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Zanussi Ideal IZTE 135 User Manual

Tumble dryer


IZTE 135


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  • Page 1 IZTE 135...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Tumble Dryer Tumble Dryer Thank you for selecting our appliance We wish you lots of enjoyment with your new appliance and we hope that you will consider our brand again when purchasing household appliances Please read this user manual carefully and keep it throughout the product life cycle as a reference document.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Information

    Tumble Dryer Safety Information In the interest of your safety and to ensure the correct use, before installingand first using the appliance, read this user manual carefully, including its hints and warnings. To avoid unnecessary mistakes and accidents, it is important to ensure that all people using the appliance are thoroughly familiar with its operation and safety features.
  • Page 4 Tumble Dryer WARNING! machine dried. Follow the instructions on each Never stop a tumble dry before the end of garment label. the drying cycle unless all items are quickly • Do not dry unwashed items in the tumble dryer. removed and spread out so that the heat is •...
  • Page 5: Description Of The Appliance

    Tumble Dryer Description of the appliance 1 Control panel 2 Fluff filters 3 Rating Plate 4 Consenser Unit 5 Water reservoir 6 Adjustable feet...
  • Page 6: The Control Panel

    Tumble Dryer The Control Panel Allows you to select electronically controlled or time con- 1. Programme/Time trolled drying. Turn the dial to the required programme selector dial or time. Pressing this button allows drying to be performed at a 2. Delicate button lower temperature, for delicate items.
  • Page 7: Drying Programmes

    Tumble Dryer Drying programmes Max Load Type of Description of Programme Options laundry programme Drying thick or multi- Textile Extra Cottons layered textiles, • Cotton e.g. terry towelling items Thorough drying fabrics even Textile Cupboard Cottons thicknesses, e.g. terry • Cotton towelling items, knitted items, towels.
  • Page 8: Before The First Use

    Tumble Dryer Before the first use • Ensure that the electrical connections comply with the installation instructions. • Remove the polystryrene block and any material from the drum. • Before using your tumble dryer for the first time, we recommend that you place a few damp cloths inside the appliance and dry for 30 minutes.
  • Page 9 Tumble Dryer Make sure that no metal objects are left in the Laundry weights laundry (e.g. hair clips, safety pins, pins). The following weights are indicative: Button up pillowcases, close zip fasteners, hooks Bathrobe 1200g and poppers. Tie any belts or long tapes. Napkin 100g To avoid laundry becoming tangled: close zips,...
  • Page 10: Operating Sequence

    Tumble Dryer Operating sequence required programme. Attention! formed at a lower tem- Load the laundry Con- nect appliance. The light Start/Pause perature, for delicate If you turn the pro- Open the door (see starts to flash. The se- items. gramme selector dial picture).
  • Page 11 Tumble Dryer at the bottom is opened • Water reservoir full At the end of the When the programme has finished the pilot while the programme light programme lights End is on. is running, this button This light indicates If the laundry is not must be pressed again that the appliance is in removed at the end...
  • Page 12 Tumble Dryer If you do not intend to carry out another wash, close the water tap. Leave the door open to prevent the formation of mildew and unpleas- ant smells. Turn the programme selector dial to “O”; all the lights go out. The appliance is switched off. Remove the laundry.
  • Page 13: Care And Cleaning

    Tumble Dryer Care and Cleaning: Important: You must DISCONNECT the appliance from the electricity supply, before you can carry out any cleaning or maintenance work. External cleaning Use only soap and water and then dry thor- oughly. Important: do not use methylated spirit, diluents The filter in the inner door must be removed for or similar products.
  • Page 14 Tumble Dryer Important: Clean the rubber seal round the condenser Do not use the appliance without filters. cabinet and in the inner part of the small door with a damp cloth. Cleaning the condenser unit Clean the condenser when light comes on.
  • Page 15 Tumble Dryer Cleaning the air intake grille • Push it until it clicks and turn the yellow stop downwards firmly lock it. Using a vacuum cleaner remove the fluff from the • Close the small door and press the START/ air intake grille at the back of the appliance.
  • Page 16: Something Not Working

    Tumble Dryer Something not working Certain problems are due to lack of simple maintenance or oversights, which can be solved easily without calling out an engineer. Before contacting your local Service Centre, please carry out the checks listed below. During machine operation it is possible that the red Start/Pause pilot light flashes to indicate that the machine is not working.
  • Page 17 Tumble Dryer Malfunction Possible cause Solution • Washing protection. After When pressing a button, the start of the programme, • Turn the programme knob to the corresponding button the option can no longer be “0” Set the programme again flashes several times. set.
  • Page 18: Technical Data

    Tumble Dryer Technical data Technical data Dimensions Width 60 cm Height 85 cm Depth 58 cm Electrical connection Information on the electrical connection is given on the rating Voltage - Overall power - plate on the inner edge of the appliance door Fuse Depth with loading door 109 cm...
  • Page 19: Consumption Values

    Tumble Dryer Consumption values Consumption values (*) Programme Energy Revolutions Programme duration consumption per minute (in minutes) (in kWh) Cottons Cupboard 1) 1000 Cottons Iron 1) 1000 Synthetics Cupboard 2) 1,35 1200 Max load: The consumption values have been established 1) Cottons load: 6 kg under standard conditions.
  • Page 20: Disposal

    Tumble Dryer Disposal Packaging materials Tips for environmental protection The materials marked with the symbol To save energy and to help protect the recyclable. environment, we recommend that you follow This means that they can be recycled by dis- these hints: posing of them properly in appropriate collec- •...
  • Page 21: Installation

    Tumble Dryer Installation Unpacking the floor clearance through deeppile carpets, Slide out the polythene bag with the polysty- strips of wood or similar. This might cause heat rene stuffing before using the appliance Pull off build-up which would interfere with the opera- adhesive strips from inside machine on top of tion of the appliance.
  • Page 22 Tumble Dryer Electrical connection Important: This machine is designed to operate on a 230 Reversing the door is not possible if after this V, single-phase, 50 Hz supply. Check that your operation the appliance result installed behind a door with a hinge on the opposite side to that domestic electrical installation can take the of the appliance.
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