Nokia 110 User Manual
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Nokia 110 User Guide
Issue 1.2 EN


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  • Page 1 Nokia 110 User Guide Issue 1.2 EN...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Keys and parts....................5 Insert a SIM card and battery................7 Insert or remove a second SIM card...............8 Insert a memory card..................9 Charge the battery..................11 Lock the keys ....................11 Attach a strap....................12 Explore your phone..................12 Set which SIM card to use................13 Copy content from your old phone...............14 Indicators on your phone................16 Make or answer a call..................17...
  • Page 3 Write text.......................23 Check your voicemail..................24 Personalise your home screen..............25 Add shortcuts to your home screen.............26 Change your ringtone..................27 Set an alarm....................28 Add an appointment..................29 Listen to the radio..................30 Find and save radio stations.................31 Play a song.....................32 Take a photo....................33 Record a video....................34 Browse the web.....................35 Add a bookmark....................36 Set up your mail account................37...
  • Page 4 Lock your phone....................42 Change the security code................43 Restore original settings................44 Support......................45 Update phone software using your phone...........45 Back up content to a memory card...............46 Access codes....................47 General information..................49...
  • Page 5: Keys And Parts

    Keys and parts Selection keys Keypad Earpiece Microphone Screen Scroll key End/Power key Call key...
  • Page 6 Charger connector 10 Headset connector (3.5 mm) 11 Loudspeaker 12 SIM card slot (SIM 2). See 6 in "Feature-specific instructions". 13 Camera lens. Before using the camera, remove the protective tape from the lens.
  • Page 7: Insert A Sim Card And Battery

    Insert a SIM card and battery Switch the phone off, then remove Line up the battery contacts, then the back cover. push the battery in. If the battery is in the phone, lift it Slide the back cover down until it out.
  • Page 8: Insert Or Remove A Second Sim Card

    Insert or remove a second SIM card Tip: To remove the SIM, press the Open the SIM cover. See tongue down, then slide the SIM out. Put the SIM in with the contact area face up. Push the card in until it locks into place.
  • Page 9: Insert A Memory Card

    Insert a memory card To remove the SIM, push the SIM in Switch the phone off, then remove until it's free. the back cover. Pull the SIM out. If the battery is in the phone, lift it out. Slide the memory card holder towards the top of the phone.
  • Page 10 Lift the holder. Slide the holder to its original position. Put a compatible memory card in with Line up the battery contacts, then the contact area face down. push the battery in. Lower the holder. Slide the back cover down until it locks into place.
  • Page 11: Charge The Battery

    Charge the battery Lock the keys Plug the charger into a wall outlet. Lock the keys when not using your phone. Connect the charger to the phone. Select Menu, then press *. 3, 4. Battery full? Unplug from the phone, To unlock, select Unlock, then press then from the wall outlet.
  • Page 12: Attach A Strap

    Attach a strap Explore your phone Menu Switch the phone off, then remove To see the features and apps in your the back cover. phone, press Menu. Back Loop the strap around the wrist strap To go back to the previous view, press peg.
  • Page 13: Set Which Sim Card To Use

    Set which SIM card to use Select To go to an app or feature, press the Set the SIM for outgoing calls, scroll key up, down, left, or right. messages, and connections. Select Options Select Exit To open the app or select the feature, Select Menu >...
  • Page 14: Copy Content From Your Old Phone

    Copy content from your old phone Ask every time SIM1 SIM2 Options Select Back Select SIM1 or SIM2 to always use Easily get your contacts, calendar, that SIM. and other stuff to your new phone. Ask every time SIM1 Rename SIM2 Help Options...
  • Page 15: Found Devices

    Back Unmark Select Copy to this and what you want Check that the codes match on both to copy, then select Done. phones. Nokia XX My laptop Options Back Connect Select your old phone from the list of Follow the instructions shown on found devices.
  • Page 16: Indicators On Your Phone

    Indicators on your phone — You have unread — Bluetooth is on. messages sent to SIM1 or SIM2. — All incoming calls to — You have unread messages SIM1 or SIM2 are forwarded to sent to SIM1 and SIM2. another number. —...
  • Page 17: Make Or Answer A Call

    Make or answer a call 0123456789 In call Options Loudsp. Call your friend. See To end the call, press 9876543210 0123 calling SIM1 456789 Answer Options Save Clear Type in the phone number, then press When your phone rings, press answer.
  • Page 18: Call The Last Dialled Number

    Call the last dialled View your missed calls number 1 missed call Menu Names Go to View Exit On the home screen, press On the home screen, select View. See 0123456789 0123456789 Today, 08:29 Today, 14:29 9876543210 Today, 07:29 Call Call Select the number, then press To call back, select the number, then...
  • Page 19: Change The Volume

    Change the volume Save a name and phone number Is the volume too loud during a call or Add new contacts to your phone. when listening to the radio? Options Select Exit Scroll up or down. Select Menu > Contacts. Names Add new Synchronise all...
  • Page 20 Jim Brown Number: 9876543210 Options Clear Options Select Clear Type in the phone number, then To search for a contact, start writing select OK. the contact's name in the search box. Jim Brown Jim Brown Contact details Call Call Add detail Last name: 9876543210 9876543210...
  • Page 21: Make Calls Quickly

    Make calls quickly Found: Mike Mike 9876543210 Anna End call Phone number: Search Back Select Back Options Call someone often? Set their Select Search and a contact. number as a speed dial. See Found: Mike 9876543210 End call Options Select Exit Select Menu >...
  • Page 22: Send A Message

    Send a message Hi Anna, how are you? Options Send to Clear Keep in touch with people through Write your message. messages. See Your message: Insert symbol Hi Anna, how are Insert object you? Prediction Writing language Save as draft Options Send to Back...
  • Page 23: Write Text

    Write text Press a key repeatedly until the letter is shown. Photo0001.jpg To type in a punctuation mark, press 1 repeatedly. Anna [0123456789]; To type in a special character, press Send Clear *, then select the character. Select Send. If asked, select which SIM to use.
  • Page 24: Check Your Voicemail

    Check your voicemail Mailbox number: 0987612345 Options Clear When you can't answer, you can When setting up voicemail, type in forward calls to your voicemail. your voice mailbox number. Calling Voice mailbox End call Options Select Exit Select Menu > Messaging. Tip: To quickly call your voicemail, press and hold 1 on the home screen.
  • Page 25: Personalise Your Home Screen

    Personalise your home screen Wallpaper Photos Home screen Menu Menu Opt. Cancel Select Back You can change the wallpaper, and Select OK to open the folder, then rearrange items on the home screen. select a photo. Menu Options Select Exit Select Menu >...
  • Page 26: Add Shortcuts To Your Home Screen

    Add shortcuts to your home screen Notifications Save changes? Menu Change Options Done Back Add shortcuts to your favourite apps Select Done > Yes. to your home screen. Personalise Home scr. sett. Options Select Exit Select Back Scroll to a shortcut, then select Options >...
  • Page 27: Change Your Ringtone

    Exit Select Menu > Settings. Select Tones > Ringtones and a ringtone. Themes Incom. call alert: Ringing Tones Ringtone: Nokia tune Display Ringing volume: Select Back Options Save Back Select Tones, then scroll to Tip: To switch between the silent and Ringtone:.
  • Page 28: Set An Alarm

    Set an alarm 09:00 Repeat days Alarm tone Alarm on Standard Options Save Back Select Back Use your phone as an alarm clock. To repeat the alarm, select Options > Repeat days and the days, then select Done. Games Alarm clock Calendar Options Select...
  • Page 29: Add An Appointment

    Add an appointment Subject: Reminder Meeting Meet Mike Call Birthday Location: Subject: Anniversary Meeting Memo Location: Options Save Select Back Clear Need to remember an appointment? Select Meeting, fill in the fields, then Add it to your calendar. select Save. Alarm clock Calendar Calculator...
  • Page 30: Listen To The Radio

    Listen to the radio My music Radio Select Back Listen to your favourite radio stations Select Radio. on your phone. Connect a compatible headset. It acts To change the volume, scroll up or as an antenna. down. 87.5 87.5 108.0 Options Hide Options...
  • Page 31: Find And Save Radio Stations

    Find and save radio stations Station Switch off Play in backgr. Stations 87.5 Search stations Set frequency 87.5 108.0 Options Hide Select Back Search for your favourite radio To search for all available stations, stations select Options > Search stations. Station Switch off Play in backgr.
  • Page 32: Play A Song

    Play a song Station 101.8 87.5 108.0 Options Hide Tip: To switch to a saved station, you Listen to your favourite music on your can also press a number key. phone. 88.5 Delete station Rename Organise 101.8 Select Back Select Back Options Select...
  • Page 33: Take A Photo

    Take a photo Song 1 Go to Media pl. Song 2 All songs Playlists Song 3 Song 4 Artists Capture Song 5 Albums Song 6 Genres Options Exit Options Back Select Play Select the song you want to play. There's a camera in your phone - just aim and snap! Song 1 Camera...
  • Page 34: Record A Video

    Record a video Record Opt. Capture Back Select Capture. Besides taking photos, you can also The photos are saved in My photos. record videos with your phone. My albums Video camera My videos Options Select Exit Select Back To open the camera, select Menu > Photos >...
  • Page 35: Browse The Web

    Catch up on the news, and visit your favourite websites. Pause Stop Options Select Exit To stop recording, press Stop. Select Menu > Internet. Videos are saved in My videos. Clear To go to a website, write the web address in the address bar.
  • Page 36: Add A Bookmark

    Add a bookmark History Clear history Featured Home Edit favourite Favourites Delete favourite Downloads Settings Options Exit Back Tip: On the History tab, you can select If you visit the same websites often, Options > Clear history. add them as bookmarks.
  • Page 37: Set Up Your Mail Account

    Set up your mail account Send a mail Mail Mike Hello Anna! Anna Hi Mike! Want to use mail, but don't have a You can read and send mail while on computer? You can use your phone. the move. Options Select Exit Options...
  • Page 38 Subject: Thanks. Add account Body text: Hi Anna! Options Clear Select Exit Select a mail account. Write the subject and your message. Quick reply Cancel Add Cc/Bcc Delete Delete Many Attach new img. Compose New Attach file Help Forward Select Back Select...
  • Page 39: Chat With Your Friends

    Chat with your friends Expand Reply Hi Mike! Quick reply Reply to all Delete Select Back Tip: To reply to a mail, open the mail, You can chat with your friends online then select Options > Reply. while on the move. Options Select Exit...
  • Page 40 Send Options Select Back Clear Tip: If you don't have a chat account, Write your message in the text box, you can sign in to Nokia Chat. then select Send. See Conversations My Status Send IM to…...
  • Page 41: Send A Photo Using Bluetooth

    Send a photo using Bluetooth Nokia XX My laptop Connect Back Send a photo you have taken to your Select the device to connect to. If PC. See asked, type in the passcode. Delete Send Use photo Edit photo Landscape mode Opt.
  • Page 42: Lock Your Phone

    Lock your phone Security code: Clear Set your phone to automatically lock Type in the security code. itself when you're not using it. Options Select Exit Select Menu > Settings. To unlock, select Unlock, press *, then type in the security code. Security keyguard Call Device...
  • Page 43: Change The Security Code

    Select Menu > Settings. Type in the preset security code 12345. Access codes Configuration Enter new security Security code: Code in use Nokia account Select Back Select Back Clear Select Security > Access codes. Type in a new code, using at least 5...
  • Page 44: Restore Original Settings

    Restore original settings Configuration Restore sett. only Security Restore all Restore factory sett. Back Back Select Select If your phone is not working properly, Select Restore factory sett. > reset the settings. Restore sett. only. 0123456789 Security code: In call Options Loudsp.
  • Page 45: Support

    You can only update your software If your issue remains unsolved, when using the SIM in the internal SIM holder. contact Nokia for repair options. Before sending your phone for repair, always back up your data, as all Select Menu > Settings and personal data in your phone may be Device >...
  • Page 46: Back Up Content To A Memory Card

    Back up content to a memory card Check for updates automatically Settings Contacts Select Automatic SW update check, Messages Bookmarks then set how often to check. Calendar Gallery files Your network service provider may Options Done send updates over the air directly to your phone.
  • Page 47: Access Codes

    This is used to identify valid phones in the network. The number can also be used to block, for example, stolen (15 digits) phones. You may also need to give the number to Nokia Care services. To view your IMEI number, dial *#06#.
  • Page 48 If you forget the code and your phone is locked, your phone will require service. Additional charges may apply, and all the personal data in your phone may be deleted. For more information, contact Nokia Care or your phone dealer.
  • Page 49: General Information

    OTHER ACCESSORIES Use only batteries, chargers, and other accessories approved by Nokia for use with this device. Do not connect incompatible products. 3 If the battery has not been used for a long time, to begin charging, you may need...
  • Page 50 Characters with accents, other marks, or 4 If the battery is completely discharged, some language options, take more space, it may take several minutes before the limiting the number of characters that can be charging indicator is displayed or before any sent in a single message.
  • Page 51 • Do not use or store the device in dusty and promote the recycling of materials. or dirty areas. Moving parts and electronic Check how to recycle your Nokia products at components can be damaged. • Do not store the device in high temperatures.
  • Page 52 Nokia may make additional battery models available for this Content owners may use different types of device. Always use original Nokia batteries. digital rights management (DRM) technologies to protect their intellectual This device is intended for use when supplied property, including copyrights.
  • Page 53 When your charger is not in use, unplug it of unapproved batteries or incompatible from the electrical plug and the device. Do chargers may present a risk of fire, not leave a fully charged battery connected explosion, or other hazard, and may to a charger, as overcharging may shorten invalidate any approval or warranty.
  • Page 54 solely on any wireless device for essential • Follow the manufacturer directions for communications like medical emergencies. the implanted medical device. Small children If you have any questions about using your Your device and its accessories are not toys. wireless device with an implanted medical They may contain small parts.
  • Page 55 Nokia does not compartment as the device, its parts, or endorse or assume liability for such sites.
  • Page 56 Nokia Corporation. Nokia tune power level in all tested frequency bands. is a sound mark of Nokia Corporation. Other The actual SAR level of an operating device product and company names mentioned...
  • Page 57 Diversion contrary to law is prohibited. connection with information which has been encoded in compliance with the MPEG-4 Nokia does not provide a warranty for or take Visual Standard by a consumer engaged in a any responsibility for the functionality,...

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