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Appendix A. Troubleshooting - IBM 72W AC User Manual

Ac/dc combo adapter
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Appendix A. Troubleshooting

Before contacting IBM Service and Support please use the following steps to
verify if your IBM adapter is defective:
1. Verify if your ThinkPad is supported for use with this adapter. For more
information on supported models go to and
search for 72W AC/DC Combo Adapter.
2. Inspect your adapter.
a. Inspect case for any damage (cracks, deformations, exposure to water,
b. Inspect cables for any damage (cracks, cut or exposed wiring, etc.).
c. If any damage is found, discontinue use of the adapter and contact IBM
Service and Support for replacement parts.
3. Insure all of the connectors are firmly seated at the power receptacle, the
input side of adapter, and the ThinkPad.
To remove the automobile connector or in-flight connector from the
adapter, grasp the connector sleeve and slide it backwards to unlock the
connector. Continue to pull the connector sleeve to remove the connector.
To prevent damage, do not pull on the cord to remove the connector.
4. Insure the adapter has adequate ventilation. The adapter may overheat and
shurdown if it is operated too long in a confined area.
Check the Power Source.
a. AC Mode: Check the power receptacle by connecting a known working
device (for example, a lamp). If the AC receptacle is not working check
your circuit breaker or fuse panel.
b. Automobile Mode: Check the power receptacle by connecting a known
working device (for example, a mobile phone charger). If the power
receptacle is not working insure key is in the Accessory position and
check the fuse panel.
c. Aircraft Mode: Check if the LED indicator next to the power receptacle
is illuminated. If the LED is not illuminated, contact a flight attendant.
6. Disconnect the ThinkPad and connect only the adapter to the power source.
If the adapter's DC output LED indicator is illuminated proceed to step 5.
a. AC Mode: If the DC output LED indicator is not illuminated try
swapping the AC power cord from your original AC adapter (delivered
with the ThinkPad). If the original AC power cord shipped with your
ThinkPad works with the AC/DC Combo adapter contact IBM Service
and Support for a replacement AC power cord. If the original AC
© Copyright IBM Corp. 2003



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