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Replacing The External Sediment Prefilter Cartridge - Maytag MWF4100AWS Operation And Maintenance Manual

Whole home water filtration system
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Ensure that the cap is properly tightened and that the o-ring is clean and intact otherwise
leaks may occur. Leaks may result in personal injury or property damage.
Fill and Flush for 30

Replacing the External Sediment Prefilter Cartridge

All service and maintenance is to be performed by a MAYTAG Services Qualified Service
Technician. Some tools/parts are available from MAYTAG. Wear clean waterproof gloves
during this procedure.
MAYTAG Whole Home Water Filtration System Owners Manual MA1-5
November 2003
13. Replace System Cap. Use Cap Wrench to tighten.
14. Partially open inlet ball valve slowly and watch for leaks. Water will
begin to enter and pressurize the System. The air vent mounted on the
cap is designed to allow air to enter and exit the System. The small
black cap on the air vent should be loose at all times to permit the free
flow of air. Once the System is full of water you will no longer hear air
escaping from the air vent. Fully open the inlet ball valve.
15. Flush to drain using the controller for 5 minutes as described in Step 4.
Open outlet ball valve. Turn on a high demand faucet in your house (ie. a
bathtub tap) and flush the System to a drain for 30 minutes.
16. Wash hands thoroughly after maintenance work.
When the water is being drawn from a lake or other surface water source,
the MAYTAG Whole Home Water Filtration System is equipped with an
External Sediment Filter. Not all Systems include this device.
Only a MAYTAG Services Qualified Service Technician may service the
External Prefilter. For service, call the phone number at the front of this
manual (page 2).
Failure to clean or replace the External Sediment Prefilter Cartridge may
result in reduced household water pressure.
Photo 5. External Sediment Prefilter



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