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"3 IN 1" function
This function can be selected together with all
programmes .
Place the "3 in 1" combi detergent tablet in the detergent
Press the "On/Off" push button, the On/Off indicator light
Press the "3 in 1" function push button, the correspondent
indicator light illuminates. Remember that if this function is
selected, it will remain active also for the following
programmes, until it will be deactivated by pressing the "3
IN 1" function push button (indicator light off).
Select the required washing programme, after about 3
seconds the programme will start automatically.
Once the programme is running, the "3 in 1" function can
NO longer be changed. If you want to exclude the "3 in 1"
function you have to cancel the programme setting (see
"To cancel a washing programme in progress") and then
deactivate the "3 in 1" function by pressing the "3 in 1"
push button.
In this case you have to set a washing programme again.
With the use of "3 in 1" combi detergent tablets, the cycle
durations given in the "Washing programmes" chart may

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Table of Contents

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