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Troubleshooting - AEG Powertools AGN5000DEB Original Instructions Manual

Diesel portable generator
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Possible Cause
Fuel oil is not enough.
Fuel nozzle can not inject fuel or there is
no enough fuel.
The speed control lever is not in «RUN» position.
Inappropriate amount of lubricant.
The speed and force to pull the recoil starter is
not enough.
The fuel nozzle is dirty.
Circuit breaker is not closed.
The connection of socket is not good.
The rated speed of generator can not be
Carbon brush worn.
AVR worn.
Low current while welding.
Current is unadjustable while welding.
Add oil.
Remove the fuel injector and get it repaired.
Turn the speed control lever to "RUN" position.
The specified of oil level should be between upper level "H" and lower
level "L".
Start the diesel engine according to the requirements of operating
procedure of start.
Clean the fuel nozzle.
Put the circuit breaker to "ON" position.
Adjust the feet of socket.
Adjust it according to the requirements.
Change the carbon brush.
Change the AVR.
Check all the connections:
Check the diode and terminals which should be fastened;
Test output open circuit voltage of flywheel generator,
it should be 105V
Check all the terminals of connectors;
Check the mutual induction appliance;
Check the adjustable potentionmetre on the panel;



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