Harman-Kardon CDR 20 Owner's Manual

Harman-kardon cd player user manual.
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CDR 20 CD Recorder
Power for the digital revolution.


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  • Page 1

    CDR 20 CD Recorder OWNER’S MANUAL ® Power for the digital revolution. ™...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CDR 20 Compact Disc Recorder 3 Introduction 3 Important Information about CD Recording 4 Safety Information 5 Front-Panel Controls 7 Front-Panel Information Display 9 Rear-Panel Connections 10 Remote Control Functions 12 Installation and Connections 14 CD Recording Basics Disc Types...

  • Page 3: Introduction, Important Information About Cd Recording

    You may feed signals (for record- ing) to the CDR 20 from external sources such as an A/V receiver, a tuner, a tape deck or a CD player, or you may simply place a CD in one deck, and make a copy using a recordable CD in the other deck.

  • Page 4: Safety Information

    CDR 20 which may not be covered by the war- ranty, be certain that all discs are removed from the unit before it is moved. Once the CDR 20 is installed, discs may be left in the unit when it is turned off, but the unit should NEVER be moved with discs left in either deck.

  • Page 5: Front-panel Controls

    ) Dubbing ! Erase 1 Power Switch: Press this switch to apply power to the CDR 20. When the unit is first turned on, the Status-Mode Indicator 2 surrounding the switch will turn green. Once the unit has been turned on with this switch, it may be operated from either the front panel or remote control.

  • Page 6

    Ú Information Display: The indicators in the Information Display provide status reports on the operation of the CDR 20. See page 7 for complete explanations of each indicator. Û Remote Sensor: The IR sensor that receives the commands from the remote control is behind this area.

  • Page 7: Front-panel Information Display

    Status, Time, Total Time and Track Time. In addition, there is a separate Information Display, Play/Pause Indicator and CD Indicator for each deck. As the function of these indicators is identical for both decks, they are described in this manual with a common letter. When the CDR 20 is playing or recording a disc, any indicators that light on the left side of the display describe the status of the Play Deck, while those that light on the right side of the display describe the status of the Record Deck.

  • Page 8

    Front-Panel Information Display L Time Indicators: These indicators light in conjunction with one of the time indicators MNO to show which of the time status modes is active. M Remaining-Time Indicators: These indica- tors light when the Information Display K shows the time remaining on a disc.

  • Page 9: Rear-panel Connections

    ⁄ ª Remote IR Input ‚ Remote IR Output ⁄ AC Power Cord CDR 20 provide IR signals to other compatible products. ⁄ AC Power Cord: Connect this plug to an AC outlet. If the outlet is switch controlled, make certain that it is in the ON position.

  • Page 10: Remote Control Functions

    Remote Control Functions a Power-On Button b Play Deck (CDP) Display Control c Play Deck (CDP) Open d Play Deck (CDP) Select e Program f Reverse Search g Single h Program Check i Previous-Track Skip j Play/Select k Random Play l Dub m Automatic/Manual Track Increment Selector n Track Increment...

  • Page 11

    Remote Control Functions a Power-On Button: Press this button to turn the CDR 20 on. Note that in order for this control to function, the Front-Panel Power Switch 1 must first be pressed so that the unit is in the Standby mode.

  • Page 12: Installation And Connections

    In addition to the safety considerations outlined on page 4, it is also recommended that the CDR 20 not be placed in a location that is sub- ject to direct sunlight or extreme heat or cold, as these conditions may damage the discs used in the player, or the player itself.

  • Page 13

    IR Output jack of another compatible Harman Kardon component or a compatible IR system remote product. You may also use the IR Sensor in the CDR 20 to send commands to other compatible remote products. Connect the Remote IR Out Jack ‚...

  • Page 14: Cd Recording Basics, Disc Types, Cdr Terminology And Display Messages

    Each time a disc of any sort is placed in the CDR 20, you will see a TOC to indicate that the unit is reading this data from the disc.

  • Page 15: Playback Basics, Loading And Unloading Discs, Using The Remote

    Playback Basics Playback of CDs on the CDR 20 resembles that for traditional CD players with a few exceptions to accommodate the availability of two sepa- rate playback decks. Before using the CDR 20, power-up the unit by pressing in the Main Power Switch 1.

  • Page 16: Normal Play, Search, Track Skip

    To play a disc, first make certain that the unit is properly installed and that the Main Power Switch 1 is turned on. Turn the CDR 20 on by pressing the Power-On button a on the remote and note that the front-panel display will illuminate.

  • Page 17: Dual-play Mode, Dual-deck Operation, Time Display, Headphone Listening

    Playback Basics Dual-Play Mode Since the CDR 20 has more than one CD deck, you may play a disc in either drawer. When only one deck is playing, the unit is in the Single mode. In the Single mode, the audio output will be fed to all digital and analog jacks for both decks.

  • Page 18: Program Play, Programming Play Lists, Checking, Editing And Clearing, Repeat Programmed Play, Repeat One Track

    Repeat Programmed Play The CDR 20’s programming system enables you to repeat either a single track on a disc, the entire disc, or a specially programmed passage that you select.

  • Page 19: Repeat A-b

    Program Play Repeat A-B The CDR 20 may be programmed to repeat any section within a track, or a complete passage that includes material from a series of consecu- tive tracks. To program the unit for A-B Repeat play, first play the disc and locate the point where you wish to begin the repeated section.

  • Page 20: Cd Recording, Disc Dubbing

    CDR 20. Remember that CD-RW discs made in the CDR 20 will play only in CD players that are specially designed to accommodate CD-RW discs. Note that most DVD players are com- 20 CD RECORDING patible with finalized CD-RW discs.

  • Page 21: Cd Sync Recording, Recording From An External Source

    CDR 20 receives silence for 3 sec- onds. After 5 seconds of silence, the recording will stop. To activate the Auto mode, press the Auto/Manual button m once and note that the Auto Indicator W will light.

  • Page 22: Finalizing Cd-r And Cd-rw Discs, Unfinalizing And Erasing Cd-rw Discs, Unfinalizing A Cd-rw Disc

    Important Note on Erasure and Finalization Times: Regardless of the speed at which a disc was recorded, the CDR 20 will erase and finalize discs at the x4 speed to mini- mize the length of the process. However, in...

  • Page 23: Troubleshooting Guide And Error Messages

    • Only CD Audio and DTS discs will play in the CDR 20; replace the disc • Replace the disc, the CDR 20 does not play or dub DVD discs • Use another blank CD-R or CD-RW disc • Erase one or more tracks on a CD-RW disc •...

  • Page 24: Technical Specifications

    Technical Specifications Signal Format Playback Sampling Frequency D/A Conversion Oversampling Playback Specifications Frequency Response Playback S/N Playback Dynamic Range Playback THD Analog Audio Output Digital-Coaxial Output Headphone Output Record Specifications Digital Input Sample Rates Recording S/N: Analog Recording S/N: Digital Dub Mode Recording S/N: Digital External Source Recording Dynamic Range Recording THD...

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