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Standby Mode - GE Wireless Color Camera User Manual

Home monitoring wireless color camera with portable lcd monitor
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Note: two cameras must be available in order for Auto mode to
operate correctly. Both cameras cannot be on the same channel
or the signals will cancel out.
Stand-by Mode
Pressing the 'S' button places the system in Stand-
by mode and will utilize the Audio Notifi cation/
Detection feature (see pg. 12). The LCD monitor
screen will turn off while in standby mode. In this
mode the system continuously scans the active
cameras. If a camera detects sound, the LCD
monitor will turn on, display the camera's picture
and an alert (beeping) will sound. Several minutes
after the last detection, the screen returns to
standby mode while the LCD monitor resumes
scanning. Pressing the Manual or Auto button will
also wake up the LCD.
Cycle Time Setting
(Time interval between camera selections)
The default cycle time for the Portable LCD Monitor
is preset to 4 seconds. To change the cycle time,
press both of the buttons (Auto & Manual)
simultaneously. The LED will fl ash; each fl ash adds
one extra second of cycle time. The cycle time can
be verifi ed by the number of fl ashes the LED makes
when you release the buttons—one fl ash equals
one second. Cycle time can be set between 2-30



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