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Peavey SP 15M Specifications page 2

Two-way floor monitor speaker system
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which results in very low power
compression. The high frequencies
are handled by a 2" Rx
titanium diaphragm compression
driver utilizing ferrofluid cooling.
This superb driver is coupled to
a constant directivity horn with
smooth, even response and good
high frequency dispersion. The Rx
22 driver features the Radialinear
Planar Phase Correction System
(U.S. Patent 6,064,745), which
provides smoother and extended
high frequency response.
Input connection to the system is
made via two 1/4" phone jacks and
a four-pin twist lock connector
in parallel. The internal passive
crossover features the Sound
Guard™ III tweeter protection
circuit and an advanced topology
crossover with high performance
components to provide high power
handling and reliability. Sound
Guard, Peavey's proprietary high
frequency driver protection circuitry,
provides long- and medium-term
driver overload protection when the
system is used full range without
impairing musical transients or
dynamics. The crossover provides
driver roll off and protection as
well as driver EQ for the woofer
and horn for clean, clear, smooth
response. High quality, reliable
crossover components include
polypropylene capacitors and high
current inductors. The optimal
integration of the crossover with the
selected drivers results in a smooth
frequency response from 90 Hz to
14 kHz, making it highly appropriate
for monitor applications.
Despite its compact dimensions
for a 15" floor monitor enclosure,
this system can put out some very
high sound levels and handle 1000
watts of undistorted amplifier
power program, resulting in clean
monitoring with high articulation
and reliability.
Frequency Response
This measurement is useful in
determining how accurately a given
unit reproduces an input signal. The
frequency response of the SP 15M
is measured at a distance of 1 meter
using a 1 watt (into the nominal
impedance) swept-sine input signal.
As shown in figure 1, the selected
drivers in the SP 15M combine to
give a smooth frequency response
from 90 Hz to 14 kHz.
Power Handling
There are many different
approaches to power handling
ratings. Peavey rates this
loudspeaker system's power
handling using a full-range form
of the AES Standard 2-1984. Using
audio band 20 Hz to 20 kHz pink
noise with peaks of four times
the RMS level, this strenuous test
signal assures the user that every
portion of this system can withstand
today's high technology music. This
rating is contingent upon having a
minimum of 3 dB available amplifier
Harmonic Distortion
Second and third harmonic
distortions vs. frequency are plotted
in figures 3 & 4 for two power
levels, ten percent (10%) of rated
input power and either one percent
(1%) of rated input power or 1 watt,
whichever is greater. Distortion
is read from the graph as the
difference between the fundamental
signal (frequency response) and the
desired harmonic. As an example, a
distortion curve that is down 40 dB
from the fundamental is equivalent
to 1% distortion.
This unit is not designed for
overhead suspension. Includes
metal stand-mount adapter and
eight rubber feet on two sides for
dual-angle use.
Architectural & Engineering
The loudspeaker system shall have
an operating bandwidth of 90 Hz
to 14 kHz. The nominal output level
shall be 99 dB when measured at a
distance of one meter with an input
of one watt. The nominal impedance
shall be 8.0 ohms. The maximum
continuous power handling shall be
500 watts with maximum program
power of 1000 watts, a peak power
input of at least 2,000 watts and a
minimum amplifier headroom of 3
dB. The nominal radiation geometry
shall be 40 degrees in the horizontal
plane, and 90 degrees in the vertical
plane. The outside dimensions
shall be 17.13 inches high by 26.13
inches wide by 19.88 inches deep
with the unit in the 45 degree baffle
orientation. The weight shall be 56
lbs. The loudspeaker system shall
be a Peavey model SP 15M.
3 + 2 Year Limited Warranty
NOTE: For details, refer to the
warranty statement. Copies of
this statement may be obtained
by contacting Peavey Electronics
Corporation, P.O. Box 2898, Meridian,
Mississippi 39301-2898.



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