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KitchenAid 5KHB3581 Instructions Manual

Cordless hand blender
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  Summary of Contents for KitchenAid 5KHB3581

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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    HaND BlENDEr SaFETY Important safeguards ..................6 Electrical requirements ..................7 Electrical equipment waste disposal ..............7 Disposing of KitchenAid Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery ......... 7 ParTS aND FEaTUrES Parts and accessories ..................8 Attachment guide ..................... 10 oPEraTINg THE HaND BlENDEr Before first use: charging the battery ...............
  • Page 3: Hand Blender Safety

    Authorized Service Facility for examination, repair, or electrical or mechanical adjustment. 7. The use of attachments not recommended or sold by KitchenAid may cause fire, electric shock, or injury. 8. Do not let power cord on charger hang over edge of table or counter. Excess cord may be wrapped on the underside of the charger.
  • Page 4: Electrical Requirements

    Kitchenaid lithium-Ion (li-Ion) battery Always dispose of your battery according to Even discharged batteries contain some local regulations. Contact a recycling agency energy.
  • Page 5: Parts And Features

    ParTS aND FEaTUrES Parts and accessories Battery location Back of motor body Front of Battery release motor body lever / Hanging loop Unlock button lED display speed selection Speed control indicator buttons grip lED display Pulse button battery life indicator Battery lED charge indicator/ lid...
  • Page 6 ParTS aND FEaTUrES Parts and accessories gUarDS BEll BlaDES Bell guard S-Blade Pan guard Star blade 33 cm (13") Frother/Beater Blending arm 4 C u p 3 1 /2 C 3 C u p 2 1 /2 C 2 C u p 1 1 /2 C 1 C u p 1 /2 C u...
  • Page 7: Attachment Guide

    ParTS aND FEaTUrES attachment guide attachment Best used to S-Blade Blend, Crush, Puree Soups, Cooked vegetables, Sauces, Baby food, Smoothies, Milk shakes, Frosting, Crushed ice Star Blade Shred, Mince Cooked meats, Beef gravy, Minces Frother/Beater Froth, Mix Milk (for Latte, Cappuccino...), Cake batter, Pancake batter, Muffin batter Whisk Whip, Emulsify, aerate...
  • Page 8: Operating The Hand Blender

    oPEraTINg THE HaND BlENDEr Before first use: charging the battery Plug in the charger. Push the lid release button to open the lid. Slide the battery into the charger, The LED indicator will begin to flash aligning the flat side of the battery to the slowly and continuously as it charges.
  • Page 9: Assembling The Hand Blender

    oPEraTINg THE HaND BlENDEr assembling the Hand Blender Before First Use Before using the Hand Blender for the first time, wipe the motor body, the whisk adapter, and chopper adapter with a clean, damp cloth to remove any dirt or dust. Mild dish soap may be used.
  • Page 10: Using The Led Display Panel

    oPEraTINg THE HaND BlENDEr Slide the charged battery into the top Snap pan guard into place with an even, of the Hand Blender motor body. Make downward motion. sure it latches securely. Using the lED display panel IMPorTaNT: The unlock button must be pressed before the Hand Blender will operate. Battery life indicator lED display...
  • Page 11: Using The Blending Arm

    oPEraTINg THE HaND BlENDEr Using the blending arm The blending arm is ideal to use for blending, crushing, or puréeing. It is best used for soups, cooked vegetables, sauces, baby food, smoothies, milk shakes, frosting, or crushed ice. Unlock Speed control button buttons lED display...
  • Page 12: Using The Whisk Attachment

    oPEraTINg THE HaND BlENDEr oPEraTINg THE HaND BlENDEr Using the whisk attachment Use the whisk to whip cream, beat egg whites, mix instant puddings, vinaigrettes, mousse, or for making mayonnaise. Unlock button Insert the whisk adapter into the motor Slide the battery into the Hand Blender body and twist to lock until it clicks.
  • Page 13: Using The Chopper Attachment

    oPEraTINg THE HaND BlENDEr Using the chopper attachment Use the chopper attachment to chop small amounts of food such as cooked meat, cheese, vegetables, herbs, crackers, bread, and nuts. IMPorTaNT: Always wait to insert battery into Hand Blender until accessories are attached.
  • Page 14: Chopper Processing Guide

    oPEraTINg THE HaND BlENDEr Using the chopper attachment (continued) NoTE: To remove chopper adapter from chopper bowl, lift it straight up. Do not try to twist chopper adapter to remove. Wait for LED to power down before removing motor body from chopper adapter.
  • Page 15: Tips For Great Results

    If the easier blending or chopping. battery is already fully charged, and the unit fails to operate, contact KitchenAid. • The Hand Blender is equipped with thermal protection from high operating • To avoid splashing, insert the Hand temperatures.
  • Page 16 TIPS For grEaT rESUlTS operating tips (continued) • For best blending, hold the Hand Blender • Do not use your Hand Blender to process at an angle and gently move up and down coffee beans or hard spices such as within the container.
  • Page 17: Care And Cleaning

    care and cleaning cleaning the Hand Blender nOTe: Always remove the battery from the Hand Blender if it is left unattended and before assembling, disassembling or cleaning. Do not immerse the motor body or the adapters in water. Do not put whisk adapter or chopper adapter in dishwasher.
  • Page 18: Service And Warranty

    Contact number for Ireland: Tollfree number +44 (0) 20 8616 5148 E-mail contact for U.K. and Ireland: Go to, and click on the link “Contact Us” at the bottom of the page. Address for U.K. and Ireland: KitchenAid Europa, Inc.
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