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    ..................... EWT 1276 EOW EN WASHING MACHINE USER MANUAL...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    www.electrolux.com CONTENTS 1. SAFETY INFORMATION ........... 3 2.

  • Page 3: Safety Information

    ENGLISH 1. SAFETY INFORMATION Before the installation and use of the appliance, carefully read the supplied instructions. The manufacturer is not responsible if an incorrect installation and use causes in- juries and damages. Always keep the instructions with the appliance for future reference. 1.1 Children and vulnerable people safety WARNING! Risk of suffocation, injury or permanent disability.

  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    www.electrolux.com • If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard. • The operating water pressure (minimum and maximum) must be between 0,5 bar (0,05 MPa) and 8 bar (0,8 MPa) •...

  • Page 5: Product Description

    ENGLISH Contact the Service to ensure which Water connection accessories can be used. • Make sure not to cause damage to the water hoses. 2.3 Care and Cleaning • The appliance is to be connected to the WARNING! water mains using the new supplied hose-sets.

  • Page 6: Control Panel

    www.electrolux.com 4. CONTROL PANEL On Off button Delay start touchpad Programme knob Extra rinse touchpad Spin reduction touchpad Easy iron touchpad Temperature touchpad Start pause touchpad Display Time Manager touchpads Prewash touchpad 4.1 Display The Temperature area: – : Programme is completed. : Temperature indicator : the child safety lock indicator.

  • Page 7: Programmes

    ENGLISH – : the Rinse Hold indicator : the Door locked indicator – : the Extra Silent indicator. 5. PROGRAMMES Programme Type of load and soil Temperature range Maximum load, Maximum spin White cotton and coloured cotton. Normal soil Cottons and light soil.

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    www.electrolux.com Programme Type of load and soil Temperature range Maximum load, Maximum spin Synthetic and delicate items. Light soil or items to Sports refresh. 30 °C 2 kg, 800 rpm Washing cycle to wash 5 slightly soiled shirts. 5 Shirts about 1 kg, 800 rpm 30 °C 1) Standard programmes for the Energy Label consumption values...

  • Page 9: Consumption Values

    ENGLISH pany for the washing of machine washa- 5.1 Woolmark Certificate ble Woolmark product provided that the garments are washed according to the in- structions on the garment label and those issued by the manufacturer of this wash- ing machine. M1027 In UK, Eire, Hong Kong and India the Woolmark symbol is a certification trade- mark.

  • Page 10: Options

    10 www.electrolux.com Pro- Load Energy Water con- Approxi- Remain- grammes (Kg) consump- sumption mate pro- ing mois- tion (kWh) (litre) gramme ture (%) duration (minutes) 0.48 0.48 The information given in the chart above are in compliance with the EU Commis- sion regulation 1015/2010 implementing directive 2009/125/EC.

  • Page 11: Before First Use

    ENGLISH The related indicator comes on. 2) Programme default duration. 3) Longest: Increasing the programme 7.6 Easy Iron duration gradually decreases the energy consumption. The optimized heating The appliances carefully washes and phase saves energy and the longer spins the laundry to prevent the creases. duration maintains the same washing The appliance decreases the spin speed, results (specially for normal soil).

  • Page 12: Daily Use

    12 www.electrolux.com 9. DAILY USE 9.1 Loading the laundry Open the appliance lid. Push the button A. The drum opens automatically. Put the laundry in the drum, one item at a time. Shake the items before you put them in the appliance. Make sure not to put too much laundry in the drum.

  • Page 13: Setting A Programme

    ENGLISH Liquid or powder detergent CLICK CLICK • Position A for powder detergent (factory setting). • Position B for liquid detergent. When you use the liquid detergent: – Do not use gelatinous or thick liquid detergents. – Do not put more liquid then the maximum level. If necessary, change the temperature, 9.3 Activating the appliance the spin speed, the cycle duration, or...

  • Page 14: Cancelling A Programme, Opening The Lid

    14 www.electrolux.com • The programme starts, the door is Press again. The programme con- locked and the display shows the indi- tinues. cator 9.8 Cancelling a programme • The drain pump can operate for a short time when the appliance fills water. Press the button for some sec- After approximately 15 minutes...

  • Page 15: Hints And Tips

    ENGLISH • Remove the laundry from the appliance. When the programme is completed Make sure that the drum is empty. and the lid lock indicator goes off, you can open the lid. • Close the water tap. • Press the button Press the button for some sec- for some seconds...

  • Page 16: Care And Cleaning

    16 www.electrolux.com • Always start a washing programme with 10.3 Detergents and additives the maximum load of laundry. • Only use detergents and additives spe- • If necessary, use a stain remover when cially made for washing machines. you set a programme with a low tem- •...

  • Page 17: Cleaning The Detergent Dispenser

    ENGLISH 11.4 Cleaning the detergent dispenser 11.5 Cleaning the drain filter WARNING! Do not clean the drain filter if there is water in the drum.

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    18 www.electrolux.com 11.6 Cleaning the inlet hose and the valve filter...

  • Page 19: Troubleshooting

    ENGLISH 90˚ 11.7 Emergency drain Remove the water inlet hose. Put the two ends of the inlet hose in a Because of a malfunction, the appliance container and let the water flow out of cannot drain the water. the hose. If this occurs, do steps (1) through (5) of Empty the drain pump.

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    20 www.electrolux.com Problem Possible solution Make sure that there is not a damaged fuse in the fuse box. Make sure that the Start/Pause has been pressed. If the delay start is set, cancel the setting or wait for the end of countdown. Deactivate the Child Lock function if it is on.

  • Page 21: Technical Information

    ENGLISH Problem Possible solution You cannot open the Make sure that the washing programme is finished. appliance lid. Set the drain or the spin programme if there is water in the drum. The appliance makes Make sure the levelling of the appliance is correct. Refer an unusual noise.

  • Page 22: Environment Concerns

    22 www.electrolux.com Cold water Water supply Maximum load Cotton 7 kg Spin speed Maximum 1200 rpm 1) Connect the water inlet hose to a water tap with a 3/4'' thread. 14. ENVIRONMENT CONCERNS Recycle the materials with the symbol and electronic appliances. Do not dispose .

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