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Rinse Aid - Electrolux ESF 4150 Instruction Book

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Rinse aid

Rinse aid is automatically added during the last rinse, ensuring
thorough rinsing, and spot and streak free drying.
The dispenser, which is positioned inside the door, holds about
110 ml of rinse aid, which is sufficient for 16 - 40 dishwashing
programmes, depending upon the dosage setting.
Filling with rinse aid
1. Open the container by pressing the release button (A).
2. Add the rinse aid until the container is completely full. The
maximum level for filling is indicated by "max".
Ensure that the lid is closed after every refill.
Clean up any rinse aid spilt during filling with an
absorbent cloth to avoid excess foaming during the next
Only use branded rinse aid for dishwashers. Never fill the
rinse aid dispenser with any other substances (e.g.
dishwasher cleaning agent, liquid detergent). This would
damage the appliance.
Adjusting the dose
According to the finish and drying results obtained, adjust the
dose of rinse aid by means of the 6 position selector (position
1 minimum dosage, position 6 maximum dosage).
The dose is factory set in
position 4.
Increase the dose if there are
drops of water or lime spots
on the dishes after washing.
Reduce it if there are sticky
whitish streaks on the dishes
or a bluish film on glassware
or knife blades.
Top up the rinse aid when the indicator light on the control
panel illuminates.
If you are using dishwasher detergent that includes the
rinse aid function, it is necessary to deactivate the inflow of
rinse aid, in order to avoid a double dosage.
Deactivation/activation of the inflow of
rinse aid
(The dishwasher must be switched off)
When the inflow of rinse aid has been deactivated, also
the rinse aid indicator light on the control panel is
automatically deactivated.
1. Press the On/Off push button. The On/Off indicator
If other indicator lights are on, this means that a wash
programme has been selected. The programme must be
cancelled: press simultaneously the function push buttons
2 and 3 for about 2 seconds. All the indicator lights will turn
off (except for the On/Off indicator light).
2. Press simultaneously function push buttons 2 and 3, until
the indicator lights of the function push buttons 1, 2 and 3
start flashing.
3. Press the function push button 2, the indicator lights of
function push buttons 1 and 3 turn off while the indicator
light of the function push button 2 goes on flashing, the
digital display indicates the current setting.
Inflow of rinse aid deactivated
Inflow of rinse aid activated (factory setting)
4. To change the setting, press the function push button 2
again, the digital display indicates the new setting.
5. To memorise the operation, switch off the dishwasher by
pressing the On/Off push button or wait about 60 seconds
after which the dishwasher will automatically return to
setting mode.

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