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AEG 353 WK-m Instruction Book
AEG 353 WK-m Instruction Book

AEG 353 WK-m Instruction Book

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Summary of Contents for AEG 353 WK-m

  • Page 2 Congratulations from AEG Dear Customer, Congratulations with your new Hob. It is important that you become familiar with the functions and features of the Hob. You should therefore read these operating instructions as they will help you get the most out of your new Hob.
  • Page 3 How to read the operating instructions: 1... 2...Step by step Hint and tips Safety information Environmental information...
  • Page 4: Child Safety

    OFF position when not in use. Dispose of any packaging material and Do not use the wok if it is damaged in old appliances at an authorised any way, contact your local AEG disposal site. Service Centre. Never use plastic or aluminium dishes on the wok.
  • Page 6 The operating knob has a ring showing the scale of markings. Off. Max. flame and ignition position Min. flame...
  • Page 7 Burner cover/inner burner ring/outer burner ring Burner ring Cover Together with the inner burner ring the outer burner ring forms a space where the final mixture of gas and air takes place in order to make the gas burn correctly. Please note: It is consequently very important that the inner burner ring/outer burner ring is placed correctly, together...
  • Page 9 Please note: If the wok is mounted in a table top with a cupboard underneath, the flame might be blown out if the door is slammed. The wok-unit has a special pan support which enables use of a wok pot with curved bottom.
  • Page 10 1. Depress and turn the control knob for the burner, the left to Max. flame 2. The ignition electrode will emit sparks, and when the mixture of gas and air is correct, the burner will be ignited. Is not possible to connect the unit to mains, a match may be used to ignite the burner 3.
  • Page 11 For reasons of hygiene and safety, the cooking burner must be kept clean. Grease stains and spilled food generate smoke when heated, and can even cause fire. The splashguard can be removed to make it easier to clean the surface. What to do: 1.
  • Page 12: Stainless Steel Surfaces

    Stainless steel surfaces Perform daily cleaning with a slightly damp cloth. For more severe soiling, use a liquid cream. Always clean the steel in the direction of the steel finish. To ensure that the steel retains its shine, it is recommended that you use a polishing agent for stainless steel on a regular basis.
  • Page 13 Caution: In order to avoid a hazard this appliance must be installed according to these instructions for installation The hob unit can be mounted in any type of kitchen with a table surface whose thickness is between 28 mm and 40 mm.
  • Page 14 It is not necessary to attach the reinforcement beam to the work top surface, as it is held in place by a specially designed moulding, which is incorporated in the hob units flanges. The units externally measured length 145 mm: Cooker hood 290 mm: Two-zone ceramic-top electric hob...
  • Page 15 Installation of wok burner It is extremely important that both the inner and outer burner rings are fitted correctly into their “guide notch”, otherwise the burner will burn with an incorrect flame pattern and could be ruined within a very short Air valve period.
  • Page 16 Cover plate 3. Place the cover plate over. See Fig. 3 fig. 3. Fig. 4 Outer burner ring 4. Finally, fit the outer burner ring, taking care that the guide pin engages in the notch. See fig. 4.
  • Page 17: Gas Installation

    Gas installation In accordance with local requirements for domestic gas cooking appliances. Gas installation must only be carried out by an authorised person. For gas types see technical data. Gas connection The gas intake is situated at the lower rear of the appliance. The intake has a ½"...
  • Page 19 230 V 1N + PE...
  • Page 20 Question: Answer There is no spark when lighting the Check whether the 230 V connection gas? has been plugged in. The ground fault circuit relay way have switched off. The fuse has blown When the operating knob is released The operating knob has not been the gas ring goes out again? depressed long enough, or has not been depressed sufficiently.