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Common Phenomena Of Lcd Panel; Supplied Accessories - Hitachi LE32A04A User Manual

Lcd color television led series
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Common Phenomena of LCD Panel

The following are the common phenomena when operating LCD panel. This is a structural property
of the LCD that is adapted to the industry standards and will have no impact on the performance of
the product.
Defective Spots on Panel
The LCD panel is manufactured with high-
precision technology.
number of pixels. However, some of them may
appear constantly on the screen as black spots,
brilliant spots of light (red, green or blue) and/or
illuminated spots (pixel of white color).
Surface on Panel
The LCD panel displays images by blinking the
fluorescent lamps internally. This could raise
the temperature of the display surface. The
LCD panel is made with fine processing glass.
Therefore do not impact strongly on the panel
surface as this may cause damage to the panel.

Supplied Accessories

Check the supplied accessories before installation.
In case of missing or damaged item, please contact the dealer immediately.
User Manual x1
USB Extension Cable x1
- Please store the screws that are not used.
It consists of large
AAA Battery x2
Cap x1
Residual Image
When a still image or On Screen Display menu
is displayed on the screen for a short time
(about a minute) and then switches to another
image, it may leave an "after-image" on the
screen. The residual image will disappear on
its own.
The Usage under Low Temperature
Due to the structural characteristics of the LCD
panel, the response speed of the the LCD panel
becomes slower when the ambient temperature
around the panel becomes too low. In some
cases, it may cause the residual image. The
residual image will disappear on its own as the
temperature goes up and back to normal.
Screws x4
[For wall mount bracket installation]
Remote Control x1
AV Cable x2
(For 32" only)
AV Cable x1
(For 42", 47", 55" only)
Audio Cable x1
(For 42", 47", 55" only)

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