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WowWee Roboreptile User Manual

Remote controlled toy.
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User Manual
Item No. 8065 | Ages 8+


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  • Page 1

    User Manual Item No. 8065 | Ages 8+...

  • Page 2

    WELCOME Congratulations on purchasing your new Roboreptile. Be sure to read this manual carefully for a complete understanding of the many features of your new Roboreptile. This package contains: 1 x Roboreptile 1 x Controller 1 x Hood Accessory Remote Controller...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Basic Movement Overview Controller Layer 1 Remote Controller Function Chart Controller Layer 2 Free Roam Mode, Moods and Sleep Mode Controller Layer 3 Feeding your Roboreptile Program Mode Vision Sensors Volume Control Touch Sensor Guard Mode Sonic Sensors Understanding Roboreptile...

  • Page 4: Battery Details And Powering On

    EtaiLs an pOWEring On Battery requirements Bottom view of Roboreptile Your remote controller is powered by 3 x “AA” size batteries (not included). Your Roboreptile is powered by 6 x “AA” size batteries (not included). Battery Battery installation Compartment 1 Before installing or changing batteries, ensure the Roboreptile’s...

  • Page 5: Overview

    OvErviEW Touch Sensor Infrared Vision Sensors Remote Controller Hood Accessory Stereo Sound Sensors...

  • Page 6: Remote Controller Function Chart

    Stop Stop Stop Controller Layer 3 (p.14) Head left Program mode Attack Roboreptile responds to remote control commands more easily Head right Program play Shake when you are in front of him. He will not see as well if the...

  • Page 7: Free Roam Mode, Moods And Sleep Mode

    MOE, MOOs an sLEEp MOE MOODS Roboreptile starts in Direct Control Mode and is in this state whenever he is waiting for, or performing, a controller command. Hungry Roboreptile enters Free Roam if his Touch Sensor is pressed, after This is Roboreptile’s default mood.

  • Page 8

    NOTE Hooding the Roboreptile Any object that can cover all the sensors in Roboreptile’s head can be used in place of the Hood. A dark environment will have the same reaction. Hooded - Sleep Mode After about 40 seconds Roboreptile will fall asleep.

  • Page 9: Feeding Your Roboreptile

    (This will interrupt whatever mode Roboreptile is in). avoidance and user interruptions) before he goes back into If the signal moves too far left or right, Roboreptile will follow Hungry Mood. the controller by turning his body left or right with his legs.

  • Page 10: Vision Sensors

    He will track the movement of an object left and right. IMPORTANT Roboreptile’s Infrared Vision System is based on reflection. This means that he can see highly reflective surfaces like white walls or mirrors more easily and at greater distances. When hooded Roboreptile’s Tracking for too long vision system is off and he does not have Infrared capabilities.

  • Page 11: Touch Sensor

    Roboreptile is equipped with a Touch Sensor, which allows him Top view of Roboreptile to respond to human interaction. The Touch Sensor is located on Roboreptile’s back, at the base of his neck. He only likes his touch sensor being pressed when he is Hooded. See subdued below.

  • Page 12: Sonic Sensors

    Roboreptile has Sonic Sensors located on either side of his head, Front view of Roboreptile just behind the jaw. These enable him to detect sharp, loud sounds (like a clap) to his left, right, and directly ahead. When he hears a sound he will run towards it.

  • Page 13: Basic Movement

    Pressing left or right will make Roboreptile turn immediately in Roboreptile’s gaits. that direction as you face him. Press the same direction button again during the turn and Roboreptile will start a walking turn. Push once for Walk 1 - 4 legs...

  • Page 14: Controller Layer

    Press to make Roboreptile move backward. Backward Left Press to make Roboreptile perform a stationary turn, press again while he is moving to perform a walk turn. Right Press to make Roboreptile perform a stationary turn, press again while he is moving to perform a walk turn.

  • Page 15: Controller Layer 2

    Program Mode Press to enter Program Mode. (see p.15) Program Play Press to make Roboreptile play the program stored in his memory. If there is no program stored, he will perform a ’stop’. (see p.15) Demo 2 Press to make Roboreptile perform a preprogrammed demonstration of animations.

  • Page 16: Controller Layer

    GREEN ANIMATED LIGHT Stop Press to make Roboreptile from performing his current action. Jump Press to make Roboreptile perform jumps. (see Jump on p.11) Sweep Press to make Roboreptile perform a sweep. Left Tail Strike Press to make Roboreptile perform a left tail strike.

  • Page 17: Program Mode

    NOTE The user can choose a combination of controller commands Pressing STOP will sound a denial. It will not exit Roboreptile from Program Mode, as it does not register as a programmable command. from all three layers of the controller to form a program.

  • Page 18: Volume Control

    Altering the volume when Roboreptile is performing To exit Guard Mode press ANY button. a function will cause the function to stop. CAUTION Do not put Roboreptile near the edge of a table since he could fall off when becoming animated.

  • Page 19: Understanding Roboreptile

    • Control Roboreptile as if he is your reflection in a mirror. • When stationary in direct control mode, Roboreptile will enter Free Roam Mode if there is no command in Command example around 30 seconds. Press Left and he will move to his Right.

  • Page 20

    Product and colors may vary. Packaging printed in China. This product is not suitable for children under 3 years because Manufactured and distributed of small parts - choking hazard. by © 2006 WowWee Ltd. MADE IN CHINA All Rights Reserved. WowWee Limited...

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