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Sharp LB-1085 Brochure & Specs

Lcd monitor lineup
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LCD Monitor Lineup
LB-1085 & PN-E601/E521/E471/E421
The Sharp Way to Express Your Business


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  • Page 1 LCD Monitor Lineup LB-1085 & PN-E601/E521/E471/E421 The Sharp Way to Express Your Business...
  • Page 2 They come in a wide range of sizes with a choice of portrait or landscape installation, allowing customers to choose the monitor best suited to location and purpose. Not only are Sharp LCD monitors a dynamic and effective way to convey information, but they also add visual impact to offices and public spaces, with the added advantage of low power consumption.
  • Page 3: High Image Quality

    Versatile Installation Superior Durability Freedom of installation is yet another benefit of Built solid, Sharp LCD monitors are ideal for use in these LCD monitors. Thin and lightweight, they are 24-hour stores, monitoring rooms, and other easy to mount and offer a choice of portrait*...
  • Page 4 • Information bureaus Retail Establishments With Sharp LCD monitors, whatever is on display will catch the eyes and the attention of customers and passers-by, coming and going in all directions. Product image displays are rendered enticingly vivid and clear, even in brightly lit areas. And for dramatic impact in large spaces, the use of multiple LCD monitors or of Sharp’s massive 108-inch model makes a...
  • Page 5 Public Facilities Highly visible displays are the perfect platform for conveying important information about public services, procedures, and events. When installed in public spaces, Sharp LCD monitors are an effective, easily viewable way to reach a large number of people.
  • Page 6: Corporate Offices

    Corporate Offices Financial Institutions In showrooms, Sharp LCD monitors add impact to product displays through realistic images that highlight a Sharp’s high-definition LCD monitors clear the way for the display of complex product’s materials, design, and features down to the smallest detail, leaving visitors intrigued and inspired to buy.
  • Page 7 Educational Institutes The vivid, high-definition display of text, colour graphics, and videos on Sharp LCD monitors brings Surveillance and school lessons to life, capturing students’ attention and enhancing their understanding. Large screen sizes ensure that the information on display can easily be seen from all corners of the classroom.
  • Page 8: Outstanding Features

    With Mirror Display mode, the same image can be Sharp LCD monitors offer a choice of images to life with vivid, more true-to-life details than displayed on a daisy chain of Sharp LCD monitors for the landscape or portrait* installation, previously possible. Everything from photographic images to powerful impact of visual repetition.
  • Page 9: Snmp Support

    A new slim bezel and thinner profile create a stylishly Built-in speakers eliminate the need for external speakers Thanks to an RS-232C interface, Sharp LCD monitors can be slender design, while a brushed metal finish gives the entire and keep Sharp LCD monitors stylishly streamlined. The easily controlled and monitored from a central location via a bezel the look and feel of luxury.
  • Page 10: Other Key Features

    Supreme High-Definition Clarity With full-HD 1,920 (H) x 1,080 (V)-pixel resolution, By automatically adjusting backlight brightness to Sharp LCD monitors are designed to maintain airflow and dissipate the LB-1085 renders images with such captivating complement surrounding brightness levels, the heat without the use of mechanical air-ventilation fans, which can...
  • Page 11: Environmentally Friendly

    Sharp has been using solar technology for a long time – protecting our quality of life. Due to intelligent features, energy savings do also occur in a milestone in the advance of alternative energies;...
  • Page 12: Dimensions And Connections

    Dimensions & Connections PN-E601 PN-E521 LB-1085 Landscape Landscape/Portrait Landscape/Portrait 108-Inch 60-Inch 52-Inch Full High-Definition 108-Inch LCD Monitor Full High-Definition 60-Inch LCD Monitor Full High-Definition 52-Inch LCD Monitor 112 (4 106 (4 80 (3 74.5 (2 204 (8 73 (2 71 (2...
  • Page 13: Supported Display Modes

    Supported Display Modes PN-E471 PN-E421 Landscape Landscape/Portrait 47-Inch 42-Inch LB-1085 Full High-Definition 47-Inch LCD Monitor Full High-Definition 42-Inch LCD Monitor Horizontal Vertical Display Mode Frequency (kHz) Frequency (Hz) 720 x 400 31.5 kHz 70 Hz 31.5 kHz 60 Hz 126 (4...
  • Page 14: Specifications

    Specifications Model LB-1085 PN-E601 PN-E521 Installation Landscape Landscape/portrait Landscape/portrait LCD Panel 108-inch widescreen (2,732.7 mm diagonal), TFT LCD 60-inch widescreen (152.5 cm diagonal), UV A LCD 52-inch widescreen (132.2 cm diagonal), UV A LCD Max. Resolution 1,920 x 1,080 pixels...
  • Page 15 24-pin** (HDCP compatible), Analogue mini D-sub 15-pin, DVI-D 24-pin** (HDCP compatible), Analogue mini D-sub 15-pin, never attempt to perform any of this work yourself. Sharp will bear Analogue BNC** Analogue BNC** no responsibility for accidents or injuries caused by improper mounting or mishandling.
  • Page 16 Sharp Electronics Benelux B.V. Belgium Branch Sharp Electronics (Europe) GMBH Spółka z o. o., Pontbeekstraat 4, 1702 Groot-Bijgaaden, Belgium Oddział w Polsce (Poland) Tel: 0800-11305 (Toll-free within Belgium) ul. Puławska 469, 0800-26193 (Toll-free within Luxemburg) 32-2-4676711 02-844 Warszawa, Poland Fax: 32-2-4676767 Tel: 0-801-601-609 Fax: 48-22-545-8-105

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