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Haier AED-3190ET Instructions For Use Manual page 5

Haier microwave oven instruction for use


Customer service jobs resulting from improper operation of the oven are liable for payment even during
the guarantee period.
What is when.........
Is the plug firmly inserted in the socket?
Is the power socket under current?
(test this by plugging in another kitchen appliance)
Is the fuse intact?
Was the timer set properly? (first turn beyond the required time and then back accordingly)
Does the oven door close tightly?
Is anything stuck in the door?
Under no circumstances should you subject the appliance to any tests other than those de-
scribed here or attempt to repair it yourself by technical means.
Warning !
The interior lamp may only be replaced by specially trained customer service personnel who is aware
of the related dangers.
The appliance works independently from the interior light. It can thus also be operated easily even if the
interior lamp has failed.
Steam escaping from the air vent is quite normal during operation. This is not a malfunction.
10 Calling the customer support service
To ensure prompt help when needed, please have ready the following data before calling the customer
support service:
Appliance Type / Model (see rating plate)
Date of purchase
Name and location of your dealer
Description of the malfunction
The address and phone number of the customer support service centre responsible for your
appliance can be found in the attached customer support service directory , or in the guarantee card.
Otherwise contact your dealer .
11 Guarantee
Please note the general guarantee terms and the guarantee period stated in the attached guarantee
card. If the appliance documentation does not include a guarantee card, please contact your dealer .
The manufacturer works constantly at the further development of all products. Please therefore bear
this in mind as the form, set up and technology are subject to change, without prior notice.
Instruction for use
Wood / wooden skewer
Plastic cups / dishes etc.
White paper trays / cartons
Very important !
The following items are under no circumstances suitable for microwave cooking:
Metal containers, cutlery or skewers
Containers with metal trimming (e.g. gold rim )
Bags sealed with metal parts (clips)
Cartons coated with plastic film or foil
Coloured or recycled paper
Metal objects may trigger off unwanted sparking and potentially damage the appliance.
Coated cartons, coloured or recycled paper may contain substances that may lead to overheating and fire.
If your appliance is also equipped with a fan or a grill function, make sure the dishes you use have a
high heat resistance.
2 Where to install the oven
1. Before installing your new appliance, you need to check as for visible external damage.
Under no circumstances should the appliance be started, if it is damaged.
Therefore, thoroughly check the appliance as for:
Damaged packaging, indicating that the appliance may have been damaged during shipment
Damaged cabinet
Damaged door glass panel
Visible damage to the cable / plug
If you suspect any damage, please have the appliance tested by the customer support service.
At all costs prevent the emission of any hazardous microwave radiation by not starting up a damaged
3 Installing the oven:
(FIG. A)
a) Unpack the appliance
b) Remove all objects from the inside of the oven.
c) Carefully remove all plastic films and stickers from:
the cabinet
the door
the turntable axle - drive shaft
Failure to carefully remove plastic films and stickers may lead to a fire hazard.
d) Clean the oven interior with a damp cloth.
Do not use sharp cleansers or scouring agents!
e) Unpack the turntable (not all models are equipped with) and its undercarriage
Instruction for use



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