press to open the main OSD menu. 2. Use to move among the icons. Select an icon and press to access that function. If there is a sub-menu, you can move between options using then press to select that function.
  • Page 20: Osd Functions

    Table 2-2. OSD functions OSD Icon Submenu Description Controls and Controls on Main Adjustments Adjustments Menu (Analog) (Digital) Adjusts overall brightness Same as Brightness Analog Brightness- Adjusts difference between light and dark areas /Contrast Contrast Horizontal Position Moves the image left or right Controls Image Locked not...
  • Page 21: Selecting A Supported Display Mode

    Table 2-2. OSD functions (continued)) OSD Icon on Submenu Description Controls and Controls and Main Menu Adjustments Adjustments (Analog) (Digital) Adjusts menu location on the screen Same as Analog Options Menu Position Default Returns the menu position to the default settings. ·...
  • Page 22: Image Rotation

    The display modes shown below have been optimized at the factory. Table 2-3. Factory set display modes Addressability Refresh rate 640 x 350 70 Hz 640 x 480 60 Hz, 66 Hz, 72 Hz, 75 Hz 720 x 400 70 Hz 800 x 600 60 Hz, 72 Hz, 75 Hz 1024 x 768...
  • Page 23: Caring For Your Monitor

    For optimal performance, switch off your monitor at the end of each working day, or whenever you expect to leave it unused for long periods during the day. Table 2-4. Power indicator State Power Indicator Screen Restoring Operation Compliance Steady green Normal Standby/Suspend Steady amber...
  • Page 24: Detaching The Monitor Stand

    Detaching the monitor stand After placing the monitor face down on a clean surface or soft cloth, remove the four screws from the stand to remove it from the monitor. Wall Mounting (Optional) Refer to the instructions that come with the VESA compatible base mounting kit. 1.
  • Page 25: Chapter 3. Reference Information

    1920 pixels (max) Vertical addressability 1200 lines (max) Clock frequency 205 MHz Video input (Digital) Interface Input Signal VESA TMDS (Panel Link.) Horizontal addressability 1920 pixels (max) Vertical addressability 1200 lines (max) Clock frequency 165 MHz © Copyright Lenovo 2012.
  • Page 26 Table 3-1. Monitor specifications for type-model (continued) 60A6-MAR2-WW Video input (DP) Interface Horizontal addressability 1920 pixels (max) Vertical addressability 1200 lines (max) 205 MHz Clock frequency Communications VESA DDC Supported Display Modes Horizontal frequency VGA: 30 kHz - 94 kHz (VESA Standard modes DVI: 30 kHz - 75 kHz between noted ranges)
  • Page 27: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting If you have a problem setting up or using your monitor, you might be able to solve it yourself. Before calling your dealer or Lenovo, try the suggested actions that are appropriate to your problem. Table 3-2. Troubleshootingg Problem...
  • Page 28: Manual Image Setup

    One or more This is a characteristic If there are more than five pixels Appendix A, "Service of the pixels of the LCD technology missing, contact the Lenovo and Support," on page appear and is not an LCD Support Center. discolored defect.
  • Page 29: Manually Installing The Monitor Driver

    Note: On LCD monitors, unlike CRTs, a faster refresh rate does not improve display quality. Lenovo recommends using either 1920 x 1200 at a refresh rate of 60 Hz, or 640 x 480 at a refresh rate of 60 Hz.
  • Page 30: Installing The Monitor Driver In Windows 7

    Note: On LCD monitors, unlike CRTs, a faster refresh rate does not improve display quality. Lenovo recommends using either 1920 x 1200 at a refresh rate of 60 Hz, or 640 x 480 at a refresh rate of 60 Hz.
  • Page 31 Note: On LCD monitors, unlike CRTs, a faster refresh rate does not improve display quality. Lenovo recommends using either 1920 x 1 200 at a refresh rate of 60 Hz, or 640 x 480 at a refresh rate of 60 Hz.
  • Page 32: Getting Further Help

    Getting further help If you still can’t solve your problem, please contact the Lenovo Support Center. For more information on contacting the Customer Support Center, please see Appendix A, “Service and Support,” on page A-1. Service information Product numbers The product number for your monitor is located on the side of the display bezel as shown below.
  • Page 33: Service Parts

    Service parts The following parts are for use by Lenovo service, or Lenovo authorized dealers, to support the customer warranty. Parts are for service use only. The table below shows information for model 60A6-MAR2-WW. Table 3-3. List of service parts...
  • Page 34: Appendix A. Service And Support

    Product replacement assistance or exchange of defective components also is available during the warranty period. In addition, if your option is installed in a Lenovo computer, you might be entitled to service at your location. A Lenovo technical support representative can help you determine the best alternative.
  • Page 35 Dial 800-0123, then dial 877- 30-Nov-12 0700 GMT -6:00 Honduras 7 am - 9 pm Monday - Sunday Pedro Sula: 552-2234 404-9661 206-6047 001-866-434-2080 (Lenovo 30-Nov-12 0800 GMT -5:00 Panama 8 AM - 10 PM Monday - Sunday 001-800-507-2694 Customer Support Center- toll free) (Andinatel) Dial 1-999-119;...
  • Page 36 Date and time Update to be Country or Applicab Language Old Telephone Number(s) New Telephone Number(s) Hours of Operation Visible on the Website Regions le to IWS 3-Dec-12 0900 GMT -3:00 PARAGUAY Spanish, 009-800-52-10026 9 am - 11 pm Monday - Sunday 0098004410084 or 009-800- 3-Dec-12 1000 GMT -2:00 URUGUAY...
  • Page 37 Applic Date and time Update to be Country or New Telephone Language Old Telephone Number(s) Hours of Operation able to Visible on the Website Regions Number(s) 131-426 Think Branded Products 01-Sep-12 0000 GMT +10:00 Australia 24 hours/day 7 days/week 1800041267 1300-880-917 ThinkServer English 0800-733-222 Think Branded...
  • Page 38 Applic Date and time Update to be Country or New Telephone Language Old Telephone Number(s) Hours of Operation able to Visible on the Website Regions Number(s) 30-Nov-12 0000 GMT -5:00 Bahamas 24 hours a day 7 days a week 855-882-4402 30-Nov-12 0000 GMT -4:00 Barbados 24 hours a day 7 days a week 855-882-4402...
  • Page 39: Appendix B. Notices

    The result obtained in other operating environments may vary. Lenovo may use or distribute any of the information you supply in any way it believes appropriate without incurring any obligation to you.
  • Page 40: Recycling Information

    Web sites. The materials at those Web sites are not part of the materials for this Lenovo product, and use of those Web sites is at your own risk.
  • Page 41 Trademarks The following terms are trademarks of Lenovo in the United States, other countries, or both: Lenovo...
  • Page 42: Turkish Statement Of Compliance

    Eşyalarda Bazı Zararlı Maddelerin Kullanımının Sınırlandırılmasına Dair Yönetmelik (EEE)” direktiflerine uygundur. EEE Yönetmeliğine Uygundur. Lenovo and the Lenovo logo are trademarks of Lenovo in the United States, other countries, or both. Ukraine RoHS Цим підтверджуємо, що продукція Леново відповідає вимогам...