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Makita DCS34 Instruction Manual

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Instruction Manual

Read this instruction manual carefully before putting the chain saw into operation and strictly observe
the safety regulations!
Keep this Instruction Manual!



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  Summary of Contents for Makita DCS34

  • Page 1: Instruction Manual

    Instruction Manual DCS34 DCS4610 Important: Read this instruction manual carefully before putting the chain saw into operation and strictly observe the safety regulations! Keep this Instruction Manual!
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Packing ................ confident that you will be satisfied with this modern piece of Delivery inventory .............. 3 equipment. Symbols ................3 The DCS34, DCS460 are very handy and robust chain saws SAFETY PRECAUTIONS with a new Design. General precautions ............4 The automatic chain lubrication and maintenance-free electronic Protective equipment ............4...
  • Page 3: Delivery Inventory

    Delivery inventory 1. Chain saw 2. Guide bar 3. Saw chain 4. Chain protection cover 5. Assembly tool In case one of the parts listed should not be included in the 6. Instruction manual (not shown) delivery inventory, please consult your sales agent. Symbols You will note the following symbols on the chain saw and when studying this instruction manual: Read the instruction manual and...
  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

    SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Intended use Power chain saws This power chain saw may be used only for sawing wood out of doors. Protective gloves (6) made of thick leather are part of the It is intended for the followung uses depending on its class: prescribed equipment and must always be worn during operation of the chain saw.
  • Page 5: Fuels / Refuelling

    Fuels / Refuelling Stop the engine before refuelling the chain saw. - Do not smoke or work near open fires (5). Let the engine cool down before refuelling. Fuels can contain substances similar to solvents. Eyes and skin should not come in contact with mineral oil products. Always wear protective gloves when refuelling.
  • Page 6: Kickback

    Kickback - When working with the chain saw dangerous kickbacks may occur. Kickback occurs when the upper part of the end of the guide bar inadvertently touches wood or other hard objects (0). This causes the saw to be thrown back toward the user with great force and out of control.
  • Page 7 Be careful when cutting splintery wood. Cut pieces of wood may be pulled along (risk of injuries). When cutting with the upper edge of the guide bar, the chain saw may be pushed in the direction of the user if the chain gets clamped.
  • Page 8: Transport And Storage

    All other work must be carried out by MAKITA Service. Use only original MAKITA spare parts and accessories. Using spare parts other than original MAKITA parts or ac- cesories and guide bar/chain combinations or lengths which are not approved bring a high risk of accidents. We cannot...
  • Page 9: Technical Data

    Fuel tank capacity 0,37 Chain oil tank capacity 0,5 Mixture ratio (fuel/two-stroke oil) - when using MAKITA oil 50 :  - when using Aspen Alkalyt (two-stroke fuel) 50 :  (%) - when using other oils 40 :  (quality grade: JASO FC or ISO EGD)
  • Page 10: Putting Into Operation

    PUTTING INTO OPERATION CAUTION: Before doing any work on the guide bar or chain, always switch off the engine and pull the plug cap off the spark plug (see „Replacing the spark plug“). Always wear pro- tective gloves! CAUTION: Start the chain saw only after having assembled it com- pletely and inspected! Mounting the guide bar and saw chain Use the universal wrench delivered with the chain saw for the...
  • Page 11: Tightening The Saw Chain

    Lift the chain (8) over the sprocket (9). Using your right hand, guide the chain into the top guide groove on the guide bar (10). Note that the cutting edges along the top of the chain must point in the direction of the arrow (11)! Pull the chain (8) around the sprocket nose (12) of the guide bar in the direction of the arrow.
  • Page 12: Chain Brake

    While still holding up the guide bar, tighten the retaining nuts (2) with the universal wrench. Chain brake The DCS34, DCS460 comes with an inertia chain brake as standard equipment. If kickback occurs due to contact of the guide-bar tip with wood (see SAFETY PRECAUTIONS, page 6), the chain brake will stop the chain through inertia if the kickback is sufficiently strong.
  • Page 13: Chain Oil

    980 008 6 may even be required by local regulations. The chain oil BIOTOP sold by MAKITA is made of special vegetable oils and is 00% bio-degradable. BIOTOP has been Bio-degradable oil is stable only for a limited period of granted the „blue angel“...
  • Page 14 Important note on bio-degradable chain oils: to the oil pump or other parts. If you are not planning to use the saw again for an ex- tended period of time, empty the oil tank and put in a The next time you use the saw, fill the tank with BIOTOP small amount of regular engine oil (SAE 30), and then chain oil again.
  • Page 15 Checking the chain lubrication Never work with the chain saw withoute sufficient chain lubrica- tion. Otherwise the service life of the chain and guide bar will be reduced. Before starting work check the oil level in the tank and the oil feed. Check the oil feed rate as described below: Start the chain saw (see „Starting the engine”).
  • Page 16: Starting The Engine

    Warm start: As described above for cold starting, but without using the choke position. Stopping the engine (only for DCS34) Push the combination switch (1) down to position Stopping the engine (only for DCS460) Press the combination switch (1) down in direction NOTE: After being pressed down, the DCS460 combina- tion switch will revert to the „I“...
  • Page 17: Checking The Chain Brake

    IMPORTANT: If the chain does not stop immediately when you test the chain brake, do NOT use the chain saw. Take the chain saw to a MAKITA service center. Adjusting the carburetor IMPORTANT: Carburetor adjustment may be done only by...
  • Page 18: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE Sharpening the saw chain CAUTION: Before doing any work on the guide bar or chain, always switch off the engine and pull the plug cap off the spark plug (see „Replacing the spark plug“). Always wear protective gloves! The chain needs sharpening when: The sawdust produced when sawing damp wood looks like wood flour.
  • Page 19 Files and how to work with them Sharpen using a special file holder with a saw chain round file dia. 4.0 mm. Normal round files are not appropriate for this work. See „Accessories“ for the order number. The file should cut only when pushed forwards (arrow). Lift the file when leading it backwards. First sharpen the shortest cutter. The length of this cutter is then the standerd for all other cutters of the chain. Always guide the file horizontally (90 to the guide bar). °...
  • Page 20: Cleaning The Brake Band And Sprocket Interior

    The chain brake is a very important safety device and like any other component subject to normal wear and tear. Regular inspection and maintenance are important for your own safety and must be done by a MAKITA service SERVICE center. Cleaning the guide bar, lubricating the sprocket nose CAUTION: Protective gloves must be worn.
  • Page 21: Replacing The Saw Chain

    Replacing the saw chain CAUTION: Use only chains and guide bars designed for this saw (see the Extract from the spare-parts list)! Check the sprocket (7) before mounting a new chain. Remove the sprocket guard (See „PUTTING INTO OPERA- TION“ figs. A - H). CAUTION: Worn out sprockets (8) may damage the new chain and must therefore be replaced.
  • Page 22: Replacing The Spark Plug

    Replacing the spark plug CAUTION: Do not touch the spark plug or plug cap if the engine is running (high voltage). Switch off the engine before starting any maintenance work. A hot engine can cause burns. Wear protective gloves! The spark plug must be replaced in case of damage to the 0,5 mm insulator, electrode erosion (burn) or if the electrodes are very dirty or oily.
  • Page 23: Instructions For Periodic Maintenance

    We therefore recommend that you consult a MAKITA service centre for all work not described in this instruction manual. The MAKITA service centres have all the necessary equipment and skilled and experienced personnel, who can work out cost-effective solutions and advise you in all matters.
  • Page 24: Spare Parts

    Original spare parts and accessories can be obtained from your local dealer. He will also have the spare part lists to determine the required spare part numbers, and will be constantly informed about the latest improvements and spare part innovations. To find your local distributor, please visit Please bear in mind that if parts other than original MAKITA spare parts are used, this will automatically invalidate the MAKITA product guarantee. Guarantee MAKITA guarantees the highest quality and will therefore reimburse all costs for repair by replacement of damaged parts resulting from material or production faults occurring within the guarantee period after purchase.
  • Page 25: Extract From The Spare Parts List

    Extract from the spare parts list DCS34 Use only original MAKITA parts. DCS4610 For repairs and replacement of other parts, see your MAKITA service center. Pos. MAKITA-No. Qty. Denomination 44 035 66 Sprocket nose bar 35 cm (4“) 58 09 65 Saw chain 3/8“...
  • Page 27: Conformity Declaration

    EU Conformity Declaration The undersigned, Tamiro Kishima and Rainer Bergfeld, as authorized by DOLMAR GmbH, declare that the MAKITA machines, Type: 036/037 EU prototype test certificate No. DCS34 M6 08 01 24243 082 DCS4610 M6 08 01 24243 082 manufactured by DOLMAR GmbH, Jenfelder Str. 38, 045 Hamburg, Germany, conforms to the basic safety and health require-...
  • Page 28 To find your local distributor, please visit Makita Werkzeug GmbH Specifications subject to change without notice Postfach 70 04 0 D-004 Hamburg Form: 995 707 676 (.08 GB) Germany...

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