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Safety Instructions - Samsung D148W User Manual

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Important :
Keep this user's manual with your appli-
ance. If the appliance is sold or transferred to
someone else, ensure that the manual is with
it. Please take note of these instructions
before installing and using your appliance.
They have been drawn up for your own and
other people's safety.


• Installation
— When you receive your appliance, unpack it
or have it unpacked immediately. Check that it
has not suffered any damage during transport.
Express any reservations in writing on the
delivery note, of which you keep a copy. Never
connect up a damaged machine. If your appli-
ance is damaged, please contact your dealer.
— Before proceeding to connect up your
machine, please refer to the instructions in
your Installation Guide.
— Your dishwasher must be kept disconnected
from the mains supply throughout the whole
of the installation process.
— The electrical connection details on your
appliance's description plate must comply
with those for the mains supply.
— The socket must still be accessible once
your appliance has been installed.
— Do not alter or attempt to alter the appli-
ance's characteristics. This could put you at
— If your installation has to be altered, only
entrust the electrical and plumbing work to a
qualified electrician or plumber respectively.
— Your appliance is designed for normal
domestic use. Do not use it for industrial or
commercial purposes or for any other purpose
than that for which it has been designed.
— The dishwasher's walls must not be pierced
under any circumstances.
• Children's safety
— This appliance is not intended for use by
young children or infirm persons unless they
have been adequately supervised by a respon-
sible person to ensure that they can use the
appliance safely.
— This appliance must only be used by adults.
Ensure that children do not touch it and do not
use it as a toy. Ensure that they do not operate
the appliance's controls.
— Keep young children away from the appli-
ance when it is operating.
— Detergents contain irritant and abrasive sub-
stances. These products can have caustic
effects on the eyes, the mouth or the throat.
They can be extremely dangerous if ingested.
Avoid any contact with the skin and the eyes.
Ensure that the appliance's detergent contain-
er is empty at the end of the washing cycle.
— Place detergents out of children's reach and
do not put any detergent in the machine until
just before you start the washing programme.
— The water in your dishwasher is not drinking
water; this is why children must not go near
the appliance when its door is open.
— Do not let your children play or sit on the
door when it is open.
— Once you have unpacked your appliance,
place the packaging out of children's reach.
— Keep all the packaging materials (e.g. plastic
bags, polystyrene, etc.) out of children's reach
because they can be dangerous for children
(ie. risk of suffocation).
• Use
— This appliance is not intended for use by per-
sons (including children) with reduced physi-
cal, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of
experience and knowledge, unless they have
been given supervision or instruction concern-
ing use of the appliance by a person responsi-
ble for their safety.
— When machine is running, do not open door.
This may provoke steam leakage or splattering
of water.


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