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GE Wireless Color Camera User Manual

Home monitoring wireless color camera with portable lcd monitor


Home Monitoring
Wireless Color
Camera with
Portable LCD
User Manual


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  • Page 1 45261 Home Monitoring Wireless Color Camera with Portable LCD Monitor User Manual 1-800-654-8483...
  • Page 2: Product Features

    Thank you for purchasing the GE 45261 Wireless Color Camera System with Portable LCD Monitor. Please review these instructions carefully before attempting to operate the unit. PRODUCT FEATURES • “Wi-Fi” internet friendly wireless system—won’t interfere with home wireless networks •...
  • Page 3: Package Contents

    PACKAGE CONTENTS Please check and identify all the parts before proceeding with the installation. 45233 Wireless Color Camera 45261 Portable 2.5” Color Monitor/Receiver Charging cradle Wall mounting hardware 2 AC adapters AV cable BEFORE YOU INSTALL When choosing the best location for the placement...
  • Page 4 CHOOSING A CAMERA MOUNTING LOCATION The 45233 Wireless Color Camera can be positioned on a desktop, or mounted to a wall. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. When choosing a mounting location, please be advised: • Do not use in wet locations. If using outside, position camera in a sheltered location.
  • Page 5 If using the optional rechargeable NiMH battery (sold separately), the operational time is up to 5 hours, depending on usage. • The Camera has an unobstructed wireless transmission range up to 200 ft. from the receiver. Transmission distance indoors is reduced due to interior walls, wiring, household fi...
  • Page 6: Channel Selection

    2. Similarly, set the slide switch located inside the battery compartment area of the Portable LCD monitor to match the channel used by the camera. 3. Plug AC power adapter of the LCD monitor into the power jack at the rear of the charging base. This provides power to the Portable LDC monitor and also charges the LCD monitor’s battery.
  • Page 7: Lcd Monitor

    CHANNEL SELECTION Manual, Auto or Stand-by MONITOR The wireless system can be Adjustable set to operate in one of Antenna three modes: Power Manual, Auto or Manual Stand-by. The desired operating Auto mode can be selected Stand using the buttons on the front panel of the LCD monitor.
  • Page 8 Portable LCD Monitor Settings Camera 1 only Camera 2 only Camera 1 & 2 CAMERA 1 CAMERA 2 Channel Setting Channel Setting separately. IMPORTANT: When using more than one camera, each camera must be assigned to a specifi c channel using the channel selection switch located on the underside of the camera housing.
  • Page 9: Standby Mode

    Note: two cameras must be available in order for Auto mode to operate correctly. Both cameras cannot be on the same channel or the signals will cancel out. Stand-by Mode Pressing the ‘S’ button places the system in Stand- by mode and will utilize the Audio Notifi cation/ Detection feature (see pg.
  • Page 10: Camera Installation

    Night Vision Infra-Red (IR) LEDs The 45233 Wireless Color Camera features Night Vision technology. Objects and images can be seen in little or no light up to 10 ft. Sensor The camera uses a special image sensor that automatically detects available light levels.
  • Page 11 corresponds to the camera channel setting. 5. Adjust antenna and camera angle as needed for the clearest picture. Positioning the antenna upwards to improve sensitivity, and downwards to reduce sensitivity. Take care not to force the antennas past their lock positions. Wall Mount: 1.
  • Page 12: Menu Functions

    3. Set Channel switch on camera to 1 or 2. Slide the camera onto the alignment and locking pins of the mounting plate. Plug in AC adapter into camera. 4. Adjust antenna and camera angle as needed for the clearest picture. AUDIO DETECTION AND NOTIFICATION FEATURE This feature allows the system to emit an audio alert whenever sound is detected within a monitored area.
  • Page 13 2. Pressing the “menu” button twice… • the Middle LED will light-up in blue. You can then adjust the Color by pressing “+” or “-” on the Volume/Adjust Button. If no input is received within 30 seconds, it will revert back to Volume Adjust mode automatically.
  • Page 14 Customer Service Group 1-800-654-8483. OPTIONAL WIRELESS BATTERY PACK AVAILABLE (SOLD SEPARATELY) Rechargeable NiMH Battery is available for use with the 45233 Wireless Color Camera. This 850mAh battery will power the 45261 wireless Camera for...
  • Page 15: Troubleshooting

    approximately 5 hours* on a single charge. To order this battery, please visit batteryoffer or call our Customer Support department at 1-800-654-8483, Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. CST. Wall or desktop mount AC adapter charges the battery *If using the camera with battery in the night vision mode, usage is reduced to ~2 hrs.
  • Page 16: Audio Problems

    Interference on camera picture 1. Make sure each camera (transmitter) is within range, and that no large obstructions are blocking the signal. 2. Try repositioning the camera, LCD monitor or both to improve the reception quality. 3. Reposition other nearby equipment transmitting on the 900MHz frequency.
  • Page 17 Mini. Illumination: ..........0 lux at 3 ft, 0.5 lux at 10ft Voltage......................... 9VDC Current Consumption: .............150mA maximum Modulation: ......................FM Channel Selection: ..................Manual Overall size: ............2.36”(W) x 2.76”(H) x 3.07”(D) PORTABLE LCD MONITOR Frequency Range: .................902~928MHz Voltage......................... 9VDC Current Consumption: .............475mA maximum Channel selection: ..........Electronic tuning with PLL Battery .....................
  • Page 18 WARNING Risk of fire and shock • Only use the supplied cUL listed AC to DC adapter. • The supplied adapter is for indoor use only. • Do not run the camera cable inside walls; when securing the cable, do not cut or puncture •...

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