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Important Safety Instructions - Hitachi LE32A04A User Manual

Lcd color television led series
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Repairing - Unplug the product from the wall
outlet and refer servicing to qualified service
personnel under the following conditions:
When the power cord or plug is
If liquid has been spilled, or objects have
fallen into the product.
If the product has been exposed to rain
or water.
If the product does not operate normally
by following the operating instructions.
Adjust only those controls that are
covered by the operating instructions as
an improper adjustment of other controls
may result in damage and will often
require extensive work by a service
technician to restore the product to its
normal operation.
If the product has been dropped or
damaged in any way.
When the product exhibits a distinct
change in performance this indicates a
need for service.
Replacement Parts - When replacement
parts are required, be sure the service
technician has used replacement parts
specified by the manufacturer or have the
same characteristics as the original part.
Unauthorized substitutions may result in
fire, electric shock or other hazards.
19. Safety Check - Upon completion of any
service or repairs to the product, ask the
service technician to perform safety checks
to determine that the product is in proper
operating condition.
20. Heat - Do not install the product near
any heat sources such as radiators,
heat registers, stoves, or other products
(including amplifiers) that produce heat.
21. Installation Location - Place the product
on a firm and flat surface. Avoid placing
the product in areas of direct sunlight,
heating radiators, closed automobiles, high
temperature, high humidity, excessive dust,
strong vibration, impact or strong magnetic
fields, as the internal parts may be seriously
22. Hazards of Electrical Shock and Fire - Do
not touch the power cord with wet hands.
Hold the plug when disconnecting the power
cord. Do not pull the power cord. Unplug
the power cord from the wall outlet when the
product is not used for long periods of time.
23. Hearing Safety - Listen at a moderate
volume. Using headphones at high volume
can impair your hearing.
24. Be careful when handling the TV. Do not
drop, hit any objects or scratch the TV
acrylic frame or glass stand. These actions
may damage the TV frame and stand.

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