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Optional Features - Kenmore 253.6152 Series Use & Care Manual

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Optional Features

Do not clean glass shelves or covers
with warm water when they are
cold. Shelves and covers may break
if exposed to sudden temperature
changes or impact, such as bumping.
Tempered glass is designed to shatter
into many small, pebble-size pieces.
This is normal. Glass shelves and
covers are heavy. Use both hands
when removing them to avoid
Shelf Adjustment
Refrigerator shelves are easily adjusted to
suit individual needs. Before adjusting the
shelves, remove all food.
To adjust sliding shelves:
1. Remove shelf by pulling forward to
stop position.
2. Lift front edge up and pull out.
To replace shelf, rest side edges on any
pair of shelf rails and carefully push shelf
back into position.
Sliding Glass Shelf
Sliding Wire Shelf
Door storage
Door bins, shelves, and racks are provided
for convenient storage of jars, bottles,
and cans. Frequently used items can be
quickly selected.
The dairy compartment, which is warmer
than the general food storage section, is
intended for short term storage of cheese,
spreads, or butter.
Adjustable door rack
Some models have door racks or bins that
can accommodate gallon-sized plastic
drink containers and economy-sized jars
and containers. Some racks are adjustable
for maximum storage capacity.
To remove door rack:
1. Push on rack sides to release from
locking tabs.
2. Pull straight out.
To install door rack:
1. Push rack straight ahead.
2. You will hear the sides lock into the
Door Rack

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Table of Contents