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PANASONIC NV-VP30 Operating Instructions Manual

Dvd/cd player / video cassette recorder nv-vp30 / nv-vp25.
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DVD/CD Player / Video Cassette Recorder
NV-VP30 / NV-VP25
Operating Instructions
/ I
Before you connect or adjust any settings,
read through the operating instructions.


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   Summary of Contents for PANASONIC NV-VP30

  • Page 1

    DVD/CD Player / Video Cassette Recorder NV-VP30 / NV-VP25 Operating Instructions DVD / CD PLAYER OPEN / CLOSE EJECT DVD -RAM VIDEO PLAYBACK MUSIC WITH PICTURE TIMER CHECK REC CHECK QUICK ERASE PROG PLAY PULL-OPEN NV-VP30 Before you connect or adjust any settings,...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Thank you for trusting and purchasing this high-quality product. Precautions General notes on DVDs Panasonic is one of the leading companies of the consumer electronics industry. Warning Remote control codes We are sure that this appliance will meet with all your expectations.

  • Page 3: Warning


  • Page 4: Front Panel

    MUSIC WITH PICTURE TIMER CHECK REC CHECK QUICK ERASE PROG PLAY PULL-OPEN TIMER REC EXT LINK TIMER REC EXT LINK NV-VP30 NV-VP30 NV-VP30 NV-VP30 NV-VP30 VCR Display DVD Display Device control Standby/on switch /I Displays the timer programme for verification. TIMER CHECK Erases a video cassette.

  • Page 5: Remote Control Functions

    Remote control functions Some TV sets accept control signals from the VCR/DVD's remote control unit. (Page 43). VCR/DVD/TV VCR/ TV-Operations ShowView EXT LINK To select the respective TV programme To switch on and out the TV. memory location. TRACKING/V-LOCK INPUT SELECT Selects the TV set's AV port.

  • Page 6

    Remote control functions VCR-Playback Operations VCR-Recording Operations PLAY Press to start playback. Video recording (page 11) ShowView Displays the menu ShowView (page 15) Press STOP to stop recording, playback or winding. PROG/CHECK Displays the menu Timer recording (page12) Still Playback: In Playback mode. TIMER Activates the recording timer (page 12).

  • Page 7

    DVD Playback Operations PLAY Press to start playback. Still Playback Press STOP two times to stop playback. Slow motion playback forwards or backwards in pause mode. The speed of slow playback will increase in 5 steps Resume function This function allows you to interrupt the while the relevant button keeps being pressed.

  • Page 8: Connections

    Connections Connection to a TV set with or without a scart socket or to an amplifier component (home cinema) Read the operating instructions of your TV set or amplifier. Connect the cables as shown on the illustrations. Make sure not to confuse the colours or labels.

  • Page 9: Dvd Connections

    DVD Connections Direct DVD audio/video output Independently of the VCR/DVD sockets you can connect all DVD sockets to a respective AUDIO IN VIDEO Amplifier or TV set external unit. (example) A disc is played by the DVD player using the DVD OUT sockets. At the same time the video recorder is able to record or play back another programme.

  • Page 10: Vcr Auto Setup

    VCR AUTO SETUP VCR AUTO SETUP with connection of a 21-pin scart cable Switch on the TV set. Country Select VCR of the VCR/TV/DVD switch. Belgien Italia Sverige Press the Standby/On button to switch on the VCR/DVD player. Belgique Schweiz Nederland België...

  • Page 11: Recording

    Recording Set the TV set to the video channel and insert a cassette into the video recorder; make sure that the cassette's protection tab is still in. Select a channel to record from AV-channels Select the AV channel if you are recording via the 21-pin scart cable. A1:Scart input AV1 Press to start recording.

  • Page 12: Timer Recording

    Timer recording The Timer recording allows you to programme the recording time of TV programmes up to 1 month in advance. Use the on-screen menu to programme a maximum of 16 recordings. PROG/CHECK Press PROG/CHECK to select an available memory location Timer recording 1 / 3 Press ENTER to confirm...

  • Page 13

    Timer recording Automatic SP/LP selection If, at the beginning of a timer programme, there is not enough tape remain to complete it, the SP/LP function will automatically run the tape at LP speed. This ensures that the entire programme will be recorded. If the LP mode is not enough to 'stretch' the remaining tape to fit you will not be able to record all of the TV programmes.

  • Page 14: Intelligent Timer

    INTELLIGENT TIMER This function makes it easier for you to time the recording of programmes transmitted by the same station at the same time but on different days. You can fully modify the programmes once they have been transferred to the Timer recording menu. I-TIMER The INTELLIGENT TIMER menu lists the information of the last 5 timer programmes.

  • Page 15: Showview

    ShowView Using ShowView for timer programming ShowView With the ShowView code you can easily programme TV and SAT station recordings. ShowView 8 3 5 4 2 - - - - Press the ShowView button Enter the ShowView number (press to correct any mistakes) ENTER confirms your entry.

  • Page 16: External Recording Control

    External recording control The AV2 input of this VCR is equipped for future use with external equipment having external timer recording control such as digital satellite receivers. The AV2 input can Aerial be set to EXT LINK 1 or EXT LINK 2 depending on the equipment to be connected. Fully wired 21-pin scart cable is required.

  • Page 17: External Units

    Connect your external unit (e.g. a video camcorder) with the front input. Just seize the L/Mono port for mono recording of the audio signal. EJECT Select A3 with AV INPUT SELECT. PULL-OPEN TIMER REC EXT LINK TIMER REC EXT LINK NV-VP30 NV-VP30 NV-VP30 NV-VP30 NV-VP30 Video Audio...

  • Page 18: Manual Setup

    Manual SETUP 99 different programme memory locations are available for TV station reception. You can manually set these programme memory locations including the option to rename them. Tuning Pos Name Pos Name Ch Manual Tuning 1 ARD 6 VOX Press MENU 2 ZDF 7 - - - - - - -...

  • Page 19: Manual Setup

    Manual SETUP Tuning Changing the name of TV stations Pos Name Pos Name Ch Press MENU 6 VOX 1 ARD Select Tuning , press ENTER to confirm. 2 ZDF 7 PRO7 8 RTL2 3 N3 Select Manual , press ENTER to confirm. 4 RTL 9 KABE Select a TV station...

  • Page 20

    Manual SETUP Restart Auto SETUP Tuning Manual Press MENU Auto Setup Select Tuning , press ENTER to confirm. Shipping condition Select Auto Setup , press ENTER to confirm. Pressing ENTER will confirm the security prompt. The Country menu will be displayed. Select a country press ENTER to confirm ENTER...

  • Page 21: Menu Others

    Menu Others Sets the tape length of the cassette you use. Tape length AUTO E - 240 E - 195, E - 260, E - 300 ) Selects the type of external unit connected to the VCR/DVD's outlet. Press MENU DECODER: If a decoder is connected.

  • Page 22: Clock Set, Menu Language, Nicam Sound System

    Clock set Date and time are usually set by a TV station transmitting the relevant signal. Otherwise you have to manually set date and time. Clock set Press MENU MANUAL Select Clock set , press ENTER to confirm Select MANUAL , press ENTER to confirm Time : 12 : 00 : 00 Set Time/Date with...

  • Page 23: General Functions

    General functions Repeat playback The video recorder repeats playback from beginning to the end of the recording In Stop or Playback mode, press the PLAY button for approx. 5 seconds. “R” will briefly appear on the on-screen display. 0 : 0 5 . 5 7 Press Stop to stop playing back.

  • Page 24

    • The quality of the picture will be that of a VHS recording. unit and start playing the tape. • You cannot make S-VHS recordings on this VCR Playing back NTSC video cassettes (NV-VP30) CVC Super - Crystal View Control Super You can play NTSC video cassette for viewing on a PAL-type The CVC function provides a picture of perfect quality.

  • Page 25: Dvd Quick Setup

    DVD QUICK SETUP QUICK SETUP VCR AUTO SETUP must follow the DVD QUICK SETUP. Set the VCR/TV/DVD switch to DVD. Press the SETUP button to display the QUICK SETUP menu which allows you to make some basic settings. SETUP Navigate the user-friendly and clearly arranged on-screen menu by means of the cursor keys on the remote control unit.

  • Page 26: General Playback

    General playback Playback Hi hMAT DVD-V DVD-A JPEG OPEN/CLOSE opens the disc tray. Place the disc on the disc tray. The label PLAY closes the disc tray and automatically starts playing back the disc. must face The player may take some time to read all of the disc information! MP3, WMA, CD-Text : outputs some track information to the TV screen.

  • Page 27

    General playback Chapter review DVD-V The first couple of seconds of every chapter of a DVD-V are played back. STOP during playback. PLAY . The screen "Press PLAY to Chapter Review" is displayed. PLAY . The first couple of seconds of every chapter are played back. Normal playback will be resumed at the point where you stopped it.

  • Page 28

    General playback DVD-V DVD-A ZOOM function This function allows you to zoom into the picture to make better use of the available Preset Zoom Mode : screen space. 16:9 Standard 4:3 Standard ZOOM during playback. Press to set the zoom factor; to select a zoom mode: ENTER and To restore the original ratio ZOOM until x 1.00 is displayed.

  • Page 29: Synchronous Recording, Music With Picture

    Synchronous recording Hi hMAT DVD-V DVD-A JPEG How to copy a non copy-protected disc to VHS type cassette. Use PLAY to select the disc's starting position. Set dc channel with AV INPUT SELECT. , PLAY to define the starting position for tape recording. Press REC to activate the recorder's recording standby mode.

  • Page 30: Programme Play

    Programme play Programme play DVD-V DVD-A Hi hMAT You can programme up to 32 chapters/tracks to be played in any order. PLAY MODE in stop mode until the "PROGRAM" screen appears. Type in the numbers using the RC unit's numeric key pad. PROGRAM Choose a title and chapter, then press ENTER.

  • Page 31: Jpeg

    JPEG Your VCR/DVD player can output JPEG pictures (Exif version 2.1) that were taken with a digital camera, for example, or generated by means of any other system. The resolution should range between 320 x 240 pixels and max. 6144 x 4096 pixels. Note that JPEG files must be extended by ".JPG", ".jpg", ".JPEG"...

  • Page 32: Mp3 / Wma Menu, Dvd-ram Menu

    MP3 / WMA MENU MENU to display/quit the MENU. CD-Text Press and ENTER to select a track. Press to expand the "Tree" (table of contents). Press to select a group, ENTER to confirm your selection. Group : Tree MENU CELEBRATE To search for tracks CHOSEN ONE Press...

  • Page 33: Highmat

    HighMAT (High Performance Media Access Technology) is a jointly developed technology of Panasonic and Microsoft. If diverse computer data (WMA, MP3 and/or JPEG) is stored in HighMAT format on one disc, the HighMAT technology makes all of the information easily available for playback via the user-friendly and clearly arranged menu.

  • Page 34: On-screen Displays

    On-screen displays You can display on-screen information on disc and player (OSD) and manipulate various settings. Some DVD- discs do not support all of the settings. Please use the DVD menu instead. DISPLAY during playback. Enables the on-screen display feature. Use the cursor keys to make or change various settings.

  • Page 35

    On-screen displays DVD-V JPEG High DVD-A Playlist: (page 32) Picture: Displays the number and name of a picture you selected from a group. Type in the number to display a picture. Zoom: Zoom function (page 28). Bitrate Display: Displays the video image data rate per second (Mbps) OSD Brightness: User-defined brightness of OSD displays.

  • Page 36

    On-screen displays DVD-V RAM Advanced Surround With 2 or more audio channels only Repeatedly press the button to browse the settings. Press to toggle between SP and HP: SP 1/HP 1 : Normal rate of effect HP 1 SP 1 SP 2/HP 2 : Enhanced rate of effect SP OFF/HP OFF : Advanced Surround effect off...

  • Page 37

    SETUP-menu Disc Options of the SETUP menu The SETUP menu contains options concerning menu items "Disc", "Video", "Audio", "Display" and "Others". A clearly arranged on-screen menu guides you to and through the options. SETUP DISC Disc SETUP displays the SETUP screen. Audio English To select one of the SETUP sub-menus (e.g.

  • Page 38

    SETUP-menu Disc Ratings Assign a rating to disallow the viewing of some scenes (1-7) or the entire DVD-Video disc (0). This feature is not supported by all DVD-Video discs. Ratings To select a rating (factory setting is "8") When you select a rating between 0 and 7 you will be automatically prompted for No Limit a password.

  • Page 39: Still Mode

    SETUP-menu Video TV Aspect : The format of TV screens is either 4:3 (standard) or 16:9 (wide-screen). Choose the 16:9 format if your player is attached to a wide-screen TV set. If it is attached to a standard TV screen you can choose either 4:3 Pan&Scan or 4:3 Letterbox (see illustration): SETUP Pan&Scan:...

  • Page 40: Audio

    SETUP-menu Audio PCM Down Conversion: Pulse Code Modulation PCM is the standard method used to record digital music signals on audio CDs. DVD-Videos can be produced using the linear PCM method which is based on a sampling frequency of up to 96 kHz. SETUP For reasons of copyright protection, the digital output of PCM audio signals may be Audio...

  • Page 41: Display/others

    SETUP-menu Display/Others Menu Language Select a menu language as appropriate. On-Screen Messages: SETUP The TV screen displays the commands you give by pressing the buttons on the Display remote control unit. Select "Off" to suppress the display of on-screen commands. English Menu Language HighMAT...

  • Page 42: General Notes On Dvds

    General notes on DVDs DVDs can contain titles and chapters that the producer of the disc put into a specific order. DVDs feature a Title menu that lists the available titles and chapters. However, you can choose to select and then play individual titles and chapters. DVD playback can be controlled and manipulated via the menu that the DVD player outputs to the TV screen.

  • Page 43: Remote Control Codes, Batteries

    31,32,43 TOSHIBA GOLDSTAR/LG SANSUI 05,31,33 WHITE WESTINGHOUSE 05,06 Note: If code 44 is the operating code for a Panasonic TV set, the corresponding remote control features additional TV functions. = red, = green, = yellow, = blue In case the remote control cover...

  • Page 44: Before Requesting Service

    Before requesting service GENERAL DISTORTIONS There is no audio output and Check the connections. the sound is distorted: Deactivate the Advanced Surround effect. The VCR display does not light up: Verify that the AC mains lead is properly attached The VCR display is on but the There is an active timer programme.

  • Page 45

    Before requesting service VCR DISTORTIONS If you notice interference or a shift of the picture during normal, still or slow motion playback, press the TRACKING / V-LOCK b utton towards + or - to correct the picture. Manual correction of a bad picture: Press + and - together to actuate automatic correction.

  • Page 46

    Before requesting service DVD DISTORTIONS The loudspeakers emit Go to the SETUP screen and check the Audio menu settings of "Dolby Digital","DTS Digital loud noise: Surround" and "MPEG". The player cannot play discs of the current format. The message "NO PLAY" appears: The disc contains no recorded material.

  • Page 47: Specifications, Class

    Specifications Power supply: 220-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz RF-converter VCR UHF-channel (21-69), 75 Ohm Power consumption: 27W (in operation) / Horizontal resolution VCR more than 240 lines (SP) approx. 6W (in Standby) S/N ratio VCR video more than 43 dB (SP) Input level audio 0.5V eff., more than 10 kOhm Controls...

  • Page 48: Language Codes

    INDEX 9,40,46 NICAM 22 Scart cable DTS Digital Surround Page DVD-RAM 32 NTSC 24,39 Slideshow A-B Repeat NTSC Disc Output 39 SP/LP selection EXT LINK 16,21 SQPB Advanced Surround 8,9,35,36,44 OPTICAL 9 Still Mode Angle Field 39 OSD 21 Still Picture Audio 34,37 Frame...

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