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The illustration shows SC-PT160 for Continental Europe.
Before connecting, operating or adjusting this product, please read the instructions
completely. Please keep this manual for future reference.
Your unit may not look exactly the same as illustrated.
The player plays DVD-Video marked with labels containing the
region number or "ALL".
Continental Europe, the Middle East, South Africa,
Saudi Arabia and Kuwait
Southeast Asia and Thailand
For Continental Europe
USB connection for MP3 players
DVD Home Theater Sound System

Operating Instructions

Model No.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    SC-PT160 Model No. SC-PT165 The illustration shows SC-PT160 for Continental Europe. Before connecting, operating or adjusting this product, please read the instructions completely. Please keep this manual for future reference. Your unit may not look exactly the same as illustrated.
  • Page 2: Caution For Ac Mains Lead

    Operations in these instructions are described mainly with the remote control, but you can perform the operations on the main unit if the controls are the same. Unless otherwise indicated, all illustrations shown are of SC-PT160 for Continental Europe. System...
  • Page 3 RQT8043...
  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

    This product may receive radio interference caused by Safety precautions mobile telephones during use. If such interference is apparent, please increase separation between the product Placement and the mobile telephone. Set the unit up on an even surface away from direct sunlight, high temperatures, high humidity, and excessive vibration.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents GETTING STARTED Caution for AC Mains Lead ................2 Safety precautions ..................4 Accessories ....................6 Preparing the remote control .................6 Placement of speakers .................7 Assembling the front speakers ...............8 Speaker installation options ................9 Simple setup ..................10 Making the connections ........................10 Optional antenna connections ......................
  • Page 6: Accessories

    Accessories Please check and identify the supplied accessories. 1 Remote control 1 AC mains lead 2 Cover plates For Saudi Arabia and Kuwait For Continental Europe (N2QAYB000091) For Southeast Asia, Thailand, the Middle East, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait For Continental Europe, (N2QAYB000092) Southeast Asia, Thailand,...
  • Page 7: Placement Of Speakers

    Placement of speakers How you set up your speakers can affect the bass and the sound fi eld. Note the following points: • Place speakers on fl at secure bases. • Placing speakers too close to fl oors, walls, and corners can result in excessive bass. Cover walls and windows with thick curtains.
  • Page 8: Assembling The Front Speakers

    Placement of speakers (continued) If irregular coloring occurs on your television Note The front and center speakers are designed to be used • You can damage your speakers and shorten their useful life if close to a television, but the picture may be affected with you play sound at high levels over extended periods.
  • Page 9: Speaker Installation Options

    Speaker installation options 7 Attaching to a wall You can attach all of the speakers (except subwoofer) to Preparation for front speakers a wall. Tighten securely. Cover plate • The wall or pillar on which the speakers are to be attached should be capable of supporting 10 k per screw.
  • Page 10: Simple Setup

    Simple setup Making the connections Making the connections Connect the AC mains lead only after all other connections have been made. • Ensure that you have the complete accessories before making the connections. Conserving power The main unit consumes a small amount of power, even when it is in standby mode (approx. 1 W). To save power when the unit is not to be used for a long time, unplug it from the household mains socket.
  • Page 11 Connect to the antenna. Adhesive tape 7 FM indoor antenna Tape the antenna where reception is the best. Connect to the various television terminals. • Do not connect the unit through a video cassette recorder. • Due to copy guard protection, the picture may not be displayed correctly. •...
  • Page 12: Optional Antenna Connections

    Simple setup (continued) Optional antenna connections Optional antenna connections Use outdoor antennas if radio reception is poor. Note • Disconnect the outdoor antenna when the unit is not in use. • Do not use the outdoor antenna during a lightning storm. FM outdoor antenna (Using a television antenna) FM outdoor antenna...
  • Page 13: Performing Quick Setup

    Performing QUICK SETUP The QUICK SETUP screen assists you to make necessary settings. To display the picture from this main unit, switch on the television and change the television’s input mode which is connected to this main unit (example : VIDEO 1, AV 1, etc.). To change your television’s input mode, refer to its operating instructions.
  • Page 14: Disc Information

    fi nalized on the device it was recorded on. Closing the session will also work. MPEG4 data recorded with the Panasonic SD multi cameras or DVD video recorders [conforming to SD VIDEO specifi cations (ASF standard)/MPEG4 (Simple Profi le) video system/G.726 audio system].
  • Page 15: Overview Of Controls

    Overview of controls Main unit Main unit For Southeast Asia, Thailand, the Middle East, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait Standby/on switch [y/I] (16) Press to switch the unit from on 4/1, ¡/¢ / 4 TUNING 3 to standby mode or vice versa. Skipping or slow-search play, In standby mode, the unit is still Select the radio stations (28)
  • Page 16: Disc - Basic Play

    Disc — Basic play Using the main unit Using the main unit Load a disc in the tray. Select “DVD/CD”. • Load double-sided discs so the label for the side you want to play is facing up. • For DVD-RAM, remove the disc from its cartridge before use.
  • Page 17 Stop Enter numbers The position is memorised while “RESUME” is (while stopped) on the display. • Press [3, PLAY] to resume. Example: To select 12, • Press [7, STOP] again to clear the position. with Playback control (PBC) Press [7, STOP] and then press the Pause numeric buttons to cancel the PBC functions.
  • Page 18: Advanced Play

    Advanced play Displaying current playback condition Example: VD V PROGR AM S E L E C T T I T L E T I T L T I T L E 1 T I T L E 2 (during play) T I T L E 3 T I T L E 4 T I T L E 5...
  • Page 19: Playing Data Discs Using Navigation Menus

    Playing data discs using navigation menus Playing data discs Playing RAM and DVD-R/-RW (DVD-VR) discs Select “DATA” in “OTHERS” tab (\ page 25) to play WMA, MP3, JPEG, MPEG4 or DivX content. • Titles appear only if the titles are recorded on the disc.
  • Page 20: Using On-screen Menus

    Using on-screen menus Select the item. Make the settings. Confi rm Select Select Confi rm Select Display the functions Press to exit. screen. Items shown differ depending on the type of disc as well as the recording format. Functions menu To start from a specifi...
  • Page 21 • On +R/+RW, a subtitle number may be shown for subtitles that are not displayed. • “ON” or “OFF” appears only with discs that contain subtitle on/off information (Subtitle on/off information cannot be recorded using Panasonic DVD Recorders). (with multiple angles) To select a video angle Example: ANGLE 1 : ✱✱✱...
  • Page 22 Using on-screen menus (continued) Functions menu (continued) To select various zoom sizes Example: ORMAL NO R A ZOOM ZOOM NORMAL AUTO When you select “AUTO” the constructing method of the DivX contents is automatically distinguished and output. If the picture is distorted, select “INTERLACE” or “PROGRESSIVE” depending on which constructing method was used when the contents were recorded to disc.
  • Page 23: Changing The Player Settings

    Changing the player settings A I N D I SC Display the Make the settings. V I DEO AUD I O D I S P L AY OT HE RS MAIN menu. Select S E L E C T : S E T : EN T ER E X I T : S...
  • Page 24 Changing the player settings (continued) QUICK SETUP enables successive settings of the items in the shaded area. MAIN menu (continued) 7 “VIDEO” tab TV ASPECT • 4 : 3 PAN&SCAN: Regular aspect television (4:3) Choose the setting to suit your television The sides of the widescreen picture are cut off so it fi...
  • Page 25: Changing The Delay Time Of The Speakers

    MAIN menu (continued) 7 “OTHERS” tab REGISTRATION • SHOW CODE You need this registration code to purchase and play DivX Video-on-Demand (VOD) content. (\ page 26, “About DivX VOD content”) Displays the unit’s registration code. JPEG TIME • 1 SEC •...
  • Page 26: About Divx Vod Content

    Changing the player settings (continued) About DivX VOD content About DivX VOD content DivX Video-on-Demand (VOD) content is encrypted for • If you purchase DivX VOD content using a registration copyright protection. In order to play DivX VOD content on code different from this unit’s code, you will not be able this unit, you fi...
  • Page 27 • You can play MPEG4 data [conforming to SD VIDEO specifi cations (ASF standard)/MPEG4 (Simple Profi le) video system/G.726 audio system] recorded with Panasonic SD multi cameras or DVD video recorders with this unit. • The recording date may differ from that of the actual date.
  • Page 28: Using The Radio

    Using the radio Manual tuning Automatic presetting To select “FM”. To select “FM”. (main unit) (remote control) (main unit) (remote control) To select “MANUAL”. Press and hold. Release the button when “FM AUTO” is displayed. (main unit) (main unit) (remote control) To select the frequency.
  • Page 29: Using Sound Effects

    Using sound effects Note Changing the sound quality: Equalizer Mode (EQ) • The following sound effects may not be available or have no effect depending on the type of source. SOFT : For background music . • You may experience a reduction in sound quality when these HEAVY : Adds punch to rock.
  • Page 30: Adjusting The Volume Of Each Speaker: Speaker Level Adjustments

    Enjoying Karaoke Using sound effects (continued) For Southeast Asia, Thailand, the Middle East, South Africa, Adjusting the volume of each speaker: Saudi Arabia and Kuwait Speaker level adjustments Preparation This is one of the ways to get appropriate surround effects. Lower the microphone Preparation volume to “MIN”.
  • Page 31: Enjoying Karaoke With Other Sources

    Enjoying karaoke with other sources Mic volume adjustment You can also perform karaoke with discs other than Main unit only those described and also in USB mode. Turn to adjust the microphone’s volume level. Start play. Refer to the pages for the source –...
  • Page 32: Operating Other Equipment

    Operating other equipment Optional audio connection for video cassette recorder or television Optional audio connection for video cassette recorder or television Press [EXT-IN] (\ page 15) to select “AUX” as the source to operate the audio input. For Continental Europe For Southeast Asia, Thailand, the Middle East, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait This audio connection will enable you to play audio...
  • Page 33: Optional Usb Connection And Operation

    MP 3 I 3 D T AG j p e g MP EG 4 Video MPEG4 .asf It may not be possible to play all the fi les due to the condition on how they were created. For Panasonic D-Snap/DIGA. RQT8043...
  • Page 34: Operating The Television

    • It will not operate with Janus enabled MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) devices. Operating the television Operating the television You can use the remote control to operate a Panasonic To play audio from your television through your home television. theater system Aim the remote control at the television.
  • Page 35: Troubleshooting Guide

    Troubleshooting guide Before requesting service, make the following checks. If you are in doubt about some of the check points, or if the solutions indicated in the chart do not solve the problem, consult your dealer for instructions. 7 Power Page No power.
  • Page 36 Troubleshooting guide (continued) 7 Picture abnormal or unviewable Page The picture on the television is • The unit and television are using different video systems. — not displayed correctly or Use a multi-system or NTSC television. disappears. Use a multi-system or PAL television. •...
  • Page 37: Listening To The Radio

    7 Television displays Page “ ” • The operation is prohibited by the unit or disc. — “ERROR” • You are trying to display an incompatible group or content. — — • You are trying to play a protected group or content. You cannot play it. “Check the disc”...
  • Page 38: Language Code List

    Language code list Abkhazian: 6566 Hausa: 7265 Romanian: 8279 Afar: 6565 Hebrew: 7387 Russian: 8285 Afrikaans: 6570 Hindi: 7273 Samoan: 8377 Albanian: 8381 Hungarian: 7285 Sanskrit: 8365 Ameharic: 6577 Icelandic: 7383 Scots Gaelic: 7168 Arabic: 6582 Indonesian: 7378 Serbian: 8382 Armenian: 7289 Interlingua:...
  • Page 39: Glossary

    Glossary Decoder JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) A decoder restores the coded audio signals on DVDs to This is a system used for compressing/decoding color normal. This is called decoding. still pictures. If you select JPEG as the storage system on digital cameras, etc., the data will be compressed to 1/10–1/100 of its original size.
  • Page 40: Specifi Cations

    Total DIN Dolby Digital mode power 150 W Extremely long and narrow pictures may not be displayed. MPEG4 data recorded with the Panasonic SD multi cameras or DVD video recorders For Southeast Asia, Thailand, the Middle East, Conforming to SD VIDEO specifi cations (ASF standard)/ South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait MPEG4 (Simple Profi...
  • Page 41 Center speaker SB-HC150 VIDEO SECTION Type 1 way, 1 speaker system (Bass refl ex) Video system PAL625/50, PAL525/60, NTSC Speaker unit(s) Impedance 5 Composite video output Full range 6.5 cm Cone type Output level 1 Vp-p (75 ) Input power (IEC) 55 W (Max) Terminal...
  • Page 42: Maintenance

    Maintenance Clean this unit with a soft, dry cloth. – Never use alcohol, paint thinner or benzine to clean this unit. – Before using chemically treated cloth, carefully read the instructions that came with the cloth. – Do not use commercially available lens cleaners as they may cause malfunction. (Cleaning the lens is generally not necessary although this depends on the operating environment.) Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories.
  • Page 43 MEMO RQT8043...
  • Page 44 This symbol might be used in combination with a chemical symbol. In this case it complies with the requirement set by the Directive for the chemical involved. Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Web Site: Pursuant to at the directive 2004/108/EC, article 9 (2) Panasonic Testing Centre RQTX0111-1B Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH Winsbergring 15, 22525 Hamburg, Germany L1107NC1028...

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