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Annual Maintenance Checklist; Cleaning The Stainless Steel Casing; Frequently Asked Questions - Maytag MWF4100AWS Operation And Maintenance Manual

Whole home water filtration system
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Annual Maintenance Checklist

All service and maintenance is to be recorded on the Service Tag on the MAYTAG Whole Home
Water Filtration System. This tag will be filled out by the MAYTAG Services Qualified Service
Technician to maintain the limited warranty.

Cleaning the Stainless Steel Casing

The stainless steel surface of your MAYTAG Whole Home Water Filtration System requires no
special maintenance. If required the surface may be cleaned using a mild soap solution. Do not
use any other cleaners or abrasive materials on the stainless steel surface as these cleaners may
damage the label. Wipe the System dry with a soft cloth afterward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the System do?
The System has been specifically designed to physically block and remove bacteria, viruses and
parasites including cryptosporidium and giardia (beaver fever) and to eliminate cloudiness from
your drinking water.
The Carbon Prefilter removes chlorine to improve taste and odours in municipal water.
The System effectively filters all municipal, well and lake water.
Where is the System installed?
The System is installed at the point where water enters the house to provide filtered water from
every tap. Water is available on demand with no wasted water during filtration.
MAYTAG Whole Home Water Filtration System Owners Manual MA1-5
November 2003
Required annually
Integrity test
Chlorine (or MAYTAG MC1) cleaning
Test and record inlet minus outlet pressure and flow rate
during test (TMP test)
Test backpulse tank air pressure
Change internal Activated Carbon filter (MWF4100AWS) or clean
internal Stainless Steel filter (MWF4200AWS, MWF4300AWS)
Change External sediment prefilter cartridge (MWF4300AWS)
Record water meter reading
Replace/ check controller batteries
Check timer clock setting, flush time setting, program choice



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