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Asus Nexus 7 Manual Book: Configure Sync Options

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Remove an account
You can remove any account and all information associated with
it from your device, including email, contacts, settings, and so on.
To remove a Google account, touch its name under Settings >
Accounts or Settings > Accounts >Google, then
Menu > Re-
move account.
For any other type of account go, to Settings > Accounts >
account-name and look for the Remove option.

Configure sync options

If your tablet has multiple users, each has separate sync options.
To reach sync settings for Google accounts, start from
Settings > Accounts > Google.
You can configure synchronization options for any of your apps.
You can also decide what kinds of data to synchronize for each
For some accounts, syncing is two-directional; changes that you
make to the information on your device are made to the copy of
that information on the web. Your Google Account works this way.
Other accounts support only one-way sync: the information on
your mobile device is read-only.
Some apps, such as Gmail and Calendar, have separate syn-
chronization settings that provide more fine-grained control. For
example, to control message syncing in the Gmail app, ensure
Menu > Label settings
you're viewing your Inbox, then touch
> Sync messages.


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