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Belling BE815 Installation And User Instructions Manual

Combi fridge freezer
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Combi Fridge Freezer
You must read these instructions prior to using the
appliance and retain them for future reference.



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  Summary of Contents for Belling BE815

  • Page 1 BE815 Combi Fridge Freezer INSTALLATION AND USER INSTRUCTIONS You must read these instructions prior to using the appliance and retain them for future reference.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Introduction & safety warnings ... 2 Electrical requirements ... 3 Transportation instructions ... 4 Installation instructions ... 4 Getting to know your combi fridge / freezer ... 6 Suggested arrangement of food in the fridge/freezer ... 7 Temperature control and adjustment ... 8 Starting ...
  • Page 4: Introduction & Safety Warnings

    • Leave to stand for at least 4 hours before switching on to allow compressor oil to settle if transported horizontally. • If you are discarding an old refrigerator with a lock or latch fitted to the door, disable the lock/latch, ensure that it is left in a safe condition to prevent the entrapment of young children.
  • Page 5: Electrical Requirements

    ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS Before you insert the plug into the wall socket make sure that the voltage and the frequency shown in the rating plate inside the appliance corresponds to your electricity supply. Rating label is on the left hand side of fridge inner liner. We recommend that this appliance is connected to the mains supply via a suitable switched and fused socket in a readily accessible position.
  • Page 6: Transportation Instructions

    TRANSPORTATION INSTRUCTIONS 1. The appliance should be transported only in a vertical upright position. The packing as supplied must be intact during transportation. 2. If during the course of transport the appliance has to be transported horizontally, it must only be laid on its left hand side when standing in the front of the appliance.
  • Page 7 This fridge freezer has been designed to operate in ambient temperatures between +5 and +32 degrees C (41 and 90 degrees F) Therefore if the appliance is installed in an unheated/cold room (eg: conservatory/annex/ shed/garage etc) then the appliance will not operate causing the freezer compartment to run warmer and as a result the storage time of frozen food may be reduced.
  • Page 8: Getting To Know Your Combi Fridge / Freezer

  • Page 9: Suggested Arrangement Of Food In The Fridge/Freezer

    SUGGESTED ARRANGEMENT OF FOOD IN THE FRIDGE/FREEZER Arrangement Examples (See diagram) 1. Baked, chilled cooked food, dairy products, cans. 2. Wine 3. Meat, sausages, cold cuts. 4. Fruit, vegetables, salads. 5. Frozen food and freezing of fresh food. 6. Frozen food. 7.
  • Page 10: Temperature Control And Adjustment

    TEMPERATURE CONTROL AND ADJUSTMENT Operating temperatures are controlled by the thermostat knob (see diagram) located on the ceiling of fridge compartment. Settings may be made from 1 to 5, 5 being the coldest position. When the appliance is switched on for the first time, the thermostat should be adjusted so that after 24 hours, the average fridge temperature is no higher than +5°C (+41 °F).
  • Page 11: Starting

    STARTING Final Check Before you start using the fridge/freezer check that: 1. The interior is dry and air can circulate freely at the rear of the cabinet. 2. Clean the interior as recommended under "CLEANING AND CARE." 3. Insert the plug into the wall socket and switch on the electricity supply. •...
  • Page 12: Freezing Fresh Food

    FREEZING FRESH FOOD Please observe the following instructions to obtain the best results. Do not freeze too large a quantity at any one time. The quality of the food is best preserved when it is frozen right through to the core as quickly as possible. Do not exceed the freezing capacity of your appliance in 24 h which is 4 kg (9 Ib) Placing warm food into the freezer compartment causes the refrigeration compressor to operate continuously until the food is frozen solid.
  • Page 13: Defrosting

    DEFROSTING A) FRIDGE COMPARTMENT The fridge compartment defrosts automatically. The defrosting water runs to the drain tube via a collectioncontainer at the back of the appliance (1). (see diagram) During defrosting water droplets may form at the back of the fridge compartment where concealed evaporator is located.
  • Page 14: Cleaning And Care

    CLEANING AND CARE " We recommend that you switch off the appliance at the socket outlet and pull out the mains plug before cleaning. ** Never use any sharp abrasive instrument, soap, household cleaner, detergent and wax polish for cleaning. "...
  • Page 15: Replacing The Interior Light Bulb

    REPLACING THE INTERIOR LIGHT BULB (See diagram) Should the light fail to work, proceed as follows. 1. Switch off at the socket outlet and pull out the mains plug. • You may find it useful to remove shelves for easy access. 2.
  • Page 16: Do's And Don'ts

    DO'S AND DON'TS Do- Clean and defrost your appliance regularly (See "Defrosting") Do- Keep raw meat and poultry below cooked food and dairy products. Do- Take off any unusable leaves on vegetables and wipe off any soil. Do- Leave lettuce, cabbage, parsley and cauliflower on the stem. Do- Wrap cheese firstly in greaseproof paper and then in a polythene bag excluding as much air as possible.
  • Page 17: Energy Saving Tips

    ENERGY SAVING TIPS 1- Ensure your appliance is installed in a well ventilated area. If the ambient temperature is low (but in no case lower than 5 degrees C), then the energy saving will be more. In this case, check temperatures of fridge and freezer compartments with an accurate thermometer and lower the thermostat setting (towards 1) if necessary.
  • Page 18: Installation Instructions

    INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS (All dimensions are in mm) Ventilation 200 cm min. min. 200 cm...
  • Page 19 Ventilation Ventilation 200 cm2 200 cm Ventilation requirement...
  • Page 20 • Parts are supplied in the plastic bag. Fit plastic trims and door furniture brackets supplied with the product.
  • Page 22 ". mOss.k Ensure 2 mm gaps are obtained, adjust if necessary.
  • Page 23: Reversing The Doors

    REVERSING THE DOORS Reverse the doors following numbered instructions.
  • Page 24: Guarantee

    GUARANTEE DETAILS Your new Belling product is guaranteed against the cost of breakdown repairs for twelve months from the date of the original purchase. W hat is covered? • Repairs necessary as a result of faulty materials, defective components or manufac- turing defect.
  • Page 25: How To Obtain Service

    HOW TO OBTAIN SERVICE Please keep your purchase receipt or other proof of purchase in a safe place; you will need to have it should the product require attention under guarantee. You should also complete the details below; it will help us assist you when requesting service.
  • Page 26: Technical Data

    Frozen food compartment rating Conservation time from failure Freezing capacity fresh food - Kg / 24hrs Climate class Operating noise level dB(A) Technical data Combi Fridge Freezer BE815 189 It. (6.7) 55 It. (2.0) 244 It. (8.7) 4 STAR 20 h. 4 (9)
  • Page 27: Wiring Diagram

  • Page 28: Belling Customer Care

    BELLING CUSTOMER CARE In case of difficulty within the UK, please call Belling Customer Care Centre Helpline on When you dial this number you will hear a recorded message and be given a This indicates that your call has been accepted and is being held in a queue. Calls are answered in strict rotation as our Customer Care Representatives Enter appliance numbers here for future reference: Please ensure you have the above details (Model No...