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Nokia Bicycle Charger DC-14



Summary of Contents for Nokia DC-14

  • Page 1 Nokia Bicycle Charger DC-14 9222639/1.0...
  • Page 11 © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved. Introduction With the Nokia Bicycle Charger bicycle and the Nokia device that you DC-14, you can charge the battery in connect to the charger. your compatible Nokia device using This product may contain small parts.
  • Page 12: General Safety Instructions

    ENGLISH • Dynamo: mounting bracket (4), • Other parts: Nokia Bicycle Holder lever (5), friction roller (6), latch for CR-124 (9), grounding wire (10), electric wire (7), adjustment bolt electric wire (11) for dynamo position (8) General safety instructions Obey all local laws. Always keep your may be very warm.
  • Page 13 ENGLISH Mount the dynamo Only use the supplied dynamo with Mount the dynamo against the charger. the tyre To mount the dynamo against the Attach the dynamo to the tyre, place the friction roller at the mounting bracket correct angle, height, and distance to To attach the dynamo to the mounting the tyre (14) so that it properly bracket, use the supplied bolt, nut,...
  • Page 14 (23). Attach the electric and grounding To attach the charger and your Nokia wires to the head tube with the mobile device to the handlebar, use supplied removable cable ties.
  • Page 15: Take Care Of Your Device

    Plug the charging cable of the charger the handlebar, and thread the straps into the 2.0 mm charger connector on behind the tabs on the charger (27). your Nokia device. Make sure the holder stays firmly in If you connect the dynamo to place (28).
  • Page 16 ENGLISH corrode electronic circuits. If your recycle your Nokia products at device gets wet, allow it to dry, or with completely. a mobile device, werecycle. • Do not use or store the device in dusty or dirty areas. Moving parts and...