Yamaha BodiBeat BF-11 Owner's Manual
Yamaha BodiBeat BF-11 Owner's Manual

Yamaha BodiBeat BF-11 Owner's Manual

Interactive music player
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The "Precautions" section is located on pages 6 – 7. Please read this carefully
before using the BODiBEAT BF-11.
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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Yamaha BodiBeat BF-11

  • Page 1 B F - 1 1 O w n e r ’s M a n u a l The “Precautions” section is located on pages 6 – 7. Please read this carefully Troubleshooting before using the BODiBEAT BF-11. This manual may be revised and updated without prior notice. To download the Menu Tree latest manual, visit our website at: http://www.yamaha.co.jp/manual/...
  • Page 2: How To Use The Manual

    Thank you for purchasing the Yamaha BODiBEAT BF-11 Interactive Music Player. If you’re a music lover who enjoys exercising along with music, you’ll find that the many functions and features of the BF-11 not only make exercising fun but Exercising also make it much more effective.
  • Page 3: Included Accessories

    • Copying of the commercially available musical data is strictly prohibited except for your personal use. • This owner’s manual is the exclusive copyrights of Yamaha Corporation. • The illustrations and displays as shown in this owner’s manual are for instructional purposes only, and may appear somewhat different from those on your device.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Exercising with the BF-11 ........
  • Page 5 BF-11 Preset Training Programs ........
  • Page 6: Precautions

    • Do not disassemble the device or modify it in any way. This can result in the device Settings bursting, or even an explosion or fire. If the device should appear to be malfunctioning, discontinue use immediately and have it inspected by qualified Yamaha service personnel. Water related •...
  • Page 7 • When cleaning the device, use a soft, dry cloth. Do not use paint thinners, solvents, cleaning fluids, or chemical-impregnated wiping cloths. • Yamaha cannot be held responsible for damage caused by improper use or modifications to the device. Troubleshooting •...
  • Page 8: Starting Up

    Starting Up Music Player This section provides the basic information you’ll need to set up Settings the BF-11 and start using it. Make sure that you carefully read through all of the sections below before starting to use the device. Contents Charging the Battery ................
  • Page 9: Charging The Battery

    Charging the Battery Charging the Battery Starting Up You will need to charge the BF-11 before you use it for the first time. Exercising To charge the battery of the BF-11, simply connect it to a computer with the included USB cable. Make sure the computer is on and running.
  • Page 10: Panel Controls

    2 Display This shows all indications for operation and use of the BF-11. If you haven’t used any of the panel controls for a while, the display automatically turns off in...
  • Page 11: Usb Connector

    This small switch (behind the flap at the lower part of the device) lets you recover the BF-11 in case of some kind of operational trouble—for example, if the device “freezes” or hangs up. Use a small, thin tool to press the switch, Computer such as a miniature screwdriver or a ballpoint pen.
  • Page 12: Turning The Power On / Making Initial Settings

    Turning the Power On / Making Initial Settings Turning the Power On / Making Initial Settings Starting Up The first time you turn on the power of your new BF-11, the device conveniently Exercising and automatically guides you through several important settings. These include the display language, correct time and date, as well as personal information such as your birthday, weight, height and resting heart rate.
  • Page 13 Turning the Power On / Making Initial Settings ■ Date/Time Starting Up This lets you set the correct date and time for the BF-11, as well as the preferred format for each. Exercising Computer Use the ▲/▼ (Up/Down) buttons to change the setting then simultaneously press both ▲/▼...
  • Page 14 You’ve now made all necessary initial settings, and can now go on to using your new BF-11. The Top Menu of the BF-11 is automatically called up. Select one of the modes from the Top Menu (referring to the appropriate section of this...
  • Page 15: Control Hold

    Control Hold Control Hold Starting Up This feature lets you “freeze” the panel controls of the BF-11 so that you don’t Exercising inadvertently change any settings while you’re exercising. While Control Hold is active, the [MENU/BACK] button and the ▲/▼ (Up/Down) buttons are inactive.
  • Page 16: Turning The Power Off

    Turning the Power Off Turning the Power Off Starting Up You can turn the power of the BF-11 off in two different ways: Exercising Press and release the [ ] (Standby/On) button. When the menu shown below appears, Use the ▲/▼ (Up/Down) buttons to select “Power off.”...
  • Page 17: Putting On The Bf-11

    IMPORTANT Menu Tree • Make sure that the YAMAHA logo can be seen at the top of the arm band. This is the proper orientation for fitting to the armband. • Insert the BF-11 fully until a click sound is heard.
  • Page 18 Attaching the armband to your arm Starting Up IMPORTANT Make sure to wear the arm band only when the BF-11 is also inside. The band cannot be adjusted if the armband is empty. Exercising Loosen the armband and put your left arm into the armband.
  • Page 19: Putting On The Earphones And Pulse Sensor

    Putting on the BF-11 ■ Removing the BF-11 from the armband Starting Up Push the tab down and pull the device up and out. Exercising Computer Music Player ■ Proper care of the armband The armband requires little care, but if it gets dirty, wash it gently by hand Settings with water.
  • Page 20 Putting on the BF-11 Adjust the earphone angle as desired. Starting Up Do the same for both earphones and both ears. Exercising Computer Music Player IMPORTANT The proper position is with the earphone tilted slightly against the ear. However, each Settings individual’s ears may differ somewhat, so you should adjust this for maximum comfort...
  • Page 21 Putting on the BF-11 ■ Using the cable clip Starting Up If the cable is too long and gets in your way while you are exercising, bind the excess cable with the convenient cable clip. Exercising Cable clip Computer Music Player...
  • Page 22: Basic Operations

    Basic Operations Basic Operations Starting Up In this section, you’ll learn how to use the controls of the BF-11 for the basic Exercising operations of the device. These include moving the cursor highlight, selecting menu items, and changing settings and parameter values.
  • Page 23: Enter

    Music Player BF-11. Settings Shuffle (page Repeat (page Play Pause Stop Remaining battery power (page Refer to page 42 for information about operation during exercise, and page 57 for operation in Music Playback mode. Troubleshooting Menu Tree Index BF-11 Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 24: Exercising With The Bf-11

    Starting Up Exercising with the BF-11 Exercising The BF-11 is a unique music player designed specifically for Computer listening while exercising. It features a variety of sophisticated functions that tailor the music to your exercising. The BF-11 Music Player monitors your heart beat and walking/jogging steps, and automatically selects music of exactly the right tempo for your exercise.
  • Page 25: Walking/Jogging At Your Own Pace-Free Workout Mode

    Starting Up Mode Exercising In the Free Workout mode, the BF-11 automatically matches the music to your exercise pace, selecting songs that have almost the same tempo as your jogging or walking speed. When you change pace, the music changes with Computer you.
  • Page 26: Exercising With Free Workout

    Exercising with Free Workout Starting Up The Free Workout mode is an easy, convenient way to exercise using the versatile tempo changing features of the BF-11, since it automatically matches the music to your exercise pace. Exercising Keep in mind that it takes a few seconds to detect your pace and call up a song that matches your pace.
  • Page 27: Goal Setting And Music Selection

    After the Goal Setting is done, you can select the desired music (all songs or Music Player specific Playlists) from the Goal Setting display above when some playlists exist in the BF-11. Operation Settings From the Free Workout menu, select “Setting.”...
  • Page 28 Other Playlists will be shown here as you create them (using the included software) and load them to the BF-11. By default, the BF-11 has no custom music Playlists. However, it automatically creates two Playlists (Walk and Jog) when you first load your own songs to the device.
  • Page 29: After A Free Workout Session

    Exercising changes of your speed and heart rate during the session. Keep in mind that you can use the convenient software included with the BF-11 to more easily manage, view and even print the logs and graphs of all your Computer exercise sessions.
  • Page 30: Fitness Modes-Walk Fitness And Jog Fitness

    The built-in pulse sensor detects your heart rate as you exercise. Continuously Music Player and in real time, the BF-11 calculates the optimal exercise pace for you, given your physical condition—and then automatically changes the music to match your pace and heart rate. If your exercise is too strenuous and your heart rate is Settings too high (higher than optimal), the BF-11 plays slower tempo music.
  • Page 31: Exercising With The Fitness Modes

    BODiBEAT Station Owner’s Manual. Troubleshooting When the Tempo Guide function (page 62) is set to on, the guide sounds if your walking/jogging pace deviates from the tempo of a song. Continue to Menu Tree next page Index BF-11 Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 32 The indications and operations for the session log displays in the Fitness modes are the same as in the Free Workout mode. (See page 29.) Troubleshooting Menu Tree Index BF-11 Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 33: What Is 'Effective' Aerobic Exercise

    The BF-11 calculates your heart rate according to the blood flow at your ear lobe detected by the included pulse sensor. Using the Fitness modes, you can maintain the optimal heart rate during exercise without the need to be continually conscious of your heart rate, simply by entering your resting heart rate and maximum heart rate figures in advance.
  • Page 34 Generally, bending and stretching, as well as minimum-stress exercises are good for warming up and cooling down. The Fitness modes of the BF-11 actually include warming up and cooling down segments to guide you naturally into lighter exercising.
  • Page 35: Exercising According To A Training Program-Training Mode

    Select “Training” from the Top Menu. Exercising with preset programs The BF-11 comes with specially programmed preset Training programs built into the unit. These are designed for a variety of specific exercise situations or goals. The BF-11 also lets you create your own Training programs (see...
  • Page 36 As you exercise, the program number and the segment number is shown at the top of the display. A song of the appropriate tempo is automatically selected from all songs currently on the BF-11. If you want to specify a certain Playlist for song selection, select “View/Edit” here, and then select “OK”...
  • Page 37: Creating A New Program

    You can create your own Training program from scratch, entering the desired Interval and Target for each segment in your custom exercise program. Up to 99 programs can be saved in the BF-11. One program can contain up to 99 intervals. Operation Select “New”...
  • Page 38: About Heart Rate Reserve

    HRR = HR – HR rest Computer The BF-11 actually measures and calculates the percentage of heart rate reserve (%HRR) and uses this as a measurement of exercise intensity. Music Player By using %HRR as the exercise intensity, the optimal heart rate (HR) in exercising is calculated.
  • Page 39: Editing The Preset (Or Already Created) Program

    The lowest unused program number will be automatically selected as the copy destination. All segments in the program are shown in the display. Troubleshooting Continue to next page Menu Tree Index BF-11 Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 40 The segment is entered and operation returns to the previous display. Troubleshooting Repeat steps 3 – 5 above as needed to create all the desired segments for the program. Menu Tree Continue to next page Index BF-11 Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 41: Deleting A Program

    Deleting a program If you want to create a new program but the memory of the BF-11 is full and no more programs can be saved (an error message indicating this appears), you will need to delete one or more programs. This operation lets you delete an existing program to make room for the new program.
  • Page 42: Operation During Exercise

    Pausing the exercise Computer This function lets you temporarily pause the operation of the BF-11 (for example, if you need to briefly stop your exercise session). Music playback is stopped and your heart rate and pace are not monitored while Music Player pause is active.
  • Page 43 74) is on, the skip/top count is memorized. When you skip a song, the BF-11 memorizes this action, assuming that the song is one that you don’t like, and accordingly lowers the playback priority of the song. If you rewind (go back to the top of) the song, the song is memorized as a favorite and according raises the playback priority.
  • Page 44 If this occurs, a confirmation message will appear when the workout reaches its end, prompting you to memorize the changed pace/maximum heart rate. Select “Yes” to memorize. Menu Tree Index BF-11 Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 45 Simultaneously press the ▲/▼ (Up/Down) buttons to set the display as the main display. When you do nothing in the Change Disp. display, after ten seconds, the display will automatically return to the normal display. Troubleshooting Menu Tree Index BF-11 Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 46: Managing The Exercise Logs

    The BF-11 has memory space for up to 99 exercise session logs. When you exceed this number, the earliest ones will automatically be deleted to make room for the new logs. By using the included software to transfer your data to computer, you can store all your exercise logs and not need to worry about the 99-log limit.
  • Page 47: Deleting Exercise Logs

    From the Workouts display, select the desired session. From the other displays, select the desired time frame (day, week, month). Troubleshooting Select “Delete.” The display prompts you for confirmation. Menu Tree Select “Yes” to delete the selected log, or select “No” to cancel. Index BF-11 Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 48: Connecting To A Computer

    BF-11 conveniently and efficiently from your computer. This is especially true in the Music mode, where the songs you want to listen to must be loaded from the computer beforehand.
  • Page 49: About The Bodibeat Station Software

    The included BODiBEAT Station provides exceptionally convenient and easy Exercising tools for managing the songs you want to use on the BF-11, and provides easy- to-understand visual graphs of your exercise logs. It also provides convenient means for creating playlists of your favorite songs and for loading them to the...
  • Page 50: System Requirements

    Training programs on the BF-11 will be overwritten by the programs on the BODiBEAT Station. If you have edited the preset programs on the BF-11, your changes will be lost. To avoid this, copy the program you have edited to another program (page 39).
  • Page 51: How To Connect

    fire or an explosion. CAUTION • Do not connect the BF-11 to the computer when the computer is in the power-saving mode (such as suspended, sleep, standby) and do not turn the computer to the power-saving mode when the BF-11 is connected.
  • Page 52: Loading Music Data To The Bf-11

    Loading Music Data to the BF-11 Loading Music Data to the BF-11 Starting Up By loading your favorite songs to the BF-11, you can listen to them when you Exercising exercise or play them back in the Music Playback mode.
  • Page 53: Using The Bf-11 As A Music Player-Music Playback Mode

    —Music Playback Mode Music Player Settings In this mode, the BF-11 performs as a simple music player. You can select one of the songs you’ve loaded from computer and play it back. The Music Playback mode features three basic operations that let you: ➤...
  • Page 54: Selecting Songs

    With this operation, you can select a specific artist or album, and automatically play the songs of that artist or album. Note that you must first have some songs downloaded to the BF-11 and organized according to artist or album before you Computer can use this.
  • Page 55: Playing A Single Song-Songs

    If you want to stop playback of the song, press and hold down both ▲/▼ (Up/Down) buttons. To temporarily pause playback, simply press the ▲/▼ (Up/Down) buttons together (but do not hold them). Press them again to resume playback. Troubleshooting Menu Tree Index BF-11 Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 56: Playing The Songs From A Playlist-Playlists

    With this operation, you can select a specific Playlist, and automatically play the songs assigned to that Playlist. Note that you must first have some songs downloaded to the BF-11 and organized according to Playlists before you can Exercising use this. The BODiBEAT Station software has convenient tools to help you download songs and organize them into custom Playlists as desired.
  • Page 57: Basic Operations In Music Playback Mode

    ▲ (Up) or ▼ (Down) button during this five seconds. Troubleshooting If you try to skip playback of the last song while it is playing, song playback will be stopped. Menu Tree Index BF-11 Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 58: Stop And Pause

    After two seconds, the Volume display automatically closes and returns to the previous display. You can also close the Volume display manually (before the two seconds are up) by pressing the [MENU/BACK] button. Troubleshooting Menu Tree Index BF-11 Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 59: Exiting From The Play Info Display

    Play Info display will automatically be called up again. You can also call it up manually by the following procedure. Operation Select “Music Playback” from the Top Menu. Select “Now Playing.” The Play Info display appears. Troubleshooting Menu Tree Index BF-11 Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 60: Music Player Settings

    User, with a separate Initialize function for instantly restoring Settings the default settings of the device. Also included is an Information menu, which lets you check the version of your BF-11. Contents Music Settings.................. 61 Workout Music ................. 61 About the BODiBEAT songs..........
  • Page 61: Music Settings

    ➤ Various exercise and workout music controls, such as Tempo Guide, Song Connection, Playback Time for songs, and others. (See “Workout Music” below.) Computer ➤ The playback mode for the BF-11 (Repeat and Shuffle). (See “Play Mode” on page 65.) ➤ The tonal qualities of the sound. (See “Bass Boost” on page 65.)
  • Page 62: About The Bodibeat Songs

    Settings About the BODiBEAT songs F YI The BF-11 contains many short phrases of specific song parts—for example, rhythm parts, melody parts, bass parts, and so on. The built- in BODiBEAT Mixer chooses some of these randomly and mixes them, giving you literally hundreds of thousands of songs suitable for your exercise sessions.
  • Page 63 Off, On ■ Song Transition Song playback on the BF-11 is basically continuous. One song follows another virtually without pause in order that your exercise continues undisturbed. The Song Transition function lets you determine how the BF- 11 connects consecutive songs with a special connective phrase.
  • Page 64 ■ Normalize Volume Settings This evens out the volume of all songs in the BF-11, preventing extreme changes in volume from one song to the next and keeping the selected songs at relatively the same level. If you have already normalized the levels of the song or songs on the computer with some other audio application, make sure to set the Normalize Volume setting to off.
  • Page 65: Play Mode-Repeat And Shuffle

    Play Mode—Repeat and Shuffle Starting Up This mode lets you set how the BF-11 plays back songs—at random or in order, and whether a song or songs will be repeated. Repeat and Shuffle playback can be used together as well.
  • Page 66: Hardware Settings

    The Sensors settings let you tailor the response and sensitivity of the sensors of the BF-11. It lets you adjust the device to the strength of your pulse, the speed of your walking/jogging stride and changes in your walking/jogging pace.
  • Page 67 ■ Pace Sensor This allows you to tailor the response of the BF-11 to changes in your walking/jogging speed. In the Free Workout mode, the BF-11 recognizes that you intend to change the pace when you speed up or slow down the pace greater than a certain range.
  • Page 68: Display

    Hardware Settings Display Starting Up The Display settings let you make various overall display-related settings for the BF-11, including the system of measurements used, language, and contrast control. Exercising Operation From the Hardware Settings menu, select the Display menu. Computer In the Display menu, the following items are shown: Main Display, Measurement, Language, Display Time and Contrast.
  • Page 69 Operation From the Display menu, select the Display Time menu. Available settings: 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 180 seconds Troubleshooting Menu Tree Index BF-11 Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 70: Date/Time

    Available range: 1 – 5 Settings Date/Time This lets you set the correct date and time for the BF-11, as well as the preferred format for each. To maintain the correct time, check the Date/ Time setting frequently. Operation From the Hardware Settings menu, select the Date/Time menu.
  • Page 71: User Settings

    73.) Music Player ➤ Specify your age and gender. (See “Birthday/Sex” on page 74.) ➤ Enable the Learning function of the BF-11. (See “Learning Function” on page 74.) Settings From the Top Menu, select Settings ➞ User Settings. Heart Rate These parameters let you check your heart rate (pulse) and register your resting and maximum heart rates.
  • Page 72: Fyi

    F YI The Maximum Heart Rate is calculated from your age (220 – age) by default. However, as you exercise with the BF-11 in Fitness modes or Training mode, the BF-11 monitors your pace and heart rate during exercise and calculates your maximum heart rate. If the value differs from your Maximum Heart Rate setting, you can update the setting with the new value.
  • Page 73: Stride

    From the User Settings menu, select the Weight/Height settings. After measuring your actual weight and height, enter the Menu Tree appropriate value for each. The units of measurement used here depend on the settings made in the Measurement Index parameter (page 69). BF-11 Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 74: Birthday/Sex

    This setting lets you enter your age and sex. Your gender has no bearing on the functions of the BF-11, but your age is used for calculating the default maximum heart rate (according to the formula 220 – your age) which is automatically Exercising displayed in the Heart Rate setting menu.
  • Page 75 Available settings: Computer Off: Changing pace and skip/top count are not reflected in the BF-11 settings. On: Manual changes to your pace while exercising will be reflected in calculations of your pace (starting pace and fastest pace) and maximum heart rate setting. Skip/top count will also be reflected in the playback priority.
  • Page 76: Information

    Settings Initialize This operation restores the factory default settings of the BF-11. Keep in mind that it automatically replaces any settings you’ve made yourself with the original settings that were on the device when you purchased it. It clears all data from the BF-11—including your exercise logs, user songs and any personal...
  • Page 77: Appendix

    When turning the power on, a “Memory full” message appears and the BF-11 cannot be started up. • There is no memory space in the device for booting up. Connect the BF-11 to the computer and delete unnecessary files. • The song data may not be loaded correctly. Make sure to use the included...
  • Page 78 Power cannot be turned off while charging the battery with the USB AC power adaptor. Troubleshooting • This is normal. The BF-11 is always on during battery charging, for power control purposes, when connected with the optional USB AC power adaptor. ■...
  • Page 79 The time of the exercise logs seem to be wrong. • The clock of the BF-11 may go wrong or stop if you don’t use the BF-11 for a long period or you don’t adjust the time for a long period. To avoid this...
  • Page 80: Menu Tree

    Display Time (page Contrast (page Date/Time (page User Settings (page Heart Rate (page Check Heart Rate (page Change Heart Rate (page Stride (page Weight/Height (page Birthday/Sex (page Learning Function (page Troubleshooting Information (page Initialize (page Menu Tree Index BF-11 Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 81: Preset Training Programs

    BF-11 Preset Training Programs BF-11 Preset Training Programs Starting Up The warming up and cooling down segments are not included in each Preset Training Program. Before exercising or after exercising, make sure to properly do warming up and cooling down Exercising exercises by yourself.
  • Page 82 BF-11 Preset Training Programs 03: Short Interval 3 This program helps you build up speed. (For advanced users) Starting Up Total: 6 km Interval Target Interval Target (km) (/km) (km) (/km) Exercising 3:20 5:40 5:40 3:20 3:20 5:40 5:40 3:20...
  • Page 83 BF-11 Preset Training Programs 06: Long Interval 3 This program helps you build up stamina for high-speed running. (For advanced users) Starting Up Total: 7 km Pace (min : sec/km) Interval Target (km) (/km) Exercising 4:10 6:15 6:15 4:10 4:10...
  • Page 84: Specifications

    AAC (8 to 320 kbps, variable bit rate) Troubleshooting Some file formats above may not be supported depending on the particular files. Menu Tree Auxiliary jacks Earphones/Pulse sensor: proprietary 8-pin, USB 2.0 (Hi-speed) Included software BODiBEAT Station Index BF-11 Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 85 PA-U010 USB AC power adaptor, JA-BF1 Jack adaptor * Specifications and descriptions in this owner’s manual are for information purposes only. Yamaha Corp. reserves the right to change or modify products or specifications at any time without prior notice. Since Computer specifications, equipment or options may not be the same in every locale, please check with your...
  • Page 86: Index

    Display Time ..........69 Distance ........... 27 Main Display ........45, 68 Marathon ..........27 Menu Tree Maximum Heart Rate ........ 72 Earphone connector ........ 17 Measurement ........... 69 Earphones ..........19 Measurement Error ........31 Index Edit ............40 BF-11 Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 87 Segment ........... 38 Select Song display ......... 43 Troubleshooting Sensors ............ 66 Settings ............ 60 Short Interval ..........81 Shuffle ............65 Menu Tree Skip ............ 43, 57 Skip/top count .......... 74 Song Transition ........63 Index BF-11 Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 88 Niederlassung und bei Yamaha Vertragshändlern in den jeweiligen Bestimmungsländern erhältlich. Pour plus de détails sur les produits, veuillez-vous adresser à Yamaha ou au distributeur le plus proche de vous figurant dans la liste suivante. Para detalles sobre productos, contacte su tienda Yamaha más cercana o el distribuidor autorizado que se lista debajo.

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